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Summary: Sequel to Dream Big. Naruto prepares his village and his family for Orochimaru. Future Fic NaruSaku

Dreams Live On

Two days had past since Naruto had gone to Suna and back in the same afternoon. He was now at the breakfast table with Sakura enjoying the first quiet morning they've had since Haruka was born.

The kids were in the care of someone they trusted to watch over them, away from Konoha and the fighting that was coming. If Orochimaru got them, he could and would use them against Naruto and his people.

Sakura had made a nice breakfast of cheese omelet, ham, rice, and orange juice. While she did like traditional food, her favorites were of the modern variety. Naruto was happily digging into the meal when he noticed Sakura's worried expression.

"Don't worry Sakura, they'll be fine. We've done everything we can to make sure they're safe," Naruto said in an attempt to calm his wife. When he didn't get any response, Naruto raised his eyebrows and noticed that she wasn't really looking at anything. 'This calls for desperate measures.'

Sakura's head jerked to an explosion of sound where the tell tale smoke of a Henge no Jutsu was present. Apprehension gripped as she considered what image her prankster husband had taken. As the smoke cleared, a large drop of sweat appeared on the back of her head when she couldn't find Naruto.

"What's wong pwetty lady?" Sakura's headwhipped around to the child-like voice. She saw a chibi version of Naruto with large watery eyes and cute little fox ears on the top of his head. He looked worried and lost. It also reminded her of when her son had asked for a puppy.

Sakura looked at him for a minute, trying to stop her smile from forming. She lost it when the chibi's lower lip began to tremble. She started giggling like a maniac before wrapping her transformed husband in a hug. He released the illusion and returned the hug, as the giggling grew to full out laughter.

After the laughter had subsided, the Hokage held his beloved silently, giving the worried mom a chance to pull herself together. Over the years, Sakura had "instructed" Naruto in the ways of etiquette and protocol (meaning she pounded his head whenever he got it wrong). He had learned when to be quiet, and when to just hold his precious person.

As Sakura got a hold of herself, she whispered a quiet thank you. Naruto just kept on holding her, but he began to sway back and forth in a silent dance. The blond man held the pink haired woman in a strong yet tender embrace.

Sakura felt safe in her husband's arms and just enjoyed having all of his attention for that moment.

Unfortunately, few things last long in this life and two ANBU appeared in the dining room with their masked faces looking at the ground (there had been a few awkward moments from these surprise visits).

"Hokage-sama, our scouts report that Orochimaru is a little more than a day away Konoha," the ANBUs' gaze never left the floor.

Naruto sighed and reluctantly let go of Sakura and turned to his subordinates. The happy-go-lucky husband changed to the authoritative Hokage and gave instructions to gather the Twelve.

Once they were gone, Naruto looked at his Cherry Blossom and offered her a sad smile. She nodded and they both went to prepare for battle.

Within fifteen minutes, the infamous Konoha Twelve had assembled themselves inside of Naruto's office, with a few additions. Takashi, Temari, and Kankuro were also present with their significant others.

Sakura, standing strong next to Naruto, took a moment to look at their friends and consider how far they'd all come from the first Chunin exams. Two of the Sand Siblings had romantic ties with Konoha ninja, both surprising considering who was involved.

A surprising pair was the Wind Mistress Temari and the Akamichi heir Choji. She was originally dating his teammate Shikamaru, but that relationship didn't bear fruit due to Shikamaru's complete lack of ambition. He also got tired of the constant death threats from her sand wielding little brother, Gaara.

Temari and Choji had gotten acquainted through Shikamaru, but their recent romance came from Choji's mastery of the kitchen. Turns out Temari was a fan for well made food. He even won over Gaara with a spicy meatball recipe. Temari had gotten him to train more and now the formerly pleasantly plump ninja had the build of a grizzly bear.

Kankuro's girlfriend was a bit of a surprise, though they did have much in common. They both used strings and relied on tools for their combat. They got together after spending a lot of time working on new weapon systems on Kankuro's puppets. Seeing Tenten with the puppet master still caused Sakura to shake her head in disbelief, as she always thought that she would get together with her teammate Neji.

