Chapter 2

I don't know how it happened; only that it changed me. The computer reports that my DNA executed self-modifying instructions that were not recoverable, but that means what to me? I am now a completely different creature than I was yesterday! Although the changes were really radical, I am relieved that my Borg technology adapted to the biological differences and adjusted my implants. What am I going to do now? I doubt that nobody will ignore a blue centaur-like alien with stalk-eyes, no mouth, a blade-tipped tail and a slotted nose! Realizing that I couldn't just hide out at home, I decided to go to school anyway, changed or not. Driving would have been very difficult, so instead of trying to drive myself, I just asked the computer to do it, while I (more or less) sat in the back seat. As one might expect, my appearance was not ignored. Nearly every class started with chaos when I entered, although it was quickly quieted when I spoke to the resident teacher (and a few slightly illegal subconscious commands). My first instinct was to inform the principal, but I convinced myself that it was best to keep exposure to a minimum. Anyway, it was only temporary until I recovered my original DNA. After school, I walked to my car, only to find some idiot had stabbed all four tires! The computer reported that it would take about 3 hours for the nanoprobes to repair, so I started walking home. Luckily I lived only a few miles away. Taking the back routes, I thought I would not so easily be detected, but fate decided it was not to be. "Stop as you stand, Andalite!" shouted an adult male voice. Turning around, I saw it to be our Assistant Principle, Mr. Chapman. What do you want, sir? I asked. "We want to infest you. Come willingly or I will shoot." He replied. Then I noticed the small ray gun he had in his hand. Your fake ray gun does not frighten me, Mr. Chapman. The human race isn't advanced enough to produce portable energy weapons. Leave me alone! I demanded. "Very well, you leave me no choice." He muttered, and shot me. Shot?! I guess I was wrong in some way. Anyhow, apparently the shot was not enough to knock me out, and my multiphasic adaptive shielding quickly adapted to block the weapon's energy. Looking a little more than shocked, Chapman adjusted his weapon and fired again, this time to no effect. Your actions speak louder than your words. Get away before I am forced to harm you. I said. Looking a lot more frightened, he quickly went away.