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Chapter 8

They all let out a small gasp when they looked into the hole.. Inside was a badly injured Naruto. His right arm had four deep cuts, with blood just dripping out of those cuts. His right legs had the same injuries, but not as bad. His face was bleeding badly, and his blonde hair was plastard to his face, and now sported a bloody color. His eyes were closed, and Tenten had tears in her eyes. She jumped into the hole, and kneeled down beside Naruto's body. She lifted his head slowly and stared at his face, tears splashing onto him now. "Naruto-kun, please hang on." Naruto's eyes opened barely, and he glanced at Tenten.

"Tenten-chan," he whispered when he saw her face, and the two buns on her head. "D-Did I win."

"Yes Naruto-kun, you won," Tenten said, tears still flowing down her cheek. She touched his cold and wet cheek. Naruto smiled at her before closing his eyes again. "Naruto-kun!" The others stared down, fearing the worse, but, they could still hear shallow breathing. Which told them that the blonde was still alive. They then turned to face the other hole when the heard the ground move. Darak was moving across the ground, using his left hand to pull him.

"I might not have a right arm or legs, but I can still beat you," Darak snarled. Since the others were still hurt from the battle, they couldn't do anything.

"Wind Scythe Jutsu!" a voice shouted from the air. A whirlwind bashed into Darak and lifted him into the air, giving him even more wounds. He screamed in pain as he flew high into the air. Temari landed in front of the group and folded her iron fan and slammed onto the ground. "Looks like I came just in time."

"T-Temari," Gaara whispered. Temari turned her eyes to stare at her brother.

"Hey Gaara," Temari said.

"Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot!" came another voice. The body of Kurari appeared above the air borne demon and opened up, trapping the demon with in. Then the eight pieces of Karasu slashed into their appropriate spots, putting the demon too rest for eternity. They then turned to see Kurari and Karasu appear beside their master on top of a gigantic puppet. Kankuro smiled down at them. "You guys look awful," he chuckled.

"Stop wise cracking Kankuro," Gaara muttered. "We need to get Naruto to a hospital soon."

"What happened?" Temari asked.

"He got injured in the fight with that demon," Lee replied. Temari and Kankuro turned their heads to see Tenten walk out of the hole, with the body of Naruto in her arms.

"All right, get on Salamander," Kankuro instructed. Gaara used his sand to lift himself and Naruto onto the back of the giant puppet. Tenten, Neji, and Lee just jumped on the back, and Kankuro pulled on his chakra strings to make Salamander turn and head for Suna. Tenten sat with Naruto, and just stroked his bloody hair.

"Hold on Naruto-kun," she whispered. She kissed his cheek, and then turned to watch as they approached the viliage.


They entered the hospital in a hurry and got Naruto a room. The group waited outside, while the doctors checked on him. After a while, the doctors finally came out of the room. "How is it?" Temari asked.

"He will be fine," the doctor issured them. A group of medic ninja came towards them, and headed straight into the room. "It will take a while before they finish with Naruto, and then he will have to rest for two days," the doctor informed the group. Gaara nodded to the doctor.

"Guess we should get checked out too," he said. The doctor nodded and motioned for a few medic ninja to take the injured team to other rooms, and begin to heal them. The doctor watched them go, before turning and entering the room to begin the healing of Naruto.


A couple days later, Tenten sat in Naruto's room, and watched his sleeping form. She smiled at him, happy knowing that he will be with her again. She placed her hand on his cheek, and rubbed the now warming cheek. "I love you Naruto-kun." She bent down and kissed him softly. She backed up a little, inches from his lips. After a while Naruto slowly opened his eyes and stared into the brown eyes of Tenten.

"Hey Tenten-chan," he smiled. Tenten returned her smile when she bent back down and kissed him on the lips again, this time he kissed back. They were unaware of the eyes watching them.

"Save it for later," Lee chuckled.

"For once, I agree with Lee," Neji said with another of his rare smirks. Tenten and Naruto blushed as they glanced at each other.

"What happened to Darak?" Naruto asked.

"Kankuro and myself killed him," Temari answered.

"More I killed him," Kankuro exclaimed.

"Shut it make up boy," Temari snapped.

