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Harry Potter was staring out his window at the fading sunlight. It'd been a rainy day and since Aunt Petunia had had him clean the carpets just yesterday because of the same thing, there was no way she was having him work in her garden as she wanted him to do. He was listening to the sounds of Petunia Dursley set the table for her husband (Dudley had gotten into trouble and she thought it best to try and butter him up so Dudley didn't get scolded too firmly) and her off key humming.

The dark haired boy sighed and rubbed at his tired eyes and scanned the sky for signs of Hedwig. The snowy owl was no where in sight which meant she probably wasn't coming just yet and would arrive after dark, which was much easier for Harry as the Dursleys couldn't be too upset about an owl being nocturnal, because that's what they always assumed they are. He curled up under the window with sigh. He'd not felt so alone in a long while, and the summer had just started three days ago.

In London, a very unhappy elderly woman was climbing off the train with help of a young female teen who obviously had family resemblance. The woman carried herself as a woman of royalty. Her back straight and her head held high even in her aging years. She walked with a beautiful cane that shone and looked almost as if it were made out of water, like the ocean hue when the sun hit and it almost looked like real water. Her hair was a rich earthy brown with snow white streaked through it looking like tracts of snow and short and was pulled back with a couple of small barrettes which pulled it from her bright brown eyes. She was dressed in a fairly simple dress that was a silver blue with a small red jewel pendant hanging on a chain of silver around her neck. She nodded to the girl in thanks as she headed towards the young man getting their things. It was not going to be a long visit, oh no. She was not about to let her daughter do something stupid that would jeopardize so much just to let her live in her unimaginative and completely unrealistic world.

The girl had rich chocolate brown hair with red and green bits dyed intermixed with the rest and large brown eyes that had a shock of blue around the edges. Her hair was pulled into nine braids, each tied off with a ribbon of black or red and her outfit was that of a dark pixie skirt over baggy black jeans and quippy t-shirt that referred to the entertainment of idiots on the front and back. The boots on her feet sounded louder than that of her grandmother's old fashioned shoes as she bounced beside her in boredom, her many bracelets bouncing and tinkling against each other.

"Are you sure he's even there Grand-mama?"

"I am quite sure dear one. Now, we have a young man to rescue, come along," the woman said, heading for the exit of the train station as her young companion carried along their suitcases.

The knock on the Dursleys' door was loud and Harry froze upstairs. That wasn't a knock he recognized and the Dursleys would most certainly open it. What was worse was if they opened that door, there was no protecting him from who was most likely a Death Eater on the other side.

Downstairs, Dudley waddled to the door and blinked at the old woman who scowled at him as she leaned just slightly on her walking stick. Had she not been in a riding accident, she'd not walk with a limp. "Your mother boy, fetch her now and let me in."

"I won't just let some crazy old woman in the house! Who are you to order me around?"

"Ah, you're most definitely Dudley aren't you? Would you care for me to explain why I can order you around? Because I am your grandmother and if you do not immediately fetch your mother your life will become very unpleasant!" the old woman snapped. She may have been over seventy years old but she was very much still spry thank you!

"Mother! You can't talk to my son like that!" Petunia cried as she came into the hall. "What on Earth are you doing here? I thought that if I married Vernon you swore to never come to see me!" she pointed out, her nose turning up slightly as if to say she'd expected her mother to come groveling back.

"Do not think I'm here to see you, Petunia. You made yourself clear as did I but I am not here about you. I'm here about my grandson."
"What about me?" Dudley asked, looking the woman over as if trying to see if she'd have money to buy him things. He wondered if he'd get more presents now that his other grandmother had come.

"Oh please, like I'd let a beastly child such as yourself succeed me! Oh help us if that were true. You're just like your father and that's not a good thing to be, young man. Petunia. Where is Harry? Where is Lily's child!?"

"Not. Here."

"Liar! Grand-mama Lucy got a letter! It said he was here and that person would never ever lie about that! They're worried for Harry! You're lying through your teeth!" snapped the girl from behind her grandmother, glaring daggers at Petunia who looked slightly affronted at the girl's outburst.

