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Summary: OneShot AxC This is the life… Cagalli and Athrun take off for a mini vacation after a long deserved break. Read what kind of deals the couple offers each other! My second OneShot, come check it out! Can link to Need Help? If you want.

A Deal's a Deal

By simply-v-

"Ah, this is the life..." the blonde flung herself onto the massive comfy king size bed. She spread her arms out like a starfish, closing her eyes with a smile; the young Orb Representative deserved this long awaited rest. Athrun struggled to enter the room, juggling the many bags and boxes of fashionable clothing, teen stuff and what not.

"Urg, did you really have to buy that many T-shirts, jeans and cargo pants?" The young azure haired man complained as he carefully positioned Cagalli's shopping spree against the wall.

"Shuddup, a deal's a deal Zala" her smile still evident on her peaceful face.

Athrun frowned, but soon turned into a smile as he saw the blonde's serene state. Plus, she was right, a deal's a deal.

Flashback - a few hours ago

"Athrun, if you laugh, or do anything funny, I swear to god you will never have kids!"



"bl..bl HAhahaha" he couldn't hold it in anymore but her statement was just so.. Cagalli like. He found it cute and highly hilarious to put his girl in such situation, he'd never thought he could do it.

Blood boiling, twitching eye-brows, "ARG! that's it, I'm changing back!".

"NOnonono, come on, there I stopped. I promise I won't laugh" on the inside, the thought of the blonde tomboy in a dress was just unimaginable.

"No! you laughed at me"

"Oh, come on! I just thought you would look magnificent in a dress"

"Oh, you're saying I'm usually don't look magnificent?"

"Come out in that dress now and I'll buy you three times as much clothes of your liking"

"Hmm, fine, but I mean it, don't you dare to laugh, or else…" with that, she opened the door.

The Orb princess and her bodyguard went out shopping in god-who-knows-how-long and Athrun bribed her to change into a dress. Coming out of the change room, a shy blonde princess revealed herself to her knight. Her hair tied in an elegant bun, the simple green dress clung onto her perfectly. Now blushing, she stared at the floor.

"You look amazing" he said, now slowly walking towards her.

"I thought you said I would look magnificent" looking away as her tint of pink became bright red.

"You do, you look like an angel" he said giving her a hug. "Thank you Cagalli"

She gladly returned it as her head leaned onto his chest. "Consider yourself lucky, not many people get to see me like this. Dresses are so…restricting. You can't move much in these"

"But you look amazing and trust me, I'm glad that's the case" still hugging her. Other customers gave their "awws' and "oh aren't they a cute couple?" It was a sweet scene.

A semi-naughty thought just popped up in Athrun's mind.


"Yeah?" she looked up into his emerald eyes.

"I'll buy five times as much of clothing to your likings if you let me buy and see you in this dress and a skirt."

Her eyes narrowed, eyed the man suspiciously.

Please don't kill me, please don't kill me, please don't kill me ran through Athrun's head. It takes a lot of guts to do what he just did, unless… you didn't want to live much longer. It was a huge risk.

She thought about the proposal at hand, it sounded tempting but she was not buying it… yet.

"Make it ten!"

"Deal" Athrun mentally punched himself; this was going to cost him a big chunk of his wealth. It's worth it though… he re-ensured himself. Cagalli grinned widely at her recent victory.

"Athrun Zala, I'm soooo going to make you broke!"

"I know…. Don't remind me"

"He he" that smirk of hers would not come off in a while.

End flashback

Athrun removed his black jacket, tossed it onto the chair across the hotel room, briefly looking out to the beautiful scenery the large glass window offered. He lay beside the princess smiling; naturally she snuggled closer to him.

"I wish we could do this more often."

"Yeah, I really needed this mini vacation, thank you Athrun, I'm glad you booked us in two days early."

"Anything for you, angel"

She giggled, "When's the meeting again?"

"Tomorrow afternoon" Cagalli and Athrun had come to PLANTs to conduct a private meeting with the new PLANTs Chairman, Gilbert Durandal regarding the issue of manufacturing new Mobile Suits in Armoury One while in ceasefire period.

