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"I'M IN LOVE!" Mark yelled happily.

The bohemians had all gathered at the Life Café, because Mark had an announcement to make. When he finally made his announcement, his friends were a little unenthusiastic by the news. Everyone looked around with stunned looks on their faces.

"With who?" Joanne asked curious, breaking the silence.

"Her name is Jill." Mark said smiling wildly.

"And.." Collins said waiting for more information.

"And what?"

"And how did you meet her?" Mimi asked impatiently.

"Oh!" Mark said spacing out.

The gang huddled together at the table.

"Is he high?" Angel asked.

"Is he brain washed?" Roger asked.

"I think he's pus…"

"Please, Maureen, don't." Joanne said firmly as she covered her girlfriends mouth.

Maureen bit the lawyers hand.


Joanne took a napkin and cleaned her bleeding hand.

"Are you ok?" Angel asked nicely.

"She'll be fine." Maureen said rolling her eyes.

"How would you like it if I bit you?" Joanne snapped. "Don't even respond." She said quickly.

"You didn't have a problem biting me last night." The diva said quickly.

"Oh my God!" Joanne said with an embarrassed look on her face.

"You're so wicked." Mimi said giggling.

"Sure am." Maureen said proudly.

"Can we get back to talking about our favorite filmmaker?" Collins asked.

"Where's Quentin Tarantino?" Roger asked looking around.

"I was talking about Mark." Collins said laughing.

"Damn." The rocker said disappointedly.

"Mark and Jill went up the hill.." Mark sang as he stepped on the table.


"Jill is so beautiful." He continued singing.


He began to sing a high note and Mimi stood up on the table and smacked him across the face.

"Listen, sweets." Mimi demanded.

"Yes, ji…I mean Mimi."

"When do we get to meet this…Jill?" Mimi asked.

A girl with blonde hair and gray eyes walked in.

"Jill!" Mark said jumping off the table to hug her.

"Hi….what is your name?" She asked pushing him off of her.


The bohemians gave each other an odd look.

"These are my people." Mark said pointing to the table of confused people.

"Hi." Jill said shyly.

She and Mark sat at the table with the others.

"So, Jill, tell us how you and Mark meet." Angel said nicely.

"All he did was borrow my pen this morning and asked for my name and number."

"Are you two dating?" Joanne asked as the napkin was still wrapped around her hand.

Mark answered "yes" and Jill answered "no".

"What?" Mark asked.

"I'm in a long term relationship with someone right now." Jill explained.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Mark asked.

"I tried to, but you kept interrupting me with some stupid song called "Your Eyes"."

"HEY, YOU USED MY SONG?" Roger asked angrily.

"Look at her eyes." Mark said grabbing the girls face.

"Mark, you're hurting my face." She complained.

"Sorry." He said letting go quickly. "Who is the lucky guy?"

"You mean girl…..I'm engaged to my long time girlfriend, Amber." Jill said pulling out a picture.

"She's hot." Maureen said aloud.

Joanne stomped on her girlfriends foot.

"I CANT FEEL MY FOOT!" The drama queen whined.

"I have no feeling in my hand." Joanne said carelessly.

"I need to go…. Me and Amber are celebrating our ten year anniversary." Jill said smiling.

"Then why did you come to dinner if you had a girlfriend?" Mark asked in an hurt tone.

"You seemed like a nice guy, that could give up your sperm for our child." Jill explained. "But now I think about it…me and my girlfriend don't want a crazy child."

With that, Jill walked out of the Life.

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