"What's this now? Who ar- oh… Mother Lucy!" Vernon tried to cover up his almost insult of his mother in law.

"You're as rude and large as ever!" Lucy said simply to Vernon. "I've come for Harry."

"I'm afraid Mother Lucy that Harry doesn't live here…" he said through clenched teeth.

Lucy had her cane up and rapped the man on his head before Dudley and Petunia could stop her. "Do not lie to me! You need to learn to respect your elders! Now where is he?"

"U-upstairs," Dudley whispered while glaring at the woman while his mother fussed over his father who was already starting to show the beginnings of a large knot on his head.

"Aine, go and fetch your cousin will you?"

"Yes, Grandma Lucy," Aine said as she headed up the stairs and looked around. She came to the one with all the locks and the cat flap. "Boy is Grand-mama gonna flip when I tell her about this…" she whistled to herself as she checked the locks. Finding them locked she cracked her knuckles and whispered strange words while moving her hand from top to bottom of the row of locks and they opened up at once and door swung open. "When will people learn that you can't keep a Pevensie down? We can't die easily and we won't be swayed by locks," she said tossing a couple of braids over her shoulders. She peered in and switched on a light and squeaked at the sight of the other teen on the floor under the window, in clothes that didn't fit.

"Wow… Are you really Harry?" she asked him, tilting her head.

"N-no!" he said covering part of his forehead with his hand. He looked like he were afraid she as going to do something to him.

"Oh don't be a git. I'm your cousin! Sort of… Your grand-mama is sister to my Grandpa!"

"My grandmother? Cousin?"

"Yeah! I'm Aine!" she said holding out her hands to help him up. "Come on. Grand-mama is waiting for us downstairs. Should have seen it, Har! She took her cane and bam right on that fat cow dolt's head! Just smack!" she giggled with a grin.

"I can't. I can't leave. It's complicated you see…"

"Complicated, Harry? Grand-mama came all this way to get you!" she told him.

"Aine! Harry! Come on now, we best be leaving soon! It seems someone thinks that I'll miss the next time I take my cane to him!" came a sharp voice from downstairs with a hint of mischief in it. Harry longed to go with the person who the voice belonged to because they seemed so much better than the Dursleys but he had to stay here or the Death Eaters…

"Oh! Albus!" the voice cried out happily.

"Headmaster!" Harry gasped, letting his cousin help him to stand as he headed quickly to the stairs and indeed there was his headmaster, no one could make their eyes twinkle like that and no one could quite pull off his outlandish outfits. And as it was he was offering the elderly woman downstairs a lemon drop with a fond smile.

"Tell me your highness, how is your sister?"

"Oh Albus, Susan would just die a tickled pink if she knew you were asking about her!" Lucy told him with a giggle as she took a lemon drop. -

"Harry!" the old man called jovially when he spotted the teens on the stairs. "Fetch your things! The moment I realized your dear grandmother here was the one who set off the wards I knew you'd be in good hands with her… Ah young lady, do I know you? I don't think so… You are?" he asked politely with a smile. Aine drew herself up in the image of a lady and smiled.

"My name is Aine Madailein LeFaye Wyndems, sir," she said with a curtsey that was rather good for being on the stairs. Harry stared at her confused. (AN: her name is pronounced 'Anne Ma-day-le-in Le-Fae' just to let you know. )

"It is a pleasure to meet you milady. Would you help young Harry with his things upstairs?"

"Course! Come on Har! I've got a present for you once we're out of here! Your first present as a true Pevensie! You know you're a Pevensie, right?"

"Pevensie? My last name is Potter… And my mother's was Evans… And yours is Wyndems, remember?"

"Bloody hell, mate! I can see we've got a long trip a head of us!"

"Aine! Watch your language! Your Grandfather would strike me down for letting you speak in such a way!"

