Cat's Cradle

Summary: Thanks to Greed, Envy is turned to whimpering feline and is FORCED to stay as one, but then again being a cat has it rewards such as—spending 'quality time' with a leather-clad chibi (Ed/Envy)

WARNINGS: Like I said this fic is YAOI (Envy/Ed, slight Roy/Ed) it also contains cursing (quiet a lot actually) and if I'm up to it probably a lime/lemon. Oh and I'm also warning you of OOC-ness… So yah, you've been warned so no flaming me because its yaoi…yada yada yada.

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NOTE: "Italicized" are thoughts since Envy cant really speak in cat-form. He speaks but then Edo and the others don't understand since it comes out as mewling. This chapter also contains a bit of a lime. Rated for envy's pervy mind.

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Chapter 4: Strip Tease


"Onii-san, you HAVE to drink your milk!" Al exclaimed

"I'm not drinking THAT!" Ed barked in reply as he struggled against his brother who was practically man-handling him. "Al, let go – I said I don't want any—"

"Brother don't be such a wuss! It's good for you!" the suit of armor retorted as he balanced the glass of milk with one hand while holding his brother with the other. He knew for a fact that if he let go, Ed would most likely scamper of, which he usually did. "It will help you grow…"

"So what the fuck are you trying to say? That I'm small?"

"N-no…of course not…I'm just saying that its healthy."

"You're not my mother, Al – and no it's not healthy – how can anything that came from a cow's thing be healthy! It's disgusting!"

"Moouuu! Would you stop being a baby…and that thing, as you so put it, is called an udder!"

"As if I care what it's called! I'm still not drinking it!"

"Why do you have to be so pig-headed, you NEED to drink your milk!"

"I don't wanna hear it - I said it before and I'll say it again keep that fucking thing away from me!" the alchemist shouted as he continued to struggle. Al had a firm grip on his arm, and wouldn't let go no matter how much he resisted. "Let – go!" Ed growled one last time before finally pushing towards his brother in a desperate attempt to flee. As predicted, Al lost his balance, but instead of letting go of him, the younger Elric dropped of the glass instead, causing it to spill right at an unsuspecting blonde. "What the fuck….?" Ed gaped as he found himself dripping wet.

"Mouuu….now look at what you did…." Al pouted "The carpet's a mess now…"

"Tch….I'm soaked from head to toe and you worried about the freakin' carpet?" the state alchemist glowered as he watched his brother turn to get a rag from the kitchen. Ed cursed – well it was better than having to drink the vile liquid right?

It was at that moment that he noticed the black cat, that they had adopted earlier looking at him. Ed frowned – he had a strange feeling that the damned feline was laughing at him, and it annoyed him to no end.

"What the fuck are YOU looking at YOU damned furball…" the blonde suddenly muttered as Envy merely raised a brow. He had heard about Ed's aversion towards milk but he never knew it was that bad but then again watching the whole scenario earlier had been quiet amusing - "Pfft….anyway I'm going to change – fucking milk…" Ed ranted before heading towards his room while blatantly ignoring the feline, who in turn simply followed him.

"O-chib-" Envy mewled only to stop midway as he caught sight of Ed removing his hair tie, allowing his hair to flow freely along his back - but that wasn't the only thing that got the sin's attention rather it was the fact that the full metal alchemist was taking his sweet time stripping right in front of him (well…partly…Ed afterall wasn't all aware of his presence) -

It started with his red coat – which was then followed by his inner shirt. Envy gaped – he never knew Ed had such a fine body – all those fighting did him well seeing as the boy practically had abs on him – He also noticed that the boy had a fair complexion - Kami…. he wanted to feel if it was as smooth as it seemed to be – he wanted to play with his nipples until they were hard – he wanted to tease the blonde until he moaned - no…screamed his name. Edo – was an epitome of a sex god…or a chibified version of one atleast

"Mmm…" the blonde suddenly moaned as he started rubbing his nape, his hand moving down to his shoulder and down to his chest. Envy felt his blood rise to his cheeks as he continued to watch the scene before him – it was an innocent massage in Ed's part but Envy's thoughts were starting to run wild. He could already picture the alchemist flustered and in heat as his left hand started to play with his nipple while the other slowly made its ways inside his pants and towards his aching need…


He could already imagine himself in his human form as he watched the chibi pleasure himself – his legs tangled among the black satin sheets -


He could imagine Edo blindfolded or even chained to the bed. He was covered in sweat, panting and calling out his name -


The blonde would moan in pleasure and plead for him to take him – he would tease his little one, touch him until he was at the verge -

"FUCKING FURBALL!" Ed suddenly shouted before kicking him. Envy yowled at the impact before turning to glare at his assailant. Sure he had been in a daze – and was thinking of 'stuff' but kicking him when he was vulnerable was just too cruel. Envy turned to look at his 'owner' but instead of seeing a naked chibi he found himself looking at a rather pissed off, not to mention fully clothed fullmetal alchemist -

There were no black satin sheets

No blindfolds

And definitely no Edward Elric tied to the bed -

The sin sighed in obvious dismay – In as much as he loved seeing a whole new aspect of his o-chibi-san, spending time with him like this – was definitely bad for him.

"Have you found him yet?" Greed barked "What the hell is taking you idiots so long, it's a fucking cat - how hard can finding it be?" he continued as he glared at his lackeys.

"Maa maa…all this fuss for a little kitty…." A female voice suddenly interrupted them as Greed turned to glare at the newcomer. "It's so not like you…brother dearest…."

"What the fuck do you want, Lust?"

"Oh, Nothing in particular, I just wanted to see how things are coming along" the woman chided playfully

"Actually she was curious to see whether or not Envy has killed you yet…" Wrath suddenly emerged alongside with Sloth.

"Just who's side are you 3 on anyway….?"

"Side? Oh neither to be honest…" Lust purred "It's just that we find this whole scenario quiet amusing…."

"And just what scenario are you talking about, bitch?"

"Oh you know….the one which involves you being beaten-to-a-pulp type of thing?" Wrath replied innocently. Greed glared at the 3 of them– but surprisingly kept his cool and simply turned away. That's right – he'd deal with those wretched fools later - for now, he had to find his dear beloved brother before it was too late –

Right now his feud was with Envy and Envy alone – He swore to have his revenge and nothing was gonna stop him -



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