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The world is what you make it or so they told me, and I guess that is true. But I still can't seem to be able to understand their reasoning for this to be true. However, that is understandable to. My life has been controlled from the start by my headmaster and a false prophecy. My Headmaster decided that I was the subject of a prophecy when Voldemort attacked me when I was one years old and he was destroyed by the rebounding curse Advada Kadvara he than placed me in my Aunt and Uncles house where he 'believed' I would be safe, ha, what irony, I was anything but safe in that house.

I was beaten within an inch of my life any time I did something wrong, but then again I was beaten if I did something right as well. Maybe life wouldn't have gotten to be so hard for me if I had never gotten my Hogwarts letter, I was so happy to receive it, ecstatic you would say maybe someone in this new world would take me away from my loving relatives care and give me a home where I could belong, but I was to learn that this was a foolish fantasy.

My first friend in this strange world was a half-giant named Hagrid, my second a boy around my age named Ronald Weasely. I latter became friends with a female named Hermionie Granger, a beautiful young girl who was as brilliant as a diamond and twice as sharp. I decided that I would stay faithful to my friends as long as they revealed no secrets and that is how the 'Golden Boy Harry Potter' appeared, I cultivated a personality that was what the Wizarding World wanted and today I am not proud of it but I am thankful for it. I lost myself in this mask as I grew though I did study as hard if not harder than Hermionie did, though I only performed at an average level so Hermionie could be at the top of our class where she needed to belong.

The world I had entered was strange and I lost myself for a while with my act but it all came crashing down once again at the end of my fifth year, I guess I should have been paying better attention but I didn't...


You mean Salazar SLYTHERIN?! Challenge from LandUnderWave

Harry somehow goes back in time to the Founders' Era and meet Salazar Slytherin.

They eventually become friends.

Harry returns back to his 'normal' time but retains a mental connection with Salazar.

While in his 'normal' time, he is detained by Aurors for some reason and they find out he met Salazar(although they don't have to believe him).

He escapes and manages to travel back to the founders' time, or Salazar somehow comes forward to 'modern' time.

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