AN: Here's chapter two. Now, as you probably guessed, Aine's function throughout the story is to, in my opinion, ground and make Harry human. I've felt, that Harry is never given a chance to explore his options, being forced into a tiny box that reads "Boy-Who-Lived" and not gotten a chance to explore. Aine, on the other hand, has explored, being raised mostly in America and in Narnia, she's been given the chance to be who and what she wanted, minus the princess part. She kind of have to be that part. She's here for some comic relief at times, and to point out to people, I'm American, Harry Potter's British, I'm not, therefore, I get things WRONG but that's okay, because I know my British friends will correct me good-naturedly.

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Aine sat outside the bathroom on the floor with a little magical orb that she'd gotten from her first magick tutor back in Narnia. She was waiting for Harry to open the door. Her grandmother was in her own room for the night with was adjoined to theirs. She'd stormed there after the argument with Harry but Aine was sure that Harry thought Grand-mama was still in the room.

She sighed and knocked. "Har, love? Let me in mate, or come out, Grand-mama's gone to her own room." Harry cracked the door and looked at her through the crack and Aine gave him an understanding smile. "You okay?"

"I don't know… I really don't," Harry told her, slipping out to sit across from her. She tossed him the ball and he caught it, staring at it as he did, the swirling colors inside the small ball, which in the way it looked almost like a remember-all which brought a smile to his lips, but the colors were swirling and he saw a boy about his age attacking the wand of a woman who was wearing what looked like a lion's mane on her head with a golden crown. He was then stabbed and another boy with blond hair was soon engaged in a sword battle with the woman. "What's going on in there?"

"Oh, is it the great war at the Fords of Beruna?" she asked with a smile. "Those are our grandfathers. Edmund is the one who was stabbed and Peter's his older brother who really fought the witch head on. Right after she stabbed Grand-papa," she said, moving to sit next to him.

Harry looked at her. "I can't be a king. I have things I have to do… And then I wanted to have my own life!"

"Harry, Narnia isn't some country that you cross a border to get into from here… Narnia is special… Besides, it's not like they're going to make you marry someone, and definitely not me so we're both safe. Well, me they might want to marry, you'll be able to pick… But there's a king who wants his son to marry me, and another king who has asked if I would marry his… but the Calorman prince… Aslan is he horrid! I don't want to be near him but Grandmother says we must meet him. Grand-papa pointed out that it's not a good and said something about the last time a Pevensie woman visited Calorman. I'm sure that might be in there…" she said pointing to the ball.

"So, it's like, a rememberall?"

"A what?"

"A rememberall, it's a glass ball that reminds us we forgot something… This is kind of like it because it remembers important things in Narnia?"

"Yeah, I guess… Harry, Grandmama isn't trying to run your life, and we're both really sorry to drop this on you…"

"I guess part of me is upset that Dumbledore knew and didn't tell me…"

"Well, you didn't exactly take it well you know," Aine said, looking up at the ceiling. "Look, Narnia is really special, the whole country… You'll see…"

"I know I just… I hate feeling like everyone else knows more about my life than I do," Harry whispered, pulling his knees to his chest and hugging them.

"Not a worry cousin, I'll make sure all our stuffy Narnia tutors don't over work you! And I'll make them keep the overbearing ruling to a minimum."

Harry looked at his cousin who tilted her head and grinned at him. "So what, you'll take all my classes for me?"

"Oh let's not go too far!" Aine laughed as Harry smirked at her with his own chuckle.

The next morning Harry was showered and dressed in a new outfit, courtesy of his cousin. He wore jeans that fit him just a tad loosely, giving him room to grow and let him wear a studded belt that Aine had pulled out with a grin as she said something about him dropping his pants otherwise. He wore a blue long sleeved tshirt that had jade dragons on the sleeves and his tshirt over top of it was a deep green with a crimson anarchy symbol on.

Aine was staring at him from where she was sitting on her bed, wearing a similar outfit. Black and neon green bondage jeans with a baby doll tshirt featuring a pirate symbol on it. She was wearing black and white arm warmers and clunky shoes. "I think it's your hair," she said as she reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle and pulled her arm warmers off. She took his glasses off and clipped them to her shirt before spraying Harry's hair. "Shake your head, fast as you can." Harry blinked but did as asked and then he felt her hands in his hair when he stopped and was blinking away his dizziness. "Much better."

