Title: Saving the Worlds from Sonic next gen. soft of E22: The Chosen's Love.

I just couldn't pick which hedgehogs to end with, I love them both, well I love Shadow more. I mean. wouldn't. But however, I do like Silver. So I decided to do... two different endings of Shadow and Silver. Those who love Shadow, read the first part. Those who love Silver, read the next part.

Shadow's Ending.

(Ginny's POV) Me and my friends just heard a voice of someone. We look back towards the forest and saw someone standing near a tree, but it was too dark to this person. I said, "Who said that?" Then Bruncher shouted, "Yeah! Come on out of there!" "Yeah! Or we'll...kick ya to the sky!" T.H. shouted. Bruncher looks at him like he was stupid and said, "T.H.!" "What?!" said T.H.

"Relax... it's only me. And beside...you're not that stupid."

The person step out... It was Shadow. T.H. began to stuttered, "I-is Shadow! H-hi!" Then Bruncher asked, "What do you want?" Shadow came closer and said, "I just came to talk to Ginny... So why don't guys just beat it." However, Bruncher said, "Uh-huh! I'm positively not leaving, I don't trust you." "Bruncher...leave!" I said. Bruncher just look at me and said, "...And to think you know every gal." He walks away with T.H. behind him. Then T.H. said, "That love for ya!" "Guys...get...now!" I shouted. "Alright! We're going!" said T.H. and runs off through the bushes. Bruncher went up to Shadow and said, "Better not make a move on her...or I'll punch in the face!." He walks in the bushes. After Bruncher and T.H. left, Shadow said, "You know, I like Bruncher... He's an idiot!" I laugh and said, "Shadow...be nice."

I notice that Blooma, Rouge, and Omega was not with him. I asked, "What are you doing here by yourself? Where's Blooma, Rouge, and Omega?" "They're around here, somewhere... Far away." Shadow answered. I nodded and then asked, "So...why are you here?" Shadow replied, "I want to... Why in the world did you come back?" "Why? Don't you want me back?" I asked.

"Yes... Maybe." (Shadow)

"Yes? Maybe?" (Ginny)

Shadow sighed and answered, "Just 'yes'!" He looks at me with his red eyes and asked, "Why did you come back?" I look down and said, "You know... I don't know." "You don't know?" said Shadow. "Well, Saga told that there's someone who loves me and he's the one who brought me back to life." Shadow turns his back towards and said, "Is this guy named...Silver?" I look at him and asked, "What's the matter? You seem kinda jealous." Shadow looks back at me and shouted, "I am jealous!" His eyes got big and he turns back again.

"Shadow... Are jealous of me with Silver?" (Ginny)

"Look...I know you love Silver more than me!" (Shadow)

"What?! What are you saying?"

"I...love you."


"I love you! ...I know that you don't like me, but...I do. When you were...in the forest last time, I watch you everytime...making sure nothing bad happens to you. You were so...beautiful."

"Shadow... Why would you love me?" I asked. Shadow looks at me again and answered, "Because you're brave... Sure you're scared." I humphed while he continued, "But you're brave...for a human... You were so different and you were...never afraid of me. When you look at me and hugged me I was in..." "A happy place?" I added. However, Shadow look at me with a cold stare. "Alright! Another world!" I Shadow said, "I never...felt this way before, but I know you love Silver." and then began to walk away from me. I got up and shouted, "Shadow get back here!"



He stopped. I continue to say, "Shadow...before you...leave me, I want to know why you think I'm beautiful." "You're beautiful...like the night sky... I'm like the sky...by itself, but you're like the stars that are...around me." said Shadow. I blush, sat down on the ground, and said, "That's the sweetness thing you ever said to me." Shadow chuckle a bit and said, "Yeah... But don't thnk I'll said it again." I smiled and said, "Shadow I...I love you too." Shadow came to me, got down to my level on his knees, touch my cheek with hand, and said, quietly, "You're so beautiful... When I was in the future and after hearing what Technic said what has happened to you... I thought I...never see you again or protect to you... I couldn't live without you." "Shadow..." I said, quietly. Our face got closer to each other until we heard...

