Title: Saving the Worlds from Sonic next gen. E1: I am In the What World?

Rating: Teen

(Ginny's POV) In the year of 2006, I was busy drawing my three characters for Sonic & his friends, Sparklie the Tiger, my first character, Bruncher the Kangaroo, & Tiger "T.H." Horse the Zebra. I always imagine my characters with Sonic and the others saving the world from Dr. Eggman. I even wish I was Sparklie and been running with Sonic, Shadow, and a new character I found out, Silver. One day, I was sitting at the computer to scan my pictures of Sparklie, Bruncher, & T.H., but then when I was surfing on the internet, I had an e-mail from a new game. It said 'Do you want save or conquer the world?' I always pick the good the sides, so I click 'save' and then it happens. The computer was starts to show electric waves in it and shoot it out at me. I started to scream in pain and blackout. (Few minutes later...) Everything was still black, but I heard voices

"You think she okay?"

"Of course she okay! She breathing, isn't she?" I started to groaned.

"She waking up!" I open my eyes, got up, felt a slight pain in my head, and began to rub it and said "Oh, my head!"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, thank-" Before I could say 'thank you' I look at people who help me, except they're not people, they were kangaroo with red boxing gloves and a zebra with wings. "Oh, my God!" I started to back away them, but then they spoke to me. The kangaroo ask "Ginny, what's wrong?" I stopped moving from them and look straight at the kangaroo with confusion in my eyes and ask "H-how do you know my name?" He smiled at me and said "I know your name because you created us." Then the zebra said "Yeah! Dont you recognize us?" I look them carefully and then I remember who they are.

"Y-you're...Bruncher the Kangaroo and you're Tiger "T.H." Horse the Zebra!" I said. They both nodded. "I can't believe it!" I was smiling like crazy and hug them both. "But where are we?" I look around and noticed that the trees are different. Bruncher answer "We're in a world called Mobius." I looked at him and ask "Mobius? You mean, where are Freedom Fighters lives?" Bruncher nodded. "But how? It was just game, a show, or something..." "It's real alright." said Bruncher. "Yeah, you're just in another world that you never knew exist." said T.H. Then I said "But how did I get here? ...The computer!" "The computer?" T.H. asked. I nodded and said "Yes! I remember the computer shoot out the electric waves at me, but I black out. However the computer must have transport us to this world." "That makes sense." said Bruncher. It's true, did make sense, except for one thing...

"Why am I here? And why did someone send me an e-mail message for?" I asked. "To save Mobius of course." Bruncher answered. Then I asked "But why and what's going to happen here?" Bruncher just shrugged. "(Sigh) I guess theres only one to find out." I began to walk to find a way out of woods while Bruncher and T.H. follow me. "And what way is that?" asked T.H. I look down at him, smile at him and said "The way to find my answers...is to follow the path to my own first adventure." Bruncher said "You mean 'our' adventures." "That's right...our adventures." I said. Then T.H. said "Oh boy, adventures here come!" And our adventures begins...

...to be continue.