Harry put the offered glasses back on and grinned a bit at himself. He did look like some of the teens he'd happened to see while in London on occasion when he was allowed to join the Dursleys. He always thought they looked very comfortable in their own skin and Harry found he felt comfortable with his cousin next to him dressed the same. "I don't think I could dress like this all the time…"

"Just don't dress like a prep and we'll be okay, cool?"

"Sure. So, where to now mate?" Harry asked her as he picked up his things and offered her his arm. She laughed and linked her arms with his and pulled him out the door towards their grandmother's bedroom.

"Grandmama, look! Harry looks human!"

"You did remember not to force him into make up, didn't you?"

"Oh Harry, some eyeliner!" Aine turned a brilliant grin to her cousin, who deadpanned,

"No. And no again. And just for the record? How about a no?"

Aine laughed and hugged him. "Aslan Harry, you're brilliant, you know?" she asked him cutely while nuzzling at his cheek. Harry blushed and followed her tugging and such as they headed out the room and down towards the waiting car that was going to take them out for the day.

Harry soon learned more than he really wanted to know about Aine's parents, they were dead. Her mother Helen died giving birth and her father Jeremy (who was from America, where she lived a lot of her life outside of Narnia) died when she was twelve. She lived with him and the royal family since she was ten in Narnia and he died around the time they left. He died after catching pneumonia, he'd had bad lungs and then gotten very sick in Narnia. Aine introduced them to him, showing how much she missed her father and how she wished she could know her mother. He watched as she spoke to the graves like they were real people who would be nodding and smiling at her or frowning depending on what she did. Lucy sat nearby on a bench under a willow. Harry let Aine have a moment and walked over to his grandmother.

"I'm sorry, Grandma… I just, I'm tired of people knowing more about my life than me and feeling like I have no control over it."

"Oh I understand dear, it's not that I'm taking you away from your friends! I'm just, taking you away from Petunia," Lucy explained, watching as Aine sat between the tombstones before turning to Harry. "You are the one I chose to follow in my steps Harry, to bring the most HOPE to Narnia and to be the one to solve the problems and carry not only the Cordial but the Horn of Narnia as well… Harry, you're a natural born leader, I've had someone send me tales of your doings and I realize that you are the best person to take over the line, but I worry about you having lived with Petunia…" Lucy sighed and turned to Harry with a small smile. "You know… When Edmund was about your age, he hated having others rule his life… Hated Peter and Susan trying to play the mother and father when we went out to that old mansion… We own it now… That's where we're going… As soon as Aine is done and we get some shopping out of the way, we will go there and that is where you will have your first true birthday bash," she told him with a smile before Aine came over and grinned at them with a smile.

"Mom and Dad like you!" Byrd said with a giggle, smiling at Harry.

Harry grinned and hugged his cousin who blushed and looked at Lucy before hugging back.

"Okay then, Har, let's get goin' yeah? You need clothes that FIT you, okay? I'm not saying you have to dress like me but you need something that says, 'Oi, I'm Harry Potter…' you know?"

"I get it," he said releasing her before helping his grandmother up as Aine bounced down to get the door open for her.

Harry smiled and pet Hedwig who was happily perched on his shoulder as they rode out to the mansion.

"Grandpapa will be there to greet us!" Aine told him with a smile before Hedwig took off and flew over to a handsome old man who held his arm out and tuttered at the bird.

"Hello there, young lady… I see that the young man takes good care of you," he chuckled, leaning heavily on brilliantly carved oak cane with an amazing design with a lion's head at the top. "Lu, I see you brought back my granddaughter in one piece."

"Grandpapa!" Aine cried jumping out of the car and dashing over to the man and hugging him. "I missed you Papa! How is Poppie? And Grandmother Susan?"

"Oh they're all fine, fine… I had the craftsmen finish your wand. You get it when we go back to Narnia, my little princess," he said kissing her hair. Aine giggled and beamed, thanking him with a kiss to the cheek.

"Grandpapa, this is Harry. Harry, this is my grandpa Edmund. You saw him in the story orb!"

"You fought in the Battle of Beruna, right?"