"Kiss her, Big Brother! Kiss her!" (Blooma)

"Blooma get down!" (Rouge)

"But I want see them kissy!" (Blooma)

We look back and saw Blooma, poking her out of the bushes. Shadow got up and shouted, "Blooma! I thought I told you to stay with Rouge!" Blooma's ears went down, she came out of the bushes, and she said, "But I want see you kiss her, it so romantic!" Then Rouge and Omege pops out from the bushes. Omege said, "We're sorry, Shadow. But Blooma wants to see this. We really tried to stop her." Blooma looks up at Omega and said, "What do you mean, Unclie Omega? You want to see it too." "I did not!" said Omega. Then Rouge said, "Come on, Omega! Stop pretending!" Then I saw two brown ears in the bushes. I shouted, "You can come out too...Bruncher and T.H.!" "Our cover's blown!" said Bruncher and they both come out of the bushes.

I said, "You little spies!" Then Shadow growled, "I want you guys to leave...now!" Rouge puts her hands on her hips and said, "Well, come all this way, and we didn't even get a 'hello'... But I can take hint. Come on guys!" Rouge walks away. "Coming, Auntie Rouge! Come on, Unclie Omega!" Blooma grabs Omega's hand and led him towards Rouge. Then Bruncher shouted, "And do not tonuge kiss!" "Ew! Bruncher, please! Can we just go?!" said T.H. Bruncher nodded and they both follow Rouge.

(Third POV) After they left, Shadow began to laugh, for real. Ginny looks at Shadow and asked, "Shadow? What's so funny?" "Blooma...that kitten I swear. She always makes me laugh." Shadow replied. Ginny smiled and said, "She must be the only one who hangs out with you." Shadow said, "Sometimes..." Then Shadow grabs Ginny, dips her, and holds her close to his face. Ginny looks at him and said, "Shadow?!" Shadow smiled, evilly, and said, "Now about that kiss..." "Shadow, now wait a min-!" Before she could finish that sentence, Shadow kiss her on the lips. Ginny closes her eyes and kisses him back.

Meanwhile with Bruncher, T.H., Blooma, Rouge, and Omega, they were in the bushes again, watching Ginny and Shadow kissing each other. Blooma and Rouge just sighed at the sence. Then Omega asked, "I thought we were not surpose to spy on them." "Quiet Omega!" said Rouge. Then Blooma began to giggle and said, "I can't hold it in much longer." The she shouts, "Big Brother! Does this mean I get a Big Sister?!"

Shadow drops Ginny to the ground when they heard her. Ginny got her head and rubs it a bit. Shadow looks angrily at Blooma and the others and growls, "Blooma..." "Shadow...be nice." said Ginny. Shadow sighed and said, "...Yes, you get a sister." Then Blooma jumps for joy and runs to hug Ginny while lauhing with happiness. Rouge and Omega just left quietly, while Bruncher and T.H. left to see Faith and Cream. While Blooma hugs Ginny, Shadow and Ginny began to laughed for Blooma can make everyone laughed.

The End.

I'm thinking to write another story about how Blooma met Shadow in first place. Just as soon as I remember how it goes.

Silver's Ending.

(Ginny's POV) Me and my friends just heard a voice of someone. We look back towards the forest and saw someone standing near a tree, but it was too dark to this person. I said, "Who said that?" Then Bruncher shouted, "Yeah! Come on out of there!" "Yeah! ...Put up your...dukes!" T.H. shouted. Bruncher looks at him like he was stupid and said, "...Dukes, T.H.?" "Well, what else can I say?" T.H. asked.

"Calm down, guys! It's only me!"

