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-Love Eternal…?-

"So you are a man of Science, are you, Mr. Shido?" came a melodious and enticing voice from inside the fireplace-lit room inside the dark mansion. Two men inside the ancient building in Transylvania were having a light discussion. The one with the deep, penetrating voice was a tall, blonde, elegant man; he was pouring into two glasses of red liquid which was perceived as wine. After pouring, he placed the bottle containing the liquid on a small table set nearby the fireplace. He approached the other man he was talking to; the one named 'Shido', and gave him one of the glasses. Shido accepted and responded to his question.

"Yes, the science of medicine, to be exact. Thank you." He was about to take a drink, when he asked. "And you, Lord Cain? What, pray tell, do you dabble in to pass your years?"

"'Pass my years'?" Cain answered with a question and a quick chuckle. Shido stared at him with a look of question, and then the blonde man answered again. "Over the years, Mr. Shido, I've not stayed long with one hobby, as I've quickly moved onto the next one. However, there is one thing that I do find the most enjoyment in, thus far. And that, my friend, is the thrill of a good hunt." Cain's graceful lips curled into a smile as he thought about his past 'hunts'. "The thrill of the hunt, such hedonistic pleasure I receive when I get that feeling when a man holds a life in his hands. The heartbeat of another creation of God, a life as bright as candlelight… Indeed that light is, at most, it's brightest when it is about to be snuffed out for eternity…" Cain took a deep breath and released a sigh of satisfaction, as if he had just returned from a hunt. "Nothing truly amazes me more than being in the presence of Death."

Shido stood in amazement as Cain recounted his feelings for his 'hobby'. "It's funny, really. You seem to have an infatuation with death, while I have an affinity for preserving life. We seem to be opposites, Lord Cain."

"Indeed we are, Mr. Shido… But I am a bit saddened. It seems my hospitality towards my guest is not satisfactory. You haven't touched your drink." Cain said with a hint of disappointment in his voice. He had already finished off his drink, and had hopped that Shido had done the same. Realizing this, Shido returned his focus onto the crimson fluid taking residence in the wine glass which he held. Taking a sip of from the glass, the 'wine' had a strange taste to it. It almost seemed… metallic… It couldn't be poison, could it? Cain had drunk some as well, and he seemed fine. Shido decided to pay less attention to it.

Seeing that Shido had finally taken a drink from the glass he had given him, Cain smiled slightly and approached Shido. His long, gilded locks slightly covering his eyes, Cain was a vision of dark beauty. If elegance could be deduced to a singularity of a human form, Cain would certainly be the definition of its personification. His golden eyes showed a sense of longing and searching as he closed the gap between himself and the man of Science. Shido was no slouch in appearances, either. However, rather than take in the whole of how beautiful he was, Shido was more conservative about his looks. His long, platinum hair tied in a loose pony-tail; Shido kept up with his appearance, but did not relish in it. Merely, he was making himself presentable for a man in that time-frame.

"Do you believe in vampires, Mr. Shido?" Cain suddenly asked. Taken by surprise, Shido reluctantly responded with, "Y-you mean the undead? Those who live off of the life-force of human life, correct?"

"Yes. The very same. But I didn't ask if you knew of them. I want to know if you believe in them." Cain continued to edge closer to Shido. Shido, feeling uneasy, slowly started to back away towards the door.

"Well…" he started, searched for an answer. "There have been some instances in medical science, where the theory of vampirism has been appar-"

"Theory!?" Cain suddenly snapped at Shido, slamming his hand on the wall next to him. "Science is the one manufactured by theories! Why else would your precious medical science be called a 'practice' if it wasn't formed by theories!?" Cain's face was near inches away from Shido's. Shido could feel the heat of Cain's sudden anger and began to fear for his life. Cain continued on; his voice on the verge of being a whisper. "I could tell all you need to know and more about vampires, Mr. Shido…! I…" Realizing that he was instilling fear in his guest, Cain cleared his throat, back away from Shido, and calmed himself down. "… Forgive me. I am… quite sensitive about the subject."

"N-not at all, good sir!" Shido said, trying to hide his fear. The air between the two gentlemen calmed down a bit before either of the two said anything else. Shido felt it was time for him to go, when Cain suddenly asked, "What do you know about love, Mr. Shido?" His deep voice with a hint of seriousness penetrated Shido like a blade asking him such a serious question.

"Love… sir?"

"Yes… love. Love between two people. An unbiased display of affection from one person to another, be they man or woman. Love. Do… You… Know about it?" Without thinking about it, Cain advanced on Shido once again; this time, his aura about him was not that of intent to harm. His eyes were softer, forgiving, longing. Cain wanted something from Shido, and only he could give it to him.

"I… I know of love… in all of its forms, sir."

"Well, then… What would you think if I said 'I love you'… Mr. Shido?" He was within inches of Shido's face again. Searching for an answer to such a shocking question, Shido began to grope around for the doorknob. He was completely shocked and somewhat scared that this man that he barely knew was asking him such engaging questions, and acting in such a forceful manner. He had just found the doorknob when he felt something warm come across his lips. To his shock, Cain had placed his lips onto Shido's and was engaging in a light, but very surprising kiss. Thoughts raced through Shido's head at the speed of sound. Quickly turning the knob, Shido then opened the door and stepped outside of the room.

"I-I'm sorry, Lord Cain, but I must take my leave... I… I have business to attend to in the morrow." Shido hurriedly said.

"But of course, you do, Mr. Shido. I hope that you will forgive me of my 'shortcomings' tonight. I… do not usually act this way in the presence of guests." Cain said, still looking at Shido with eyes of longing.

"No, sir! Not at all! I… uh… I look forward to our next meeting together."

"Yes… together…" Cain's eyes narrowed. He had something in mind in the future.

"… Good night, Lord Cain." Not waiting for Cain to respond, Shido closed the door behind him, and made his way home. Cain watched him leave from a nearby window. Smiling while gazing at Shido making his retreat, Cain said aloud, "Perhaps it is time, I found myself a partner to share this dark world of mine…" As if to respond to his plans for their next meeting, a wolf began to howl from an unknown location as the night continued to sweep across the land.


A/N: Huh… This was an idea I had in my mind for the longest time. I love the series, Nightwalker, and the part where Shido and Cain spoiler spoiler spoiler didn't settle well with me (me not being a fan of Yaoi stuff), but I felt it was how it was supposed to be between the two. This was meant to be a one-shot story, but I might want to continue with this story. What do you think?