"You shut up," Kankuro snapped at his sister. Gaara walked in at that time, and pushed by his siblings.

"Naruto, can you get up?" he asked.

"Ya," Naruto said as he jumped out of bed and stood beside his girlfriend.

"Good, I need to talk to you in private," Gaara said as he turned and slowly walked out of the room. Naruto nodded as he turned back to Tenten.

"I'll be right back," he said. Naruto gave her a quick kiss before heading out of the room, and after Gaara. After a while, Gaara stopped in a deserted part of the hospital. He then turned to face Naruto.

"Naruto, I have recieved some bad news," Gaara whispered.

"What is the bad new?" Naruto asked.

"The Akatsuki are making their move," Gaara replied.

"Akatsuki?" Naruto asked.

"An orginization that is dedicated to capturing the tailed beasts," Gaara answered. "They take the beasts out of their containers body, killing the container."

"That's awful," Naruto mused, his eyes glancing down at the ground.

"Yes it is," Gaara nodded. "We need to be more careful now, no matter when they will attack."

"Do you know any members of this orginization?" Naruto asked.

"Just two, Itachi Uchiha, and Kisame," Gaara replied.

"What!" Naruto screamed. "Itachi and the shark face. I ran into them not too long ago, when we were looking for Tsunade."

"Interesting, and you survived," Gaara mused. "Anyway, we need to stay alert at all times."

"Understood," Naruto nodded.

"Oh, and it will be best if you didn't tell the others about this," Gaara advised.

"Right, let' sgo back to the others," Naruto said. Gaara nodded, and the two ninja headed back to the group.

"Great more bastards after my power," the Kyuubi growled as Naruto walked to the room.

'Well, if it isn't the damn furball,' Naruto said.

"Shut it brat," Kyuubi snapped.

'Come on, I thought you would lighten up after you merged with me,' Naruto laughed in his mind.

"Gag me," Kyuubi muttered. "I thought you would become more sadistic like me. But, that was only wishful thinking."

'Why would I want to be sadistic,;' Naruto said. 'Might push Tenten-chan away.'

"Who cares about that girl," Kyuubi scoffed.

'I do you damn fox,' Naruto growled.

"Whatever brat," Kyuubi whispered as he began to fall back a sleep. "I'll just sleep."

'Good idea,' Naruto said. Without a word, the Kyuubi went back to sleep. Gaara entered the room first and talked with the group about the plan, they would be returning to Konoha in the morning, so they needed to rest. Naruto came next and walked up to Tenten. She gave him a loving smile, and they embraced in a warm hug. Their lips pressing against the other in a passionate kiss. The others watched, smiles plastared on their faces. "Want to go get something to eat?"

"Sure," Tenten smiled. The others said bye, and they all went their seperate ways, waiting for tomorrow.


Naruto sat on the balcony of his hotel room in Suna, his eyes glancing at every aspect of the viliage. He turned his head slightly when he heard footsteps coming towards him. "How are you doing?" Tenten asked when she arrived. She sat down beside him and joined him in the veiw.

"Just thinking about all that's happened," Naruto replied. His eyes shifted to stare at the beauty that is Tenten. "This was my favorite mission ever."

"Oh, and why is that?" Tenten asked with a glint in her eye.

"Because, I finally found love," Naruto answered. "You are the one that gave me the power to defeat Darak. And I thank you."

"What did I do?" Tenten asked with a confused look.

"Your love for me Tenten-chan, unlocked some hidden power within my body. He tried hardest not to mention about the Kyuubi, and that it had a big part in it. "I love you for that." He lend over and kissed her on the cheek.

"Well, I love you too," Tenten said as she turned and placed a quick kiss on Naruto's lips. "We need to get some sleep."

"Yeah, you're right," Naruto nodded. He stood up slowly and extended his hand for Tenten. She smiled gratefully at him, and they walked into the room. And began to kiss passionatly, as they lay down in bed. They were just comfortable being in the arms of the other.


The next few days, had the group sprinting towards Konoha, minus Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro. They arrived three days after they had left Suna. The chunin gaurds nodded to them, and they headed towards the hokage tower. "Naruto!" exclaimed a voice. The group turned to see Sakura, the rest of the rookie nine, and their jonin senseis.