The person step out... It was Silver. I shouted, "Silver?!" "Silver? What are you doing?" Bruncher asked. "You scare us!." T.H. shouted. Then I asked, "Silver, what are you doing here?" Silver walks closer to us and answered, "I came to talk to you..." He looks at Bruncher and T.H. and said, "...alone." "Hey! Whatever you have to say, you can say it front of us! Right, Ginny?" said Bruncher. I sighed and said, "Maybe you two better...go?" Then T.H. said, "Oh, I get it! Come on, Bruncher! Let's go!" T.H. began to push Bruncher away me and Silver, in the forest. Bruncher shouted, "Look! I am not leaving-!" "Let's go!" T.H. shouted. "Alright, alright! I'm going!" Bruncher shouted. Bruncher looks at Silver and said, "I'll be watching you, Silver." After that, disappear in the trees. Silver shooks his head and said, "Your friend, Bruncher, scare me." I laugh a bit and said, "Sorry... So what do you want to talk about?" Silver walks up to me, sat down next to me, and asked, "Ginny...why did you come back?"

"What do you mean?" (Ginny)

"Why did you come back? There must be a reason why." (Silver)

"Well, um...I... I don't know." (Ginny)

"You can tell me." (Silver)

"Well, you see, Saga told me that there's...somebody who loves me very much... And I kinda love him back."

"Well...whoever he is...I'm sure he's lucky."

"...Silver, what's wrong? You seem so sad."

"I guess...I'm kinds am..."

"Silver...there something wrong."

Silver sighed, began to scratch his head, and said, "...How do I say this? Ginny...do you remember how we first met?" I thought for a moment and said, "Well, yes... When almost hurt Team Deception and-" "Okay! I get it!" Silver shouted and then he said, quietly, "Ginny, when I fisrt saw you...you were the most beautiful thing ever." I was little shock to hear that. I said, "Me? Beautiful?"

"Yes... In Sparklie or this...you're still beautiful. I love the way you talk, your eyes, the way treat me, and...you reminded me of my mother."

"What was you mother like?"

"Kinda like you... Caring, loving, always look out for me and my friends... You're so much like her."

"That's very sweet...for a naive hedgehog."

"...I'm not naive."

"I know, but...look what you did to Sonic! You fought him without even thinking about it."

"I know and I'm sorry! I'll never do that again!" Silver shouted. We stay quiet for a while, then Silver said, "...But when you got hurt by me and when you snap me out of it...I realize what I've done... It's all my fault. And I know you have feelings for Shadow." I look at him while he continues, "He's more stronger than me, he's jerk...but he seem so nice to Blooma... He's the only one for you. And there's never a girl who will like me. Sure there's Blaze...but I like her as sister." Then I asked, "What about...Faith?" "Heck no! Sure she's cool and all, but no!" Silver shouted. "What about Selica?" I asked.

"Too old for me, besides...she has eyes for someone else. No girl will ever love me or like me."

I look down and said, "That's not true, cause...I kinda like you." Silver looks at me and asked, "Why would you like me? I mean, I look like a Cockatoo." I blush a bit and said, "If you do...I think you look cute that way." "Why would you like me?" He asked again. I replied, "Well, you eyes, you're sweet, and your cute little ears!" I began to scratch his right ear. He began to purr sotfly, however he said, "Cut it out, will ya?" I stop and said, "You know you like it." Silver close his eyes for a minute and began to say, "Ginny?"






"I...love you, Ginny! I always have! You're the only one who understand me! ...But, I'll understand that you like as a friend."


(Third POV) Meanwhile with Bruncher and T.H., they were watching Ginny and Silver, talking to each other. T.H. said, "Oh! This is getting annoying! Will she said it to him?" "Ssh! Be quiet! ...He better not make a move on her." said Bruncher.

"Guess were not the only ones who decided to spy."

