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Remus is sitting in the common-room, reading in his chair, the softly cushioned one with the floating candles to provide light. He has his legs curled partly underneath him and is resting one elbow on the arm of his chair. Everyone has gone to bed. Well almost everyone. Excluding Remus, Sirius still isn't back yet. Remus is waiting for Sirius to come back. He needs to talk with him. To make sure everything is alright, but everything is not alright and Remus knows this. Sirius has been avoiding the smaller boy for a reason still unknown to the bookworm.

The portrait-door opens and in shuffles the boy Remus has been waiting for. Sirius continues through the room until he spots the other body glowing in the fire-light.

Remus stands up and says, "Hi, um, can we talk!" It's more of a command than a question. None the less, Sirius nods and drags his feet over to the sofa to sit. Remus shuts his un-bookmarked novel and plops down next to Sirius. Both are uncomfortable, both are staring at something that isn't all that interesting, and both are scared of the next words to be spoken. Those words could make or break their relationship.

Remus finally looks up at Sirius. "About yesterday . . ." he starts.

"It was an accident," Sirius said quickly.

"You accidentally tripped and fell onto my lips?" Remus blushed at the memory of that sweet kiss.

Sirius was still looking as his lap and his fingers playing with a loose string at his shirts edge. "That depends . . ."

"On . . .?" Remus prompt.

". . . If you liked it or not."

"And what if I did?"

Sirius head shot up, "You did?" He was now staring into Remus' golden eyes.


"Well, if you did then I'd be forced to do it again." And with that Sirius took the other boy's face in his hands and softly kissed Remus' lips.

Remus' arms wrap around Sirius' waist as the kiss deepens. They become aroused with passion. Sirius' hand is now in brown hair, the other on a shoulder, and Remus pulls he's love down on top on himself as he lays down. Sirius kisses his way down the jaw to the neck where there is plenty of sucking and nipping. Remus is writhing and moaning as Sirius bites at his collarbone. Toes curl when a sensitive spot is found below Remus' jaw.

Sirius stops his attack on sexy-neck and goes face to face with Remus. "Boyfriend?" Sirius asks.

"Of course, you nitwit!"

"Just making sure." Sirius then gives Remus one more kiss before curling into Remus' side.

There they lay the next morning for all of Gryffindor to see. Their legs entwined, wrapped arms, and breathing each others breath.