"Hey guys," Naruto said cheerfully. The others noticed that Tenten and Naruto were holding hands and just smirked, well, except for Hinata, she just fainted.

"Huh?" Kiba said when he looked down at the body of Hinata. "What's wrong with her?"

'What a weirdo,' Naruto thought to himself as he stared at the girl on the ground.

"Well, uh, I'll take her home then," Kiba said as he began to pick up Hinata. "Welcome back by the way."

"I'll help too," Shino said. "Take care Naruto." The two quickly took Hinata back to the Hyuuga clan house.

"So, how was it Naruto?" Shikamaru asked.

"It was tough, we ran into a very powerful missing ninja," Naruto explained.

"How strong?" Ino questioned.

"He took down all of us with out even breaking a sweat," Neji said. "If it wasn't for Naruto's new power, we would of been killed."

"So, Naruto saved you," Choji said. He stuffed some chips in his mouth as he stared at them.

"Yes, Naruto-kun showed that ninja the power of youth!" Lee exclaimed with the nice guy pose.

"And how did you do my favorite student!" Gai called as he himself did the nice guy pose.

"I held him off all by myself!" Lee exclaimed.

"Lee!" Gai called, tears streaming down his eyes.

"Gai-sensei!" Lee also called, tears also coming down his face. The two embraced in the most warming way possible. Everyone in the crowed smiled at their display, except for their friends, they just sweatdropped.

"We need to report to Tsunade-sama," Tenten told the two.

"Oh, you're right Tenten," Lee said. "Let's go!" With that Lee marched off towards the town.

"We will be going as well," Shikamaru said.

"Take care guys," Ino smiled.

"Bye," Choji said as he stuffed even more chips into his mouth. They turned and walked off, Asuma, and Kurenai following them.

"I need to take Anko home," Kakashi said. "She's a little drunk right now." She took Anko's arm and guided her away from the group.

"I'll help too my eternal rival!" Gai exclaimed as he took Anko's other arm and began to help guide her. The others sighed as the group left.

"Naruto?" Sakura asked nervously. Naruto turned to stare at his friend. "Did you find Sasuke?"

"Sorry, he wasn't there with the enemy ninja," Naruto breathed. "But don't worry, I'll find him." Sakura nodded to him before turning to leave.

"And by the way, I'm glad your back," was all Sakura said as she headed into town. Naruto smiled as he took Tenten's arm, and together, along with the other two walked off towards the hokage tower. When they arrived, the secretary nodded to them, her eyes turning into a glare when she saw Naruto. The blonde ignored it as he walked into the office door. Followed by Tenten and Lee. Neji stayed behind for a while, his eyes focusing on the secretary.

"If you do not stop plotting that boy's death now, I'll make you beg that you were in hell," Neji growled. "And I'll make sure that the Lord of Hell has some fun with you." The secretary's face went pale as she watched Neji walk in after Naruto.

"Hey there Tsunade-sama," he strained, he did not want to make Tenten mad.

"Funny, I thought you would be screaming baa-chan," Tsunade smirked. Naruto glanced to Tenten before looking back at Tsunade, who gave him a knowing smile. "So, give me the report."

"Well, we found the ninja that were terrorizing Surakag," Neji began. "We fought them, and mangaed to defeat them. But, Naruto and Tenten were gone when the fight was over."

"We fell off a cliff and I had to take care of Naruto-kun, he had a fatel wound," Tenten told her side of the story. "When he was healed we headed off to find the others, but were ambushed by four ninja, which we dispatched."

"Before they arrived, we fought against a ninja named Darak, who took Neji and myself down easily," Lee said. "Gaara then arrived to aid us, but was defeated in the end."

"Naruto and Tenten then arrived and aided us, Naruto was badly beaten, and Tenten was on the verge of death. But before Darak could kill her, Naruto opened up some new power, and began fighting Darak."

"It was a long fight, but I defeated him in the end," Naruto finished his report. "Oh, and I need a new headband by the way."

"What happened to your old one?" Tsunade asked.

"Darak destroyed it," Naruto said with a sad voice. He really loved his headband, and the others new it.

"Here you go Naruto-kun," Shizune said. She came out of a room and handed him a new headband. Naruto smiled as he began to tie the headband onto his head.

