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And now...Chapter 4:)

"You, lass, get up!"


"You heard me, now get up!"


"JUST DO IT!" She immediately consented for fear of what would happen if she didn't. But just as she did, he pulled a sword out and pointed it at her chest.

"Get ready..."

"Huh?" But she immediately ducked as he swung the sword at her. Once she was safely ducked down, she understood what he wanted...to see her sword skills. So she then pulled her own sword from its sheath,(a/n: for any charmed fans out there, that's supposed to look like what Cole did to Phoebe in the season 4 episode "Enter the Demon," during training.) and stood up.

The fight had seemed natural to her, though she didn't know why. It felt as if she was a puppet, as if some one was controlling her mind and movement.

She was doing very well, until he suddenly got the upper hand, knocked the sword out of her reach, and raised his sword to her throat, so of course she dropped her own.

"Hmm...you could be useful...you will be a part of my crew." He stated matter of factly.

"What?!" 'What is he going to make me do?' She thought.

"Yes! You are quite the fighter, you'll be very useful."

She was going to reply, but was cut off when one of the others onboard yelled "land ho!"

"Wonderful, we need supplies!"

"But sir, you can't step on land for another 7 years..."

"You don't think I know that Maccus? We are sending this lovely lady out to get them. Now that she is part of the crew, she will be pulling her weight around here. Ready the long boat, Maccus. You'll be taking her to shore..."

"Aye, aye, captain."

"Oh, and Maccus?"

"Yes, Captain?"

"You might want to cloak yourself, Aye?"

"Aye, sir, of course..."

So with that she was shoved roughly into the longboat, and once Maccus was aboard, they started to row towards the island in the distance.



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