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Summary TwoShot AxC Cagalli has lived her life with regret, letting her love of her life in the hands of another person was no exception. Athrun is now going back to PLANTs after the second war, can she redeem herself before it's too late?


I'v decided to try something different, well it was part of my other story but not many people were reading it so yeah, decided to dismantle it and release it as an OneShot. A break from the Humour/Romance I write for my OneShot Collection, here is some Angst/Romance.

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From The Inside – Part 1

By simply-v-

The Archangel doors slid open, Cagalli hastily headed for the Bridge of the ship. This was it. She had finally got her confidence to face Athrun. She wanted to tell him how she felt about him, how much she missed him; most of all, she wanted to tell him that she loves him. Running and sprinting along hallways and corridors, turning several corners and the bridge doors were right in front of her eyes. She knew they opened automatically, so she did not hesitate or slow down, however with such speed, the doors opened just enough for her to get through, almost crashing into them.

"ATHRUN! WHERES ATHRUN?" the young blonde yelled as she caught her breath.

It took everyone by surprise, they all turned and looked at her, and all was silent. They felt sorry for Cagalli; someone had to tell her the bad news.

Kira walked up to his twin with sad eyes, put his hand on her shoulder…

"He…. left, he's going back to Plants, I'm sorry sis." Kira told his sister, who now is on the verge of breaking down.

Her eyes widened. Cagalli was speechless.

"Oh" was all she managed to spit out. With that she turned around slowly emotionless like a zombie and walked out of the bridge. The doors opened and closed, Kira followed her.

On the other side of the doors, Cagalli could not believe the words her twin brother had just said to her, she fell to her knees, tear after tear, they dripped down onto the floor. Kira could only embrace her while she cried on his chest.

"It's my entire fault, I'm such an idiot, Athrun… come back to me…. Please" Cagalli cried and pleaded." Cagalli started hitting Kira's chest over and over as she blurted out her curses on herself.

"Why did I let go of him? Why am I so stupid? I loved him Kira, I really did, but NO, I let him go, I even told Meyrin to take care of him! I'm so stupid!" Cagalli continued to blame herself.

Kira could not help but whisper "No, you re not stupid, you just made the wrong moves, sure you gave him up for Orb, which was very brave of you to do but you can still win him back right? You know he cares about you-"

"But does he love me?" the blonde asked.

"That I can't answer Cagalli, you have to find out for yourself. Come on, this isn't the Cagalli I know, where's your hot headed fighting spirit? Cagalli looked up, Kira smiled at her.

She smiled back, "You re right Kira, it isn't over yet, I still have time, and I'll win him back."

"Go get him sis! He's going to meet up with Lacus and Yzak concerning about Plant Council positions, in fact, I was going to meet Lacus there after giving you a visit but now you re here so we can go to Plants together!" Kira said with a sweet smile.

"Thank you Kira" Cagalli could not be thankful enough to have a twin brother like Kira, she felt really lucky finding her long lost twin.

There she was sitting silently, resting her fist on her fist as her elbow leaned on the window of the shuttle. She sat there emotionless, staring at the space on the other side of the glass. She closed her eyes, figured she could take a nap. Unable to do so, she excused herself to retreat to her shuttle cabin. (Yes she has a cabin on this shuttle: P) Kira could only look at her with sad eyes.

Flopping on her bed, her head landed sideways. She found herself staring at the laptop next to her on her bed. She didn't know why but her guts told her to open it. So she did. Placing it on her table, the blonde grabbed her seat and started browsing though forums when suddenly a banner popped up.

"Reward yourself simply by using your email!" it flashed and blinked. Feeling annoyed she closed the window altogether. Closing her laptop, she turned around and got up. She froze on her tracks. She felt like it was telling her something, almost a subliminal message.

Reward yourself simply by using your email

Hmm what's it trying to tell me..?

Then it hit her.


That's it!

Frantically, the determined lass opened her laptop, login in her email account.

"Hmm, strange, nothing here…"

Reward yourself….

What was it that she wanted as a reward? All she wanted was peace, a normal life and... Athrun.

Athrun, that's it! A light bulb sparkled above her head. She logged onto her "other" account. An account her friends and family knew, unlike her political, business email. There it was… 3 new mails… from Athrun. She had totally forgotten about this account, it's been forever since she had used it. She opened it the mail excitedly.

