Chapter Five

Nearly two weeks had passed. Each and every one of the students had found a gem, stone or crystal. Ethan and Cassie each had three tear shaped stones on their wrist. The first one was a Tiger's eye, the second was amethyst, and the third was aventurine. Marnie and Cody had their tiger's eye, and amethyst. Natalie had a piece of sodacrite. Dylan had rose quartz and amber hanging from his wrist. Pete and Chester had onyx, Jason and Cade each found green tourmaline. Alex and Camryn had turquoise.

Ileana, Karsh, and Miranda had feared the worse. Something big was coming. They had just hoped that their students were ready.

"I think we should start training them for battle." Karsh argued.

"They're not ready." Ileana said. They were arguing about this topic all day. Miranda sat in her throne and listened to the two newlyweds argue.

"I think…" Miranda said, joining the conversation for the first time. "That Ileana is right. Keep teaching the kids. They will learn themselves how to master the power that fell into their hands."

"Stop that." Cassie giggled. She, Ethan, Marnie, Cody, Pete, and Chester were playing in the lake that was by the castle. They had to be careful, because there was also a waterfall. It they got caught in the current, they would go over.

Ethan continued to splash his wife. "Make me." He flashed a grin.

Cassie got a glint in her eye. "Maybe I will." She raised her arm, her stones flashing. Without warning, the wind started to blow, hard. Cassie started to float in the air. She got a scared look in her face, like she couldn't control what she was doing. She started to spin real fast, in mid-air, creating a cyclone. The cyclone left her, and headed toward Ethan.

Scared as well, he threw up his hands to protect himself. His stones flashed and a wall of water shot up, destroying the cyclone.

When Cassie finally returned to the water, she looked at her husband. "What…"

"…was that?" Ethan finished. Marnie, Cody, Pete, and Chester looked on in awe.

Marnie was searching the corridors for Cody. He asked her to meet him down here after lessons.

"Cody?" She called. There was no answer. "Cody." She called again.

A figure jumped out of the darkness and grabbed her. "Boo!" It called.

Marnie screamed. The entire castle started to shake. A brick started to fall toward Cody. He threw his hand up, and the fire that was on the nearest torch leaped from the stick and consumed the brick. When the ground quieted and they could catch their breaths, they just looked at each other.

"You actually called the elements?" Gwen asked, stunned.

"Cassie and Ethan were the first ones. Cassie summoned the wind. She created a cyclone. And Ethan summoned a wall of water." Marnie said.

"And down in the lower corridors, Marnie shook the earth, and I used fire to protect myself against a falling brick." Cody added. Cassie and Ethan nodded in agreement.

"Then we have our main players." Miranda said getting up. She had a look of concern on her face. These kids were so young. They weren't ready for the big stuff, but they had been chosen. It was their battle to fight. She had only wished she knew what was coming. Could it be Thantos again?

"What do you mean?" Cassie asked.

"We haven't discussed it in class yet, but North, South, East, West." Ileana started.

"Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Did you ever wonder why when someone said all four at once, they put them in that order?" Karsh asked. The four young adults shook their head. "Earth is associated with north. Air is east. Fire is south, and Water is west."

"If you would please stand facing each other as though you would if you were cardinal directions." Miranda requested.

Marnie took the position of north. Cassie took her left side as east. Cody took her left as south, and finally, Ethan stepped into the west spot. When they were finally in place, the ground started to shake; a rough wind blew in, even though they were indoors. Fire appeared for a moment, and then was gone. A wall of water appeared and collapsed on Ethan. But the weird thing was Ethan was as dry as he could be.

"Yes, they are the glue that will keep the others together."

"It's a nice night out." Cade said to Alex. She smiled and looked up. A bright full moon shone in the sky.

"Want to go for a walk?" She asked.

Cade took her hand and together they walked.

"Air and water." Cassie stated. "Wow."

"I know. Who knew that we would do something great?" Ethan asked.

"I did." A voice said.

They jumped. "Hey, wait a minute. I recognize that voice." Cassie said, reaching for her witch's glass. "Mom, how are you?"

"I'm fine, baby girl. How are you?" Cassie's mother asked.

"I'm good."

"And Ethan?"

"I'm doing well, Mrs. Simone." Ethan replied, leaning over Cassie's shoulder.