"He's worse sometimes," Aine whispered to Harry with a giggle as they headed for his room. "He gets scary when he's mad sometimes but definitely, the worst is Grand-poppie…"

"I'm sure… I don't have much…"

"Don't worry, you'll get more, I promise!" Aine said, moving to look around for what would be Harry's things. It didn't take long before they had them all packed and Aine had told Harry several times that Grand-mama was going to be furious with those idiots downstairs more than she already was. Harry rolled his eyes and looked out the window before smiling as Hedwig flew into the room and landed on Harry's arm. They headed downstairs and Lucy's eyes narrowed a bit and turned to Petunia who looked more than a little embarrassed and angry.

"Honestly Petunia, I thought I raised you better. I guess I was wrong… Aine, Harry, come along. Albus would you mind shrinking his things for us so they're easier to take back? Oh and I'll owl you about things later and perhaps we could arrange a meeting of you and Susan again, she'd love it I just know," Lucy was saying to the older wizard with a wide smile.

Albus nodded and shrunk Harry's things as handed them back to the young man who put them in his pocket and put Hedwig back in his cage. He grinned at her affectionate nip and climbed in the taxi with his cousin, headmaster, and grandmother. Albus wanted to make sure that Harry and his family arrived at their destination safely. Aine had pulled out a scroll and was smiling at Harry while pointing towards the bottom part of the scroll.

"See? This is Grand-mama Lucy, and here are her siblings. "Grandmother Susan, Grand-poppie Peter, and Grandpapa, his name is Edmund. And here's your mum and aunt," she pointed to those names and then over under Edmund's name. "This is my mother, Helen. Named after the Helen in the Greek Mythology, the woman so beautiful, she started a war. And my father, Eric here."

"Are we going to see them?" Harry asked and Lucy gave a sad look at Aine who's smile faltered.

"I suppose we could when it's light out… Couldn't we Grand-mama?"

"I don't see why not," Lucy responded as she leaned forward to tell the driver he was completely going the wrong way and to take her where she had said with a thump of her cane on the floor of the taxi. Harry and Aine shared a giggle at the old woman's attitude. Lucy was in no real playful mood. She was still rather upset with how her daughter had been treating her grandson.

Once they were out at the hotel that they were going to stay in overnight, Lucy ushered the two children into a room and smiled down at Harry who sank into one of the plush chairs and let Hedwig out, the owl perching on his arm again. "Now Harry there is so much to tell you… Unfortunately with my schedule I've not been able to do much in terms of check on you like I wished and I had thought Petunia would raise you right, I really did raise her better, dear one, but it seems that she didn't listen at all now did she? Your mother was supposed to tell you all about this, once the war was over, but as it stands you'll just have to jump right in feet first. Harry you are my successor."

"Successor, Grandmother?" Harry asked confused, Aine was sitting on the end of one of the beds and smiled at him.

"Yep! You'll probably succeed Grandmother Susan was well. I'm going to succeed Grand-papa and Grand-poppie," she told him with a giggle, kicking her legs slightly.

"But, succeed you in what…?"

"Your majesty I have silenced and warded your room. When you leave if you'd just say these words the spells will dissipate. Have a safe journey home and do tell Susan I would love to hear from her soon," the headmaster told the elderly woman, kissing her hand. He turned and gave Aine a bow which she returned best she could from her position. Harry smiled when the old man turned to him. "Now Harry, try not to get into any trouble and be careful would you? Try not to give your grandmother any grief, understood?"

"Of course sir," Harry smiled. "Do you still think I could perhaps visit the Weasley family if Grandmother says it is okay? Or visit headquarters?"

"As a matter of fact, I think we just might be able to work that out, Harry, I'll see you I'm sure," Dumbledore said before taking his leave.

Harry turned to his grandmother and took a breath. "Why did the headmaster call you 'your majesty' Grandmother?"

"Because I'm royalty Harry, of course! And so are you and Aine! She's the Princess of Narnia and you, Harry, are the sole Prince and therefore, the next King of Narnia!"