Chapter 1

This story starts in the year of today. With the recent advent of self replicating nanoprobes (invented by me, a.k.a. von Neumann machines btw), a Spaceship based on the Intrepid Class (from star trek) ships is built and made capable of traversing through the solar system and back in about 10 minutes. About a year later and several other happenings, a weird transformation happens to me and I have a chance to meet the Animorphs and eventually join them after a mix-up with the Yeerks. Using technology assimilated from the Yeerks and Andalites, the ship is upgraded and capable of traversing Zero-space.

This story is currently in the process of being rewritten, and as a result, some information will not be the same as before. Also, attempts to improve readability are being made, so please standby. (This includes correcting missing > and < symbols for thoughtspeech...)

Thanks for your patience!

It wasn't that great of an invention. All that it did was manipulate matter on the molecular scale, which enabled it to create more of itself. I know it sounds cheesy, but I had made the first nanoprobe. "Well! This is great! …. What can I do with it now?" I mumbled to myself. Well, I could just set them to duplicate until they reach a certain amount… "Okay, starting my very own beta software for these things… okay, command: select scope: all. Command: Set action: Duplicate. Command: Set action Limit: 4e99 units connected. Command: Engage…" I droned as I plucked out the rudimentary code for the robots. When I finished, I realized it was 7:00am. "Jeez! I'm going to be late for school!" I panicked. Luckily, I made it that day.

…Four months later…

The realization of what I had accomplished hit me on a Friday evening during a routine trip to my ship, named "Voyager" after what its design was based on. It wasn't exactly warp-capable, but it easily went about the solar system with ease. Due to my implementing a cloaking screen that took (literally) months to perfect, nobody has yet been able to detect its' presence, either in moving or sitting still, with infrared, radar, or any other sensor equipment known to man (and even some of my own sensors as well), yet I do not feel it will be that way forever. Even though I have not encountered signs of life out in space in the solar system, I feel as if something prevents my discovery of "other beings" and their discovery of me. But that is not important. The fact that I could not fairly share my technology with the rest of earth truly put me out of any leadership opportunities, although it isn't that bad. But what would people do if I suddenly pronounced that I had working replicators, a fully-working ship (as far as capability is concerned), and my Borg system (NOT exactly like the Borg from Star Trek) complete with assimilation and lots of add-ons (see web page for complete list of specs)? I didn't want the world economy to collapse, so I am forced to hide away for now.

I have decided that at least I can show my work for those that may appreciate it and know my position… Well, at least trekkies? This is all going through my mind as I prepare to confront Kate Mulgrew, who played Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek Voyager. (Ding-Gong!) "Hello, sir. What can I do for you?" she asked. Without hesitation, I quickly assimilated her, Borg style. "Computer: Set current assimilation to Borg-Standard System and set default skin using generated Profile from TV-Series: Star Trek Voyager." I commanded my internal computer. "What the…?" she exclaimed as my setting projected what an assimilation looked like as on the TV series. "Who are you and what do you want?" she demanded. "I want you to be a participant in the upcoming trip to Voyager. You are hereby invited to it. Your computer will provide you with details. If you don't want to go, and I seriously believe you should, simply command an uninstall and the Borg system will revert you to your previous state. Again, see the details provided. Thank you for your time." I replied, and then left in the shuttlecraft to my next destination. I repeated this process for most of the actors that played parts on Star Trek Voyager and even Star Trek TNG. At the end of the day, I completed ten assimilations. The following week, prior to the event, only two invitees informed me that they could not make it to the meeting, and so I re-invited them instead to the online webcast that would be performed concurrently with the event. At the event, all eight who were able to go were at the pickup location, at which I promptly arrived in a standard shuttle to bring them to Voyager. Even though they had access to general information about it, most were still astonished by the sight as we passed through the cloak. Of course, I provided a scenic fly-around of the ship, and then landed in cargo bay two.

"One thing I don't quite understand here, Anthony. How exactly did you make this appear here so convincingly? I don't think even the most advanced of today's holographic displays can even produce images of this quality. How much money did you spend in the shuttlecraft simulator?" asked "The Doctor". "Well, first off, it's not holograms, although all people you will see onboard are holographic, the actual ship is not. Neither is the technology represented herein. I would have thought that since you were actually assimilated you would have realized the truth of what I was trying to tell you. Anyway, Computer: Permission to come aboard?" I replied. "Permission confirmed. Warning: Decks four through eight do not have life support due to structural integrity loss at those locations. All other systems are performing at maximum. You may proceed." replied the computer. "Wow, you went all out on this, didn't you?" commented "Janeway". "Indeed, let us begin this trip with a small tour, starting with engineering. Those who would like to participate, just follow. You are all granted free access to all ships' functions, excluding navigation control. That will be for later." I said as I distributed comm. badges. About half followed me into engineering and I began to explain various aspects of it. "Although there really isn't much to explain as you pretty much know much about it. The main difference of this part of the ship than the one on TV is that the warp core isn't for generating warp energy at the moment, but it is in fact using a self-sustaining method for generating all the energy this currently requires. About 3/4ths impulse, for those who really want to know, is the current maximum speed for the ship, although you can really feel how inadequate the current inertia dampeners are at this stage of development. Feel free to explore the consoles along the way. Next stop is the holodeck" I lectured and proceeded to the holodeck, where I loaded a sample program. "This is… illogical. How do you posses this technology?" asked "Tuvok". "Research, sir, lots of computer time. In fact, why don't you ask the computer? Computer how much time total was spent on the development of the holodecks?" I replied. "Sixteen days, seven hours, twelve minutes and 44 seconds were spent on researching and implementing holodeck technology by your interaction. 3.818299e143 processor cycles were spent generating testing holodeck programs and various other automatically-generated holograms. 14 hours were spent…" "Computer stop command." "Affirmative." "Answer your question?" I asked. "Indeed." He replied. This continued until we reached the bridge. "All personnel aboard this ship: please report to the bridge or the mess hall for a demonstration of Voyager's capabilities. Now I would like to remind you that this is not an exact model of the one on TV, but you get the point." I broadcast to the ship. While I waited for everyone to get situated, I plotted a course that would take us to various planets in our solar system. At the end of the course, I set a small target and shot it down using the laser weapons. "Now you all notice that those were not phasers, and that I did not use transporters to bring you all here. Those are still in researching, and are still probably a long way off. But I hope you had a well time on this trip. You are always welcome back for a visit; just request a shuttle to come and get you through the internet (an e-mail is being sent to show you how) and one will arrive to receive you. Let us all head back now. Thank you for your time and cooperation, I hope to see you all again soon." I said and gestured them back to the shuttle they came in. "What about you? Aren't you coming?" asked "Seven of Nine". "No, I have some work to do with the EMH and sickbay equipment, not to mention that sensors still aren't accurate. Don't worry about me; I have another shuttle to take me back when I'm done." I replied. It was a long day.