Authors Note:

This story is based on the TWitches movie. Not the book.

I have both all 10 books and the movie.

I love them both. I am Wiccan and i have always been into

witches as long as i can remember. Both the books and the movie works for me.

There were a few things about the movie that upset me.

There was no Camryn/Jason or Alex/Cade pairings. I was always fond of these couples in the books.

There was no mentioning of Dylan, Camryn's younger brother. That upset me.

They really didn't quite get all of their powers down. Like Alex has hyper hearing in the books, but not in the movies, just like Telepathy.

In the movie, the girls were 21. i think it was better when they were teenagers. I think that is what i liked about the movie the most.

Now there are a few things that i liked or that didn't bother me about the movie.

I didn't mind that the twins were black instead of white. It gives you a different perspective on the plot. Also, Tia and Tamera are two of my favorite actresses.

I didn't mind that Karsh and Ileana were a couple. I thought it was kind of cute.

I didn't mind that Emily and David Barnes found out about Cam and Alex.

I didn't mind that the girls came from a royal line.

Here is what you're going to find in this story.

Jason and Cade are going to be the girl's love interest in here. Also, instead of being mortals, they're going to be warlocks.

Ileana and Karsh are going to be wed.

Shane Wright will make an appearance.

I am also a fan of the Halloweentown Series. There will be several chapters with crossovers or i might decide to make them permanent characters. My favorite character parings from Halloweentown are Cassie the Witch and Ethan the warlock, from Halloweentown High, Marnie/ Cody from Halloweentown High.

I do not own TWitches. It it owned by Disney Channel and R. Reisfeld, & H.B. Gilmour

I Do Not own Halloweentown Series. That is owned by Disney Channel.

P.S. Since i am wiccan, i will use a lot of Wiccan references and terms.

If you do not like what i have told you, you do not have to read it. If you like what you're reading and want to see more, let me know. If there is something extra that you want to see, let me know as well.