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Fudge looked at Harry confused "How do you know this?"

Harry, in the still monotonous voice replied "My birth family holds the vampire trait, at the age of sixteen the heir to the family receives the full history of the family. In addition anything we learn becomes permanently etched into our memories. In addition to our knowledge we also gain the ability to travel through time and space to our mates. I am the birth son of Merlin and Godric Gryffindor. Gryffindor carried me. I myself have a mate that I must seek out before my seventeenth birthday"

Fudge deeply shocked as to the revelation stated "Male pregnancies are not possible! How was he able to conceive a child?"

"When the weaker of two males is penetrated by the stronger the stronger must cast a fertility spell on the weaker, this combined with a special potion will create a magical womb in which the baby is able to grow. During the pregnancy a series of potions is taken to give the infant the nutrients and such it needs. Than four months latter a perfectly healthy male child will be born."

"Why is the child male? And why only four months?" Fudge asked curiously.

"Because the fact that the female fetus is often unable to survive the constant potions the pregnant male must take. And the male body will start attacking the baby after four months so the potions speed up the growth of the baby as well."

Bones motioned for someone to stop Fudge so they could question about the case itself. An attendant cast a silencing charm on Fudge as Bones took over the questioning.

"Did you kill the Youngest child of Molly and Arthur Weasley, a Miss Ginerva Weasley?"

"N..." Sudenly a tall man in the back of he courtroom stood up and flung a spell at Harry. As the spell hit him a light flared and momentarily blinded everyone. When eveyryone could see again Harry was nowhere to be found and the man had dissaperaed.

Fudge, finaly able to free himself from the charm pompously stated "When Harry James Godric Gryffindor-Merlin-Black-Potter returns he shall be put into Azcaban for skiping out on his trial and his wand snaped for he is obvious the culprit as he saw fit to set up an escape so he would not have to answer to the law"


Harry landed on a soft bed in a failrly new castle. The very walls hummed with magic. A sort of magic that sent shivers of familiarity down his spine. Sitting up he noticed that the room he was in was done in dark reds and golds. The effects of the potion were wearing off and he had control over himself. so he did not fear running into anyone on his exploration of where he was. So how took off looking out for anthing that could tell him where he was.

He wandered around for close to an hour with no real clue as to where he was when he suddenly stepped into the Great Hall. Of Hogwarts. With two men and two women siting at the teachers table and at least a hundred different students at each table. "Holy Shit, Ive gone back to dads time..."he mumbled under his himself up he headed to the teachers tables, straight to Gryffendor.

The four teachers had noticed the entry of the young man with emerald eyes and corse black hair,as they drew their wands, ready to defend against this unknown entity as he moved pourpously towards them. When Harry got up their he noticed the wands, promplty ignored them, and looked directly at Gryffendor. "Hello, father, I never thought I would get sent to the past only to run into the man who sent me to the future."

Godric looked closely at the young man infront of him, looking shocked, "Harry..." was his wispered word as the brave leader fainted dead away.

"Well," Harry said looking at the unconsous male "That went better than I thought it would."


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You mean Salazar SLYTHERIN?! Challenge from LandUnderWave

Harry somehow goes back in time to the Founders' Era and meet Salazar Slytherin.

They eventually become friends.

Harry returns back to his 'normal' time but retains a mental connection with Salazar.

While in his 'normal' time, he is detained by Aurors for some reason and they find out he met Salazar(although they don't have to believe him).

He escapes and manages to travel back to the founders' time, or Salazar somehow comes forward to 'modern' time.

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