"Ah the battle at the Fords… So many battles happened there, Harry, I'm afraid for this old man you'll need to be more specific!" he said, ushering the young man in before calling into the house. "Fierro, Glenda, Elphie!"

Three house elves popped up right before the young teen, dressed in clothes but looking completely eager to serve their family.

"Please be so kind dears as to get the things from the car, don't try to take too much as at once you know, understand?" Lucy asked them kindly as she headed over to a small parlor and sat on the couch with a sigh. "Oh I'm getting too sore to do all this…"

"You only say that Lu because of your accident," Edmund said taking a seat across from her and another little house elf popped up with tea for them. "Now, Harry, come over here and tell me about yourself."

"Um well, what is it you want me to tell you?" Harry asked, coming over and sitting in a chair while Aine took the floor between him and Edmund.

"What are you studying, who are your friends, things like that, young man, of course," Edmund told him as he picked up his tea.

"I don't really know where to begin…"
"How about who we're inviting to your birthday party!" Aine said happily. "I won't hang around for it, I'll let you have fun with your friends, but Gran-mama will be around and stuff…" she said with a wink to the old woman.

"I suppose…" he said softly, wishing Aine would join the party, he'd love to let his friends meet her but understand she was trying to give him space. "Well… I'd like, Ron, Hermione, Seamus, Dean, Neville, Remus, Snuffles-"
"The stuffed bear from the fabric softener commercial?" Aine interrupted with a curious tone while Edmund gave a dignified snort of amusement.

"No, Remus' pet dog," Harry lied easily to his family. "He's really well behaved…"

"Of course dear," Lucy said with a smile. "Who else?"

"Ginny, Fred, George, Charlie, Bill, they're all siblings of Ron… And um…" Harry thought for a moment. "Luna, and some of the girls I guess…"


"From Gryffindor…" he explained to them. "Like the twins and others in Hermione's room…"

"Well it seems like you have good friends… I understand Remus was a friend of your parents," Edmund said kindly, watching Harry.
"Yes sir. He was… He was a very good friend and I would like to have him, if that's alright…"
"Oh of course Harry but I'll want to talk to him, you understand, don't you?" Lucy asked her grandson gently. "He's the one who's been telling me about you…"

"Really? He has?"

"Yes… He said that Dumbledore was concerned about you staying with him without the blood protection… He wanted to… but also since he's sick," Edmund voiced with a snort as one of the house elves came in with tea and cookies for them. "And his work…I'm sure that I can get all the information about that straightened out of course…"

"Grandpapa!" Aine hissed at him, giving him a look while pouring the tea for them. "Honestly. You're so judgemental sometimes."

"I let you have your fun, Aine… Concerts in America and Britian when you're here…" he said, taking his tea with just a drip of milk.

"Oh like you really care?" she asked playfully. "You love my music!"

"You sing?" Harry asked surprised.

"Only a little. Small things around the Wizarding community mostly… At times, I do some in clubs of my obvious sub culture that aren't Wizarding but aren't mainstream. I enjoy it. It's never really much you know…" she said with a wink, grinning at him cutely. "I'm not famous by any means though… Just an underground… I perform at talent nights and that kind of thing," she told him with a wave of her hand in an absent motion.

"That sounds great," Harry told her happily.

"Now that that's over with… Could we get back to my grandson's first real birthday party? He'll need a menu and a cake and there's decorations and entertainment…"

"I'll take care of it! I know where to get a kickin' system and tunes!" Aine spoke up. "And we can have the cake made in Narnia!"

"Very good… And the restaurant in town said they're willing to cater events," Edmund spoke up around his tea.

"So it's practically covered," Harry asked. "Just like that?"

"Yes!" the three Pevensies said with a smile as they took another drink of tea.

Lucy gave Harry a smile once she saw his confused face. "Dear one, I've been helping to plan birthday parties for Aine since she was about to turn one! And we're royalty Harry, we have to plan out galas, balls, huge events with the finest of the world's peoples… Kings and Queens come from thousands of miles away, just to attend one Narnia's functions, especially if they are to see us, the great Kings and Queens of legends. We're the true, Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve that were spoken of in the prophecy…"

"You know it didn't really rhyme, right, Grandmama?" Aine asked her which caused Edmund to snort.

"Of course it didn't. I thought that too when I heard it, but it was Susan who said something about it," he said with a smirk.