100 Ways To Annoy The Inugang

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A little bit of every one: (sorta not really)


1. Repeatdely stretch your arms out and close in on him while saying "Do you need a hug?" if he tells you "no" then scream at the top of your lungs "YES YOU DO YOU MEANIE! YOU NEED THE BIGGEST HUG OF ALL!" If he whips of one of his two swords, start yelling "I'M GONNA CRY!" and run off into a different dirrection to soon sneak up behind him to give him a hug,

2. Ask him why he dresses like a fag,

3. Call him 'fuzzbutt',

4. Stick gum in his fur boa.


5. Truss him up and tape a picture of a 500lb woman wearing a thong, and nothing