Woo, short drabble! Just something I thought of quickly. Lyrics from the Talking Heads song, 'Once in a Lifetime' is used in this story (and the title, obviously) I thought they were fitting, and somehow, this turned out like a 'Friends' version of a scene from 'Secret Window'...ohh, Johnny Depp. So please read and review!

I do not own friends/actors/characters/Talking Heads, but I am going to go watch Secret Window...Johhhnnnnnyyy.

This is not my beautiful house, Chandler thought from inside their dormant car.

His car. His car now.

Five years of marriage, for nothing. He didn't recognise the woman she had become. He didn't recognize the man she had slept with – just some guy, not important, she had said.

He did recognise the feeling he was experiencing, the feeling he had been experiencing for two day now, from the time he had found out to the…to now.

The feeling of being ripped in two, of having your heart torn out and trod on.

Of wanting to die.

He knew that feeling from Janice. But that was nothing compared to this. A blip on the radar. A speck of dust.


The kids would miss him. Perhaps even she would miss him.

He half expected her to run outside, begging, screaming for him to stay, to try and fix things, to never leave him.

If she still loved him, she would.

The front door remained closed and Chandler turned the key in the ignition.

This is not my beautiful wife.

Not anymore.