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Jinx entered her apartment building with her arms full of bags and a cell phone attached to her ear.

"Yes Rae I know he's a commitmentphobe. Uh huh yea…Well It's just that we started to you know… I thought I told you! ... Haha Yea it's great," She sighed blissfully, "I think he's finally settling down. Speaking of which are you ready for your engagement party? Of course I'll be there! You and Gar are finally getting ready to tie the knot." She laughed as she entered her apartment.

"I think it's safe to say that everyone knew you were going out…. Don't act shocked. You lose your cool demeanor when you lie… Alright Well I have to go… Talk to you later." Jinx hung up the phone starting to put away groceries.

She started humming to herself softly while dancing around the kitchen. Throwing out the bags I noticed the bedroom door was closed.

'He must be sleeping maybe he'll want some company.' She grinned imagining them spooning like they did a few nights ago. Opening the door silently she soon regretted the action.

Wally was asleep, naked, with a brunette, also naked, in a compromising position.

Jinx turned around walking out the door. Her mind muddled with thoughts she allowed herself to be carried with the rush hour crowds. Trying to think of what had helped her get over Stone when he had left. A small Jewelry Store on the outskirts of town had been her solution. She had robbed every single piece of merchandise, hoping that he would get in trouble for the theft. "A lot of good that'll do me now," She mumbled, seeing as she was on the right side of the law. Her body was subconsciously being dragged toward the train station and then onto a departing train to Gotham City.

Her brain scolding her every step of the way, 'You thought he would love you didn't you. You thought he'd give up all those pretty groupies just because he fucked you? That was all it was a simple fuck. Come on no one can love you! You're a jinx!'

Jinx's eyes rimmed with tears begging for release. They sought to numb her from the pain in her heart. But she wouldn't let them fall. She wouldn't allow my self to cry over the bastard. "No, I'm going to hide in a new town. Start a new life where I wouldn't be known as Jinx but as someone else, a hard working civilian, not a metahuman. I don't need Wally or his precious city; I'm going to live on my own." She spoke to herself.

Jinx exited the train with a plan in motion, finding the nearest salon dyeing her hair black and purchasing contacts. Everything on her new look list being checked off she just needed somewhere to sleep…. "Yea like I could find someone who would want to share an apartment with…" SMACK! "What the fu…" She had run into a telephone pole. Her finger tips buzzed with anger. "That stupid ass ugh"! She shot the telephone with a hex not caring if anyone had seen her do it. It just wasn't her fucking day. The hex shot up the telephone pole sending all the fliers attached to it in toward her face. Ducking in time sje stuck her tongue out at the pole "Nananan ompf." A bright blue flier hit her face. "Stupid bad luck" She mumbled peeling the sign away from my face reading it as she did.

Wanted One Roommate

Call For Appointment


An hour later she was in front of Ashley's rather large apartment complex. She rang her button and walked up to room 666 on floor 13 ironic right. A perky blonde haired girl with bright green eyes welcomed me. She was tall and skinny in a natural athletic way. She wore low rise jeans with a beaded flowing halter dress on top.

"Hi I'm Ashley," she said enveloping me in a tight hug reminiscent of Starfire's.

"I… can't… breathe…" Jinx managed to reply.

"Omigod sorry. I just don't know my own strength. Heh. So anyways come on in!"

Jinx followed Ashley toward her couch. "Do you want anything? I've got chardonnay, beer, juice?" She asked politely the image of a perfect hostess.

"I'm fine thanks."

She smiled, "Okay so let's get down to business do you have an application?"

"No I don't it wasn't specified." Jen answered.

"Oh good they're such a bore. So tell me a little about your self like current place of residence, job, etc etc." She gave Jinx a smile.

And, before Jinx could stop it, she had started talking about her previous life. Her mouth opened and she couldn't stop talking and it helped her so much to tell someone what she was going through. She didn't even realize until to late that she had started to cry. She allowed her self this one moment of weakness for a man she thought loved her, but after today the old Jinx would be back.

She told Ashley she had no job, house, or anything for that matter. That she had to leave Jump City because the only reason she had had friends there were because her boyfriend introduced them to her and it would be awkward having to hang out with them with him near. "And now you must think I'm a total nut job and you won't consider having me as a room mate."

Ashley came over and gave Jinx a hug. "You know what you need?"

"A therapist?"

Ashley laughed, "That could be good to but I was thinking more along the lines of cinema therapy. A good dosage of Upside of Anger or The Secret Life of Girls maybe. Do you know how to open a pull out couch? There are blankets and pillows in the closet on you're left. The rents 1,500 each month is that good?"

Jinx smiled for the first time that day. "Thanks Ashley."

"Not a problem were going to be best friends! Just so you know and it'll be a big sleepover! I have a feeling that your gothic outlook on life and my perky cheerfulness will mess ever so well!"

"Yea if I don't kill you first."

Ashley laughed preparing some hot coco and popcorn. "We have to plot revenge on your ex first then you can kill me. But you may want to wait until after you get the job at the bar I work at."

Jinx glanced at Ashley from the closet, "Well you need a job Jen and there's an opening at the Third Bar so you now have a job."

"Why are you being so nice to me? I mean no ones been this kind to me except my friend Rave… Rachel…"

"Because I need more Goths to convert into Stepford Wives." Ashley deadpanned. "Seriously it's because you need a friend and I happen to have an A in the friendship department and because I need some one to help pay rent with me."

Jen nodded sitting on the now made bed. "Makes sense," She mused.

"Mhmm and just to warn you," Ashley gave me a mug of hot chocolate and went to grab hers and the popcorn. "I'm the biggest clutz ever!" As if to prove her point she tripped sending hot chocolate and popcorn everywhere. I laughed helping her pick stuff up. 'So if my powers ever fritz I can blame it on Ashley.' Jinx thought smiling at how perfect her new room mate situation was going to be.

"Come on Jen let's watch The Upside of Anger first!"

Lying down next to Ashley with a bowl of popcorn between us watching a movie Jinx thought aloud to herself 'Maybe this won't be so bad after all.'