"Thanks Shizune-nee-chan!" Naruto exclaimed happily. He gave her a tight hug, which she returned.

"Well, thanks for the report," Tsunade said. "You guys can go now." The group nodded and headed out. Naruto had his arm around Tenten's waist, and he gave her a quick kiss. Tsunade smiled as she watched them go. "It seems the baka finally found a girl."

"Yes, I'm glad for Naruto-kun," Shizune smiled. "Now, let us file the report."

"Damn," Tsunade sighed as she got to work. Naruto walked Tenten home, and before he left, he gave her a passionate kiss.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Naruto said.

"Yes, I love you Naruto-kun," Tenten said, giving him another kiss.

"I love you too," Naruto said. He gave her one more kiss before he departed for his own house.


Epilogue-Naruto's POV

A few years later, the Konoha ninja confronted Sasuke, Orochimaru, and their army in a huge battle. Jiraiya and Tsunade took on Orochimaru in a very brutal battle. Shizune took on Kabuto, which with all her training won easily. The rest of the rookie nine and Gai's team battled against multiple ninja, and in the end, had to take on Akatsuki. Sasuke and myself put their differences a side, and took on Itachi. And with a double attack from a Chidori and Resangan, killed the Uchiha traitor. Sasuke and I then fought, and after a gruiling battle, Sasuke had me on the ground. He was about to deliever the final blow, Tenten watched on in horror as she tried to stay away from Hidan. But, before Sasuke could deliever the blow, he felt a sword stab through his back, he realized that it was his. "W-Who?" he whispered, blood pouring out of his face. His face turned, and he saw Sakura standing there with hatred in her eyes. "W-Why?"

"You are no longer Sasuke, and I will not have you kill my friends," Sakura growled at him. Sasuke was stunned as felt his body turning cold.

"Well...at least I killed...my brother," Sasuke said through gasps of air. With that, Sasuke collapsed onto the ground, dead. Sakura breathed heavily as she began to fall backwards. I quickly caught her.

"Sakura-chan, thanks," I breathed. Sakura smiled at him before her world went dark. The rest of the ninja managed to defeat both the sound army and the Akatsuki, thanks to the help of Gaara, Temari and Kankuro. After the battle, Tenten and myself got married, and a few months later, Lee and Sakura got married. Ino married Choji and had two great kids, who really enjoyed their parents. Temari and Shikamaru got together, as well as Shino and Hinata. Kakashi, surprisingly, married Anko. Shizune got with Gai, and Kurenai, mourned the loss of Asuma. He was killed by Hidan, a member of the Akatsuki. And she never got over his death. Tenten and myself are happy together, I am really glad we found each other. We have three wonderful kids. A baby boy, a five year old girl, and a six year old girl. They were very sweat I might add. We moved into my clan house, once I found out that the 4th hokage was my father. We help the viliage with many ninja missions, and as you can tell, I'm writing my first book. I call it the "The Chronicles of Naruto: The Greatest Hokage". I hope it will be a big seller. The story tells all of my missions, the love I found, and the deadly battle I fought with both Darak, Itachi, and Sasuke. I do miss my friend, but, it was his choice, I just wich things could have been differently. I'm now Hokage also, and, I'm the most respected ninja of all time. The others now know about the Kyuubi, but they don't care. I help a lot of people, and have kept the peace between the nations. And war hasn't broken out yet. I just hope that it stays this way for...

"Dad!" a voice called from behind me. I turned to see my little girl standing there. "We have to go to the reunion."

"I know," I said with a smile. I folded up my book and stood up. "I'll just finish this later." My little girl smiled and ran out of the room. I followed her out and gave Tenten a quick kiss on the lips. "Let's go."

"Yes, let's," she said with a smile. We walked out of the mansion and down towards the meeting place. We saw everyone there, and they were all excited to see each other again. I talked to all my friends, and the memories of all my other friends, and all the others that died. It was a tough life, and I would live this to the fulliest. I'm just glad that I have so many friends, and a great family. Which I thought I would never have. So, I got some sake, and we partied all night, I must be the luckist person in the entire world. I can't wait for the next exciting moment as hokage, I can't wait for the next time I get to fight.

End of story.

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