"Ethan, we're family now. We've been so for a few months. Please, call me Honey." Mrs. Simone said.

Ethan nodded. "Mom, did you want us for something?" Cassie asked.

"Gwen called me and told me about everything that has happened so far. I just want to let you know I'm arriving in a few days." Honey Simone announced.

"Great. Can't wait to see you. Right now, Ethan and I have to go to class. Bye, love you."


"Congratulations all, you've advanced to level two." Ileana said, smiling. Karsh appeared with their new, saffron colored robes. On the side, there was an owl.

"Also, for completion of level one, you will also receive a pendant for your bracelet." Karsh said. Once the robes were handed out, he held up a leaf pendant.

Cassie looked at Ethan, excited. Only twelve more levels to go. Just then, the door opened and in walked a beautiful young woman with shiny black hair. She was almost identical to Cassie.

"Um, is there something we can help you with?" Ileana asked.

"Yeah, I'm looking for…" The young woman began. Cassie looked up, screamed and ran and gave the woman a hug.

"Okay." Ileana smiled.

"Ladies and gentlemen." Miranda said walking into the room with an elegant stride. "May I present Honey Simone, Cassie's mother."

Jason and Cade's jaws dropped. Mother? This woman looked like an older sister.

"Mom, I have to get back to class." Cassie stated.

Honey turned to Karsh and Ileana. "Can I please watch? Just for today?"

"I don't see why not." Karsh said. He pointed to a desk toward the back of the room.

Honey was surprised at the amount of power these kids had. She was really surprised to see how good at potions Cassie and Ethan were. Cassie was always good in the kitchen, but she could never have guessed. Their potion was the only one that turned out.

"Cassie, Ethan, can you come up here for a demonstration?" Karsh asked.

Honey sat back. This ought to be good.

"Right here, in the middle now." Karsh led the couple to the center of the room. "Now I need you to think of something about the person you are facing. It can be anything at all, good, bad, anything."

Ethan closed his eyes and thought of all the times that Cassie was there for him. How she loved him with all her heart and soul. All the times in bed, and how their magic was in perfect sync.

Cassie looked upon the face of her one and only true love. She thought about all of the things he did for her. How he was furious with his father for trapping her in his witch's glass, although he had a part in that. She thought about how he had stood up to his father for what was right. He loved her. She knew that. Maybe it was destiny. They knew each other since they were in diapers.

The room started to pulse a deep crimson. In a light that could blind someone filled the room, Cassie and Ethan were right in the center of it all, radiating the same color as the light around them. They were like the sun in the solar system.

When the light slowly diminished, Cassie and Ethan were still hovering in the air. There were two stones levitating between them. Together they formed a heart. They were made out of a red colored material.

When their feet finally touched the ground, the heart broke in half. One half went to Ethan, the other to Cassie.

Honey rose and headed to the front of the class. What she witnessed amazed her.

Karsh and Ileana rushed up to the two. "Are you okay?"

Cassie looked down at her body. She looked at her hands and then looked at Ethan. "Yeah." She had a look of surprise on her face.

Her expression matched his because he was wondering the same way. "I'm feeling a little weird." Suddenly, he reached out, pulled Cassie close and kissed her passionately.

When they parted, Cassie was grinning. "Wow."

"Do you know what this is?" Karsh asked.

The entire class stood and gathered around. "This is the legendary heart of Holidaytown. There was only one of these made. It's made out of bloodstone." Karsh explained.

"It was created by the founders of Holidaytown. They were a happy couple who couldn't bear to part with the other. These hearts allowed them to feel the other person. What they felt, where they were, and when they were in need. After they died, it was supposed to be handed down to a happy couple of their choice, but…" Ileana informed them.

"Let me guess. It was lost?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah. The heart could only be summoned by two people who positively love each other without a doubt."

"The heart is yours to control and use, but be warned. It has more power then all of the other stones. Love is precious." Karsh said.

Alex looked at Camryn. They knew that all too well. That was how they were able to defeat their uncle. Love was the cure for darkness.

"The more stones you get the more powerful." Ileana stated. "Do each of you realize how many stones are out there?"

All around the room, heads started to shake. "I'll say this. More then you can imagine." She, Honey, and Karsh left the students in the room.