A new story from me that combinds both Fullmetal Alchemist and Hellsing into a tale. Don't fear those who are reading my story You Choose or I Do I will be putting up its next chapter soon.

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Blood and Death

Blood. The sweet, metallic scent of blood. All around I could smell it; so thick I could taste it. I opened my eyes slowly and painfully. Fire illuminating the corpses and the wounded all around me, suffocating me. I can't but think of why these people did not deserve this kind of death. Not like this.

They came with guns in the dead of night, the towns people all asleep. Then fire was set upon the homes of this town, the businesses and even the Inn I was in. Fire consumed the town many of the townsfolk were killed just by that, unable to get out of their homes. They were the lucky ones.

Those that got out of their homes were either shot or... or were attacked by creatures that looked human but you could tell they weren't human. They were dead, some of these creatures just bit the people and they seemed to drink from them. Others jumped the townsfolk and started to consume them like lions would to their prey. Because that's what we are to these creatures, we were their prey.

I was shot. I remember pain and blood. Hot, sticky blood. Then I blacked out. Coming to this town was a mistake. I just wanted a way home. I'm sorry Al, it looks like I won't see you again, at least alive.

I hear a voice.

"Angel, It seems this one is still alive." came a girlish voice.

"He is, well he'd be the only one then, the rest are already dead." came a young mans voice.

"He's dying and master did say that I wasn't allowed to let anyone who was not already dead to die." stated the girlish voice.

"So he did, what are you going to do then?" questioned the young man.

"Yo, boy are you a virgin?" the question was directed toward me, even if my eye were closed I knew.

"Yes, why?" I sounded so weak.

"Do you wish to live?"

"Of corse." I reply.

A pain hits me, it's coming from my neck, something bit me. I'm dying. It all fades to black.

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