Cagalli, I miss you already! Things aren't looking good are they? Just do your best and it should be alright.

I wanna go to a place where I can say
That I'm all right I'm staying there with you

She covered my mouth with shaking hand. She could not believe what she was reading. How can she miss something like this?

I wanna know if there could be anyway
That there's no fight, and I'm safe and sound with you

Tears started to formulate in her eyes.

And every time I look, I thought you were there,
But it was just my imagination
I don't see it anymore cause I see through you now

Even now I think I haven't noticed this peaceful sky
but I always remember that I still don't have a place to return to

And my heart silently awakens and becomes aware
that one day I'll surely see kindness again

What's stopping me? I get stuck again
Is it really OK? It's never OK for me
What's got into me? I get lost again
Is it really OK? It's never going to be

Tears came streaming down her cheeks; she couldn't bear it any longer.

And I search more, right before my eyes I become aware
that tomorrow the wind's direction will certainly change
The wind whispers softly, and the earth moves
If I don't lose my way, I'll surely see kindness again

I wanna go to a place where I can say
That I'm all right I'm staying there with you

I miss you Cagalli,

Love Athrun

Immediately she searches for the day it was sent. Her amber eyes wondered desperately. 15th March CE 74. March!

"That's one month after he left!"

She clicked the 'next' button, another poem popped up.

Dearest Cagalli

I know you're really busy with Orb, I understand, it's been four months I last wrote. I will come back, I promise, wait for me like I would wait for you… please.

Travel to the moon
The dream where you first appeared fades out
The light of the star I longed for is taken away
The smile I had to forget in order to be strong, for sure
If we are together, we can take it back

Understand this,
I'm here waiting for you
There is a future different from now
I'm here waiting for you
And I continue screaming
The thread that binds our hearts together is pulling
To bring you by my side
No need to cry

Travel in silence
I extend my hand to feel you, yet
You're so far away
That memory is etched within me
When I hear your voice as I close my eyes
Even a little pain is precious to me

See me now,
I'm here waiting for you
When I'm all alone being blown by the wind
I'm here waiting for you
I can see the entire sky

Truly inside my heart, my hands stretch out to protect
Your heart, until you come back
There's no need to cry

Feel something, Feel nothing
Listen closely, listen closely
Wide open ears
In the constant moment
You will find me where it's quiet

Missing you and loving you, write back when you can.


"Oh Athrun" she whispers

It broke her heart, shattered into minuscule pieces. It felt like someone picked it up, put them back together but only to squeeze it. The pain was unbearable. She clenched her heart as her fragile body started to give up. She struggled back up, once again searching for the sent date.

17th July CE 74.

Her keyboard drowned in tears, she feebly clicked 'Next"

Cagalli this is getting ridiculous, it's been nine months since I left, yet no reply, don't I deserve at least one lousy reply? It took me nights to make those poems up you know. This wait is killing me. Perhaps you're ignoring me, avoiding me. Not to mention you let the wedding to go ahead. I really have to thank Kira for kidnapping you.

This would be the last mail I would be sending you, unless its political and the sort.

I'm sick of waiting, I'm nothing to you now, and you keep ignoring me. You disappointed me time after time, yet I waited. But this time it's gone too far.

Good bye Cagalli.


She tried to scream but nothing came out. She tried to cry, no tears dropped down. Her eyes were dry; she had run out of tears. No longer could she cry. She felt like suffocating, she struggled to breathe. Still sniffing, she put her head on her keyboard squeezing her eyes shut.

She did it, she pushed him away and him go. It was all her fault. But she was going to make it up for him… right? Was it too late? No it was never too late. But he even said goodbye! That does not stop you from chasing him. What if he doesn't love you anymore? Then you would MAKE him love you… again. Her mind was right. She didn't have time to sulk.

Feeling her energy flowing back to her, she looked up... the eyes... her pupils were gone. Eyes narrowed. She was back. Ladies and gentlemen, Cagalli Yula Attha was back... in SEED mode, she meant business.

With such determination and motivation, she hit the 'reply' button, and vowed to write the email of her life. A mail that would melt his heart or at least one that would let him forgive her.

"I will NOT let you go like last time!"

"Wait for me….please."


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Hmm, I wonder what's in Cagalli's email? Find out in the From The Inside Part 2

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