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How Could I Love You Now?

All that Will could feel at that moment was pain. Pain and anguish, knowing that he could have very well lost the one thing he cared about more than life itself. His Elizabeth. 'One problem with that Will, she's not yours anymore. She's Jack's woman now. You saw it, and you cannot deny it. You cannot think that way anymore,'he mentally scolded himself.

But it was no use now, for his good sense and his heart were not meeting eye to eye. 'She's not in love with Jack, and you know it! She's yours and only yours! There must've been a good reason for her to kiss Jack.' Although only a very small part of him believed it.

The only way he could release his fury without taking it out on a human being, was to take it out on the unfortunate table in front of him. Which he was. And what pained him even more, was to see the look of pure guilt and anguish that was spread across the exquisite face of one Elizabeth Swann.

But he was soon pulled out of his solemn reverie by none other than Joshamee Gibbs. "Well, I'm going to hit the hay. If we have any hope at all of finding Jack, we must get some decent sleep, aye? Goodnight everyone."

And to his utter horror, everyone else in the room followed suit. After suffering through a terribly long, awkward, silence, he decided that he had better retire soon if he didn't want to succumb to his urge to pull her into his arms, caress and kiss her tenderly, making sure that she was his and only his. But of course, he was not sure how she would respond to his rather bold actions.

But before he could go, Elizabeth had something to say. Although scared to let him know her real reasons, she knew that he had seen her, and she also knew that although he might hate her, which he had a right to in her eyes, he needed to know why she did it. He needed to know how that she loved him and only him, and she would spend her entire life working towards his forgiveness, no matter how much he despised her.

"Will, I..."


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