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Dylan had absolutely no idea what happened. Brenda walked in the front door in tears, and an hour later Jim Walsh was in the apartment giving his blessing to his daughter's renewed relationship.

Dylan couldn't be happier, he'd made a commitment to Brenda, and no argument over what colour the living room should be painted was going to end that.

Three weeks after he discovered he was a father, Brenda asked him to move in with them. At first it was on a strictly friendship basis, with both adults sleeping in separate rooms, whilst during the day they reformed their relationship.

Although he had made a commitment, Dylan knew it was going to take time before their relationship would be the same as the one he had left. He just hoped that that time wouldn't be too long. But he refused to put pressure on Brenda, especially when she contacted her parents, and set the basis for revealing the truth over Christopher's paternity.

The night came when she was to tell them. Both had agreed that it would be easier for Brenda to tell them on her own, and whilst Dylan had initially been against the idea, he accepted that he hadn't seen the Walsh seniors for years, and that seeing them again, whilst at the same telling them that he and Brenda were back together, and that he was Christopher's father, would be a massive shock.

So on the night Brenda was seeing them for dinner, Dylan was scooping some pasta into a bowl for Christopher, clad in a pair of tracksuit pants and a loose fitting wife beater, his hair still dripping slightly from a shower, watching as Brenda rushed about, pushing an earring into her ear, and complaining about why she couldn't find her left shoe.

"It's going to be okay, Bren." He called as she emerged from the bathroom, walking in that strange way people do when one leg is four inches longer than the other.

"You try telling that to my father." She huffed, disappearing into her bedroom.

Dylan sighed, picking up the bowl, and one for himself, whilst calling Christopher away from his play-station and to come eat dinner.

Finally she appeared with both shoes on. She stood in the archway between the entrance hall and the kitchen, watching as Christopher scurried up to the table. "Wish me luck." She sighed.

Dylan motioned for her to come over, smiling when she was in front of him. He pulled her hand to his mouth and placed a kiss on her palm. "Good luck." He whispered.

She smiled at him, leaning down and placing a kiss on his lips. "Thanks. Be good for dad, Chris."

She was gone for two hours, in which time, father and son spent too much time on the play-station, with the son winning more games than his father. Luckily, when Brenda got home Christopher was in his room doing some homework.

Then Jim appeared, and suddenly Dylan's life seemed different. After giving his spiel on why Brenda was being foolish making a life with a man who left her over a fight about paint colours, he eventually realized that Dylan was no longer the lost soul he had been.

As Dylan fell asleep, for the first time in the same bed as Brenda, he felt different. It wasn't because of the sleeping body nestled in his arms (in pyjamas), but more like he was complete.

Those words Jim had uttered, 'I'll see you for Thanksgiving' had stopped the brain spin Dylan felt as though he'd been experiencing his entire life.

Everything was clear as he stared up at the ceiling, and for the first time, he knew he'd found a real family, and thus he'd found his life.



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