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Summary: The boys meet a girl with a past similar to their own. Sam feels a connection to her and wants to take her under their wing. But will she be a help, or a hindrance in their hunt for the Demon?

Pownal, Vermont

"Adriana, get back here now!"

The slam of the door could be heard through out the house. It didn't even have the chance to fade before Linkin Park was blaring from speakers within the room. But even that couldn't compete with the now crying baby. Chiara sighed and looked at her husband. He simply shrugged. "She's your daughter. I can't help you." And it was true. Addy couldn't stand her stepfather, and he was half the reason for their fight. Chiara rubbed her pounding temple as she walked up the stairs. She knocked on her daughter's door, which had a large WARNING sign on it.

"Addy, come on. Open the door and we can talk about this civilly." She waited a minute. When the door still didn't open she gave up and went to check on Lily.

Addy turned down the music a bit so she could hear whether or not her mother left. At the sound of footsteps heading for the nursery she relaxed. She didn't want to talk. She just wanted to be angry. She had a right to be. Her mother had married that jerk downstairs, expecting her to be happy about it. Well, she wasn't. In fact she hated him. The only good part about the whole thing was Lily. She loved her baby sister more than anything.

A glance at her calendar made her smile, even through her anger. Today Lily was exactly six months old. She was getting so big. And so loud! Addy was beginning to worry. Lily was still crying. Usually she got quiet after only a minute with their mother. Maybe she should go help her. After all, Lily was more important than a stupid fight.

She shut off the music, which only made Lily's cries that much more pronounced. Addy left her room, and then paused for a moment to look down the stairs. She saw the lights flashing from where Dan watched TV. Her anger came back. Sometimes she wondered if the man cared about his daughter at all.

Disgusted, she crossed the hall and walked into Lily's little nursery. There was her sister, still in her crib, crying. But she didn't see her mother. More worried, she walked over to Lily. She reached in and tickled her, hoping it might turn the tears to laughter. It didn't help. Then something dripped onto her hand. Confused, she lifted her hand to look at it. It was dark. Then there was another drip. This one landed on Lily's pretty white pillow. That's when she looked up… and wished she hadn't.

The scream ripped out of her. She heard a crash from downstairs even as she stared up at her mother, pinned to the ceiling. The blood dripped from her stomach. Then the fire started out of nowhere, just as Dan came running in. "Chiara!" He yelled it. But it was too late. Still, the yell snapped Addy back and she quickly grabbed Lily from the crib, just before it went up in flames. She ran out of there and tried not to look back.

They blamed it all on faulty wiring. She knew it wasn't. Dan blamed her. She didn't care. Her mother was gone, and the last thing Addy had done was fight with her, and then ignore her. Just remembering it hurt.

Now she stood, holding Lily in her arms, as they buried an empty coffin. Her mother's body hadn't been recovered, but Dan had insisted on some type of closure. Addy had stayed out of it. She didn't want to fight with him anymore. There wasn't any point in it now.

Dan rested a hand on her shoulder as the crowd dispersed. "We should get back to my sister's. They'll be expecting us."

She looked up at him, her dark brown eyes empty. "I'm leaving tomorrow."

His lips tightened in annoyance, but he nodded. "That's your decision. But if you leave now, I won't take you back."

"That's fine with me." She kissed Lily's rosy cheek before passing her to him. Then she turned and walked away.