Unfortunately, not everyone had the freedom to be with who they wanted. Being a major part of the Hyuuga clan had its downsides as Neji had been put into a political marriage with a prominent noble family from Fire Country that had a bond with their trees. The Hyuuga clan wanted to combine the protective energy fields the Jurai family could generate with their Kaiten. The Jurai clan had given their oldest daughter Ayeka in the marriage.

While both loved others going into the marriage, in time they did gain feelings for one another. Their four kids in five years of marriage was an indication of how they felt for each other. The only reason the purple haired woman wasn't present at the Hokage's office was because she was pregnant with another child.

The last member of team Gai was standing next to the blond kunoichi from team 10, Ino. After Sakura married Naruto, Lee was devastated, but he couldn't bring himself to hate Naruto, they were just too much alike. He had turned his attention to Sakura's best friend Ino, and she actually accepted his invitation for a date.

The fashion conscious young woman had of course given Lee a make-over so he was easier on the eyes. She told him it helped his "flames of youth" to be original. While this probably wouldn't work with anyone else, the way Ino said it had more to do with the change than what she actually said.

They were happy and Ino had just gotten off maternity leave from their first baby, a cute little girl that hadn't inherited her father's eyebrows. Little Yuubi was Lee's pride and joy, but he really needed to stop shouting it out everywhere he went. Naruto was starting to get complaints from citizens about Lee's exuberance. Sakura smiled at the sight of Lee thrusting baby pictures into his stoic teammates face.

The last member of team 10 was also the only person who married someone with no combat background. Shikamaru, true to his stated goals, had married an average woman who came from a middle class family. Typical of the lazy ninja, he said kunoichis were much "too troublesome."

Like Sasuke, Kiba was a bachelor, but unlike the Uchiha survivor, he had the habit of going from one relationship to another. He said he hadn't found the right woman yet. Sakura thought he'd better get ready because the young Hyuuga heiress seemed quite attached to him.

That and her father would Jyuuken Kiba into another era if the dog-boy broke his little girl's heart. Hanabi wasn't present because the Hyuuga council felt that the risk of losing both the Heiress and the clan prodigy in battle was unacceptable.

Hinata was currently keeping Takashi under control as he was used to being in charge. The confidence that radiated in her adopted sister-in-law was a far cry from the timid little girl that followed Naruto around. Being an Uzumaki had truly helped Hinata to stand up for herself.

Sakura watched as Shino was talking with his brother-in-law in a corner. How Inuzuka Hana and Aburame Shino got together, she would never fully understand. All she knew was that it started over a difference of opinions over treatments for fleas and other dog attacking insects.

The only one missing was Sasuke. When asked of his whereabouts, Sakura and Naruto just said he had his mission, and they were sure he would complete it.

Sakura's reminiscing was ended by her husband calling for the group's attention.

"ANBU scouts have confirmed Orochimaru's location about a day away from Konoha," Naruto ignored the reactions of his ninjas and continued on. "Our part in the plan is about to begin. You all know what your roles are. LET'S GO SKIN THAT SNAKE!" He pumped his fist into the air to emphasize his outburst.

The Rokudaime's shout was answered by the louder members of the Twelve. As everyone filed out of the office, Sakura turned to Naruto as he pulled a scroll out of his vest. Her earlier apprehension had returned, though for a different reason.

"Naruto, what if I can't do this? What if I'm not strong enough?"

Calm blue eyes looked at a pair of worried green ones, and the blue had a shine to them that helped to reassure the green. She knew he trusted her and with a nod she told him to continue.

Naruto grinned and opened the scroll and released what was sealed within.

Naruto and Sakura met with the others at the northern gates of the village. In true ninja fashion, the group took off at high speed to where the Snake Sannin was located.

It didn't take long to find Orochimaru's sentries or to quietly silence them forever. The group began to make preparations to do their part of the plan they had made less than a week ago.

Unfortunately, they weren't the only ones with plans.

Three small forms huddled together as a bloody Uchiha Sasuke was bound in chakra draining chains.

Orochimaru's lips curved into a mirthless smile as he looked on.

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