"Huh?" said Bruncher and look to his right saw...Faith with Miracle and Blaze. Faith said, "Hi, Bruncher-Boo!" Bruncher stuttered, "F-faith?! What are you doing here? ...How long you guys been there?" "Long enough." Faith answered. Everyone look back Ginny and Silver. Then Miracle groaned, "...Why does he always get the girl? Why not me?" "Well, that goes show ya...you can never get every girl." said Blaze. Then Selica, Max, Saber, and Technic/Tech came by. Max asked, "So what's going on here?" He looks at Ginny and Silver and shouts, "Oh-no! They not gonna kiss, are they?! I hate icky-wicky stuff!" Selica said, "Here's a icky-wicky for ya." and she hits him on the head. Max shouted, "Ouch! Well, it is!" Then Technic began chuckle and said, "I always knew he had eyes for her." Then Saber grunted, "Eyes...for Ginny."

"Well, is he going to kiss her or what, Bruncher-Boo?" Faith asked. "I hope so..." said Bruncher. Then T.H. said, "Ssh! She going to say something."

Meanwhile with Ginny and Silver, Silver was looking down for a while, then Ginny said, "Silver?" Silver looks up at her and said, "Yes?" Ginny blush in 10 reds and said, "I kinda...love you too." "What?" He asked. "I love you too! ...I don't know why, but...when I was killed, Saga told that I was not brought back my friends, but by someone who loves me. You brought me back to life...Silver." Then Silver said, "Ginny...I love you." "I love you too." said Ginny. They got closer to each other's lip, close their eyes, and kiss, softly. Then they heard...

"Whoa! Go Silver! Go Silver!" (Miracle)

"Doh!" (Faith)

"Oops!" (Miracle)

Silver and Ginny stop kissing, look back, and saw everyone staring at in the bushes while Miracle and Faith were seen. Silver shouted, "Why you littles!" Silver got up and ran towards the Twin Ghosts while the twins runs off in the forest, yelling, "Let's get out of here! Help! He's gonna to use psychic on us!" "When I get my hands on you, twins, I swear I'm gonna to hurt you bad!" Silver shouted. The Twin Ghosts went through the trees while Silver goes around them. Miracle shouted, "You can't catch a ghost, Silver!" while Faith yelled, "Get away! Get away!" Then Silver grabs them by using his psychic powers and lifts them from the ground. "Hey! Put us down!" Faith yelled. Miracle shouted, "Blaze! Do something!" Blaze walks up to Silver and said, "Silver...put them down." Silver groaned, "I never get to have any fun..." Then Miracle said, "Ha! I always knew I like about that cat! She's hott!" He looks at Faith and said, "Get it? Hott!" He was about to laugh when Silver let's them go and they both fell to the ground. Faith landed on her feet while Miracle landed on his butt. Faith looks down at her brother and said to him, "You gotta learn how to land on your feet." "Oh shut up!" Miracle groaned and he got up.

Ginny came to Bruncher and T.H. and asked, "How long did you guys spy on us, Bruncher and T.H.?" T.H. looks down and said, "Well, it was his idea." while pointed at Bruncher. Bruncher just rolled his eyes. Silver looks at his friends and said, "Can you guys leave...far away?" "Alright! We get the hint!" said Selica while she and Blaze walks away. "Yeah! Just don't kiss or anything! Icky-yucky-pooie!" Saber looks Max and growls at him. Max shouted, "What?! It's true!" "Go.." Saber growled. Max walks away with Saber behind him. Technic said, "Well, see ya!" "Chao! (Bye!)" said Tech. They all left.

(Ginny's POV) Then Silver said, "I swear..." I chuckle a bit and sat down on a log. Silver sat next to me, look into my eyes, and said, "So...where were we?" I smiled and said, "Silver." We began to kiss again for a while, but then I stop. Silver asked, "What's wrong?" I blush and said, "I don't know... I guess I'm a little too shy." "Why don't we try a different kiss?" Silver asked. I blush fully and said, "But what if someone see us? I mean-" Silver puts his fingers on my lips and said, "Why don't you start while I keep my eyes, okay?" I nodded and he closes his eyes, waiting for the kiss. I look around at first and then got ready.

