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-Love Eternal…? Fever Dream-

'… I desperately need a shower,' was the only thought going through Shido's head after lying in his coffin for what seemed like forever. The event with Heather had passed a few days ago, and yet Shido still lacked the strength to move around properly. Looking around, Shido searched the room to try and find any presence of Cain; however, to his dismay, he was nowhere to be found. Feeling a bit upset, he slumped out of his coffin, dressed himself in a robe he conveniently found in a chair next to him, and began to shuffle to the baths. "These halls… I've never known for them to be so… long… Where the devil is…-" A whiff of something sweet had passed across Shido's nose.

Following the fragrant trail, Shido soon came to a room at the furthest end of the manor with its large wooden door shut tight, concealing whatever aromatic secrets that lay beyond it. As if the door could sense Shido was too weak to open it, it began to slowly swing open as he approached it, inviting him inside. Considering all he had witnessed over the years, such a thing wasn't too uncommon to him, so Shido took the invitation and limped inside. Once inside, he noticed that the room he had walked into had a sense of familiarity to it. Thinking back hard, Shido realized this was the very space that he woke up in the morning he was turned; however there was one thing different about it. Rose petals had blanketed every inch of every corner of the room. "Well, that certainly explains the smell. But who would-"

"Is there really a need to ask, my dear Shido?" came a familiar deep voice from behind Shido. Turning as quickly as his weakened body would allow, Shido saw that Cain was standing behind him with an awkwardly innocent smile on his face.

"M-my lord…!" Shido flustered, completely caught off guard that he had failed to detect his master's presence. Cain's smile faded slightly as he shook his head and said, "You really couldn't notice my presence until now? These past few days during your recovery have made you soft, Shido. Soft, and tender… like your skin," he added as he extended his hand and stroked Shido's face gently. Shido was frozen in place completely while Cain made his advances, still trying to come up with a good excuse for his lack in attentiveness. Feeling a bit embarrassed, Shido's eyes averted Cain's as he said, "F-forgive me, I… I will try to b-bolster my skills after I've reco-"

"Hush, now… There will be plenty of time for training later, Shido," Cain interrupted, and turning Shido's head to reconnect the gaze once more, he added, "But now is the time for healing, a rather specific type of healing."

"A specific… type, my lord? What kind would you prescribe…?"

"Sexual, of course" he answered as a smile crept upon his lips, after which they came into contact with Shido's in a long, deep kiss. Shido's eyes widened at the sudden contact, but soon relaxed and closed as he and Cain both lost themselves into each other. Wrapping one arm around Shido's waist, and cupping his face with the other, Cain and Shido exchanged kisses as if they were newlyweds on the eve of their honeymoon. Cain's tongue moved as if it had a mind of its own as it danced wildly in Shido's mouth. Tasting, lapping, and licking, and savoring every slippery surface as if Shido's oral cavity was the tastiest treat Cain had ever had in his centuries of "living". Shido found himself being lulled slowly into a dream-like trance as their lips were connected. The longer they kissed, the deeper the fell, until Cain's lips broke contact with Shido's as he gripped Shido's shoulders and pushed him away. With a small whimper, Shido protested, "My lor-"

"Shh," Cain interrupted again, placing a finger on Shido's lips. "Let's drop the titles just for tonight…"

"Yes… Cain."

"That's better." He smiled again. "Forgive me, Shido. I know this may be a bit late for warnings, but… I may not have total control over my actions tonight…!" Cain grinned madly as he suddenly shot his palm forward and Shido flew across the room, landing square in the middle of the bed. More than surprised, Shido fumbled in the bed as he tried to sit up as quickly as possible; Shido's suspicions were confirmed, to his disappointment. 'This was another one of Cain's attempts to catch me off guard for an attack', he thought, as he instinctively raised his index finger to his lip; however, he found something else was on Cain's mind as Shido saw Cain shrug off the unbuttoned shirt he was wearing. "Oh, Shido, that confused look on your face. It reminds me of the first time I invited you over. So timid… so vulnerable… I just want to sink my fangs into your perfect skin all over again!" As quick as a flash of lightning, Cain was on top of Shido's body faster than a wolf pouncing on a helpless rabbit after a successful hunt.

"Look what I've caught…!" Cain cooed in Shido's ear before tentatively nibbling on Shido's earlobe. Being a known weak spot of Shido's, discovered after many nights they spent together, Shido reacted with a sharp gasp followed by a pleasurable moan. It was music to Cain, who upped the ante by using his tongue to trace every wrinkle in Shido's ear, whose response was another quick gasp. Though in ecstasy, Shido felt somewhere deep within him that he had to protest. "Cain…! You are most unfair…! Taking advantage of me Ahhn..! When I'm at… my… my weakest…!" To his surprise and disappointment, Cain immediately stopped.

"I am unfair to you, Shido?" he asked

"Y…yes…" Shido answered with the saddest "puppy dog eyes" ever seen on a living creature.

"But this is how I've always done it…" Cain playfully argued. "If you want me to stop, you need only tell me to…"

By this time, the places on Shido's ear Cain was licking had begun to tingle due to the lack of attention Cain was paying to them. The tingling sensation soon grew from his ear and began traveling down his spine. Shido's complaints and reason no longer had a say in the matter. Pleasure's call beckoned to him like a Siren, and he couldn't resist it any further. "… Please…"

"Please is a word, Shido, not a statement. You'll have to do better than that." Cain chuckled. He made no effort in hiding the fact that he loved watching Shido squirm. It filled him with great joy to know that he was in total control. Shido, only fidgeted for a while before finally uttering, "Please... violate me…"

"Hmmhmm… Good boy. That's one barrier down. Let's rip through another…!" With a flick of his wrist, Shido's robe was torn to pieces. "My my, Shido. How bold of you to not wear any undergarments…!"