"Aww, so quick, I wish we had more time"

"We will, we're still young."

"Hmm" Planting a kiss on her delicate lips, they smooched for a good five minutes. Athrun, again, takes initiative of deepening their intimate contacts. He crawled on top of her, gently pinning her down, his hands roamed her body and sexy blonde hair which was now to her shoulders.

"Mmmn" stopping such sensation, she pulled out from the desperate man "Not now Athrun, I'm dirty and buggered"

"I like it when you play dirty" reaching out to the girl. Picking herself up, Cagalli walked towards the bathroom.

"I'm taking a shower, don't you dare get any funny ideas Zala" with that, she shut the door firmly, leaving a smiling Athrun. You may think he's crazy as he didn't get his fair share but Cagalli's actions made him want her even more. People say that the more you work for something, the reward becomes more satisfying. The blue haired man was a firm believer in such a saying. Indeed it made their sex life much more worthwhile. They also say, the more you get it, the easier for it to become boring. This was the last thing Athrun want from Cagalli.

He sat there staring out to the nostalgic view of Aprilius One. It's been a while since he had come back to PLANTs ever since the Second Battle of Jachin Due. He would be lying if he said he did not miss it here. Listening to his lover in the shower, water droplets dropping down onto her soft skin before hitting the ground, watching the boat cruising in the ocean as cars travelled across the complex bridges. The green mountains in the background stood tall, embracing the ocean where ships of various sizes docked near the port. It was quite a remarkable scenery. All he was missing was some quite calm music. He got up and put the radio on. Lacus's sweet voice soured freely across the room. In this quiet night. Despite the time, this song was suited the atmosphere. Taking his seat again facing the window, he closed his eyes as Lacus song soothed the room ever so freely. It was perfect. So calm and peaceful, it felt like heaven. The sound of the water flow stopped, indicating the man that Cagalli was done washing herself. The song only took advantage of the silence. Every beat, every word swayed through Athrun's relaxed brain. All was stopped by a mighty squeal.

She turned the shower knobs, shutting the supply of warm steaming water that cleansed and refresh her body and mind. Drying herself with her towel, she hears some tingling noise above her. Ignoring it, she wiped more of her wet skin. The tingling rattled on, the girl looked up.


There it was, floating around the bright light globe. Getting bored, it blindly flew towards the wall of the bathroom. Crashing stupidly, it again randomly collided against the hard wall tiles.

"ATHRUN! A LITTLE HELP PLEASE!" she hid in the corner of the bathroom as he yelled for help.

His eyes jerked open at the squeal. Rushing to the door, his hands turned the door knob. No luck, Cagalli had locked it.

"ATHRUN! Today would be nice!"

"Shush! You 're the one who locked this freakin' door!"

Feeling it jammed, the green eyed Coordinator kicked the door open.

Hugging her man instantly, she pointed at the nasty creature flying about. Athrun didn't know what to do. Blink in confusion? Roll his eyes? Or laugh at the poor girl. Deciding against the three he had in mind, he stealthily caught the moth in his palms and told Cagalli to open the window. Setting it free, the moth flew out the window, Cagalli hastily slammed it shut. Breathing fast and roughly, she leaped onto Athrun, who was chuckling. She failed to recognise her exposed body. She had dropped her towel in terror as she shrieked, pressed her bouncy chest onto Athrun's toned figure when she hugged him. Once again her breast pushed against his chest. Athrun flashed his trademark smiles at her as he picked up her towel and wrapped her nakedness.

"Oh, thank you" she managed to say, blushing madly.

"Anytime angel", leading her out of the bathroom, he sat on the chair again, once again enjoying the view. No not that view, she has a towel around her now remember?

"I never knew you were scared of a stupid moth" he teased.

"Eh? Shuddup, it was huge! And it was flying everywhere!"Cagalli got dressed and hugged Athrun from behind, leaning her head next to his.

She whispered "Let's just keep that little incident to ourselves shall we? You might get a reward later on tonight, if you know what I mean"

It was Athrun's time to grin.



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