(Third POV) While Ginny gets looks around, Bruncher, Max, T.H., Blaze, and the rest were spying on them...again. Max was on Bruncher's shoulders while everyone was watching the two couples, except for Selica, who was trying to get everyone from Silver and Ginny. Max groaned, "Oh yuck! I knew it! They're going to kiss again!" "Well, what did you except. I just hope it's not a tounge kiss." said Bruncher. Then Selica whispered, "Guys! This is wrong! Very wrong! We should leave right now!" Then everyone went...


Selica decided to see what's happening. Ginny was getting to kiss Silver. Then Max was about shouts, "Hey!" however, Blaze and the Twin Ghosts cover his mouth, so Max can shut up. Max was grabbing on to Bruncher's ears and started to pull them. Bruncher said, "Man! This hyena loves to talk-talk-talk!" Then Selica said, "He can't help it! Everytime he see this stuff, he blows up!" Then T.H. and Selica cover Max's mouth. Max began to mumble. Selica said, "We should have right now, just like Silver said!" Saber, Tech, and Technic looks at Selica and Saber said, "...Leave?" "Heh! You can leave if you want, but we're staying right here." said Technic. "But we gonna leave right now!" said Selica.

Max's mumble gotting so louder, that Ginny heard them. Ginny smirked and left quietly. Silver didn't know that Ginny left abd was wonder what's taking Ginny so long, so he open eyes and saw a huge bug, right in front of his face.


Silver screamed and jumps about like 8ft away from the bug. Then he heard a lot laughs. Silver looks up and saw his friends and Ginny's friends laughing while Max was hold a stick with the bug on it. Miracle said while laughing, "The look on his face!" Silver got very mad at them and growled, "You guys are gonna pay, deadly!" Silver got up and stomps towards them. Faith said, "Oh come on! We were just kidding!" Then Silver shouted, "What's the big idea?! Putting that thing in face!" Faith chuckled and replied, "We have no choice." Silver looks around and notice that Ginny is not around, anywhere. "Where did Ginny go?" Silver asked. "Looking for her? She went that-a-way." said T.H. while pointing the right. "No, she went that-a-way." said Bruncher. He was pointing the wrong. T.H. said, "Bruncher!" Bruncher grunts and pointed the right way.

Before Silver looks for Ginny, he said to Blaze, "Blaze...make sure they won't follow me!" Blaze nodded and said, "Alright! I'll keep an eye on them." Silver began to walk away and shouted, "You better not follow, Miracle." "Alright! I'll leave you two love-birds alone!" Miracle shouted. Silver runs off in the trees. Then Miracle whined, "You lucky hedgehog you! Oh! I wanted a girl!" Then all of the sudden, Blaze kiss him on the cheek. "On second thought...I got one right now!" "Well, I did had a thing for you." said Blaze. "Well, Bruncher-Boo? How's about a kiss on the cheeky?" said Faith. Bruncher sighed and said, "Alright. Only on the cheek." Bruncher went kiss Faith's cheek, but instead, Faith move her head and Bruncher kiss her lips instead. Bruncher stop kissing, smiled, and said, "Faith...you're so sly. I like you." Faith smiled when she heard that.

"I better go and see if Cream is still there with Serenity and Cheese." said T.H. and he flies off. Then Max shouted, "Enough on this love stuff! I'm out of here!" Max flies off. Then Selica started shouting, "Max the Hyena! You get back here right now!" She ran off to follow. Saber shouted, "Hey! ...Wait for me!" Saber follows Selica. "Alright! Let's go, Tech! Transform!" Technic shouted. Tech said, "Chao, chao! (Hover scooter!)" and changes into a hover scooter. Technic hops on and rode off, saying, "We're outta here! Yee-ha!" Miracle shouted, "Hey! Wait for us!" Miracle and Blaze ran after Technic and Tech. "Come on, Bruncher-Boo!" Faith shouted while pulling Bruncher to following and they both disappear in the woods.

The End

That's all! ...For now. I might write about how about Silver, the Twin Ghosts, and Blaze's adventures. But I need ideas.