"What! B-but I could've sworn-"

"Calm yourself… It only makes things easier for us both, my love." Cain licked his lips as he eyed all that Shido had to offer. Their pale skin almost glowing in the moonlight that shown through the window, Cain proceeded to fulfill his lover's request. Planting another kiss on Shido's lips, Cain began to work his way southward. Kissing and licking as he went, Cain began to trace his path from Shido's lips to his neck. Thankfully having fed before trapping Shido, Cain resisted making any attempt to pierce Shido's pulsating jugular vein, but purposely lightly traced his teeth on it when he passed by the area. The further down Cain went, the louder Shido's moans became. Having not made love since the night before the 'Heather incident', combined with his weakened state, Shido found his body was as sensitive as a cat's ear, and Cain was taking full advantage of the situation. As his tongue traced Shido's upper half, Cain's hand was doing the same to Shido's lower half. Slowly caressing and massaging, Cain's hand made its way upwards until it stopped just shy of Shido's nether regions.

At this point, Shido was far beyond "on edge", with every carefully placed action Cain took, shivers ran through Shido's body in torrents. His toes curled, and his hands gripped the bed sheets until he couldn't stand it. And yet, Cain, completely in control, took his precious time touching and lapping every inch of Shido's body. Cain knew that Shido was on the verge of release, but he wasn't going to give it to him just yet. He wanted to savor every gasp and every moan that crept from Shido's lips. After what felt like an eternity for Shido, Cain's tongue had reached the area just below Shido's navel, and without so much as a warning, he stopped. "W-why have you stopped…!" Shido asked, trying hard to hide the pleasing in his voice.

"Well, Shido, you have spent the past few days recovering. And…"


"Well, you haven't bathed yet. And I'm not so sure if I should continue to do this without you having done so…" Cain teased. He could hardly contain the smile on his face, and the depraved thoughts that motivated his ploy. "What to do…?"

"We-we can bathe later…!" Shido suggested hastily. "We can take a trip to the baths later, but please finish…!"

"But Shido… this place is… unclean…"

"I-i-it's not THAT unclean… Certainly not too dirty for you…!"

"Oh really?" Cain raised an eyebrow, to which Shido quickly responded, "I didn't mean that! Oh please, Cain. Please, don't stop!"

"But Shido, you… do your 'business' from there…" Cain pouted, to which Shido exclaimed, "Not right now, I do! Cain, please go on! I beg you! I'm so close, I'm about to burst…!"

"As you wish…" Cain chuckled, giving his navel a slight peck. "You're just too adorable to resist, especially when you're pleading. On to the main course!"

Though it had only been a few days, Cain and Shido felt like they hadn't made love in ages. Even Cain was close to admitting he was at his limit. It was seeing Shido in his vulnerable state that sent him over the edge. Removing the rest of his articles of clothes, Cain stood in front of an eagerly awaiting Shido. Thinking that he'd teased him long enough, Cain sought to finally give Shido the release he'd been wanting. "Shido. My dear Shido…"

"Oh Cain…"



"Shido…! Shido…! Shido…! SHIDO! How long are you going to be asleep in bed!"


"Shido, if you do not wake up this instant, I'm going to leave you here!" came words from Cain that was highly unsettling to Shido in more ways than one. After slowly opening his eyes Shido found that he was in the very bedroom that he thought he was in, but the scenery was completely different. The room was completely bare, save for the bed Shido was sleeping in, and the sound of footsteps could be heard echoing from all over the estate. After getting out of the bed, Shido noticed that Cain was managing a large group of large men who were lugging large boxes and furniture items towards the exit. A bit bewildered at what was unfolding before him, Shido approached Cain and asked, "We're moving…?"

"Yes, to Paris. I hear they call it the "city of lights and romance" these days. Plus, it has been a while since I was last in France… Be careful with that suit of armor! It costs more than you do!" Cain said, without looking at Shido. He was busy marking off items on a list, and issuing orders to the men moving about in their home. Shido could only drop his jaw at the sudden news. They were packing up their things and moving to a new location! But not to any old place, but Paris, France of all places! Shido hadn't been anywhere outside of Transylvania since he first arrived to further his studies about medicine. And it was then that Shido suddenly remembered something. He couldn't remember when the last time he had traveled at all was. When exactly did he arrive in Transylvania? What was his mother doing since his absence?

Shido felt uncomfortable not being able to remember something so important that happened to him in the past, so he awkwardly walked up to Cain and tried to get his attention, "Cain…? Cain I need to tal-"

"Not now, Shido. I need to coordinate these idiots, before we have to carry our things in more boxes than we need… You there! Drop those books once more, and you'll find out the true extent of how the human body can bend! I'm sorry Shido, but I must tend to this." He hurried off in the direction that the movers were handling the aforementioned books, leaving Shido alone to sort his feelings. But before he barked out another order, Cain returned to Shido, and kissed him, much to Shido's surprise. Before returning to the movers, Cain leaned closer to him and said, "Be a good boy, and maybe it'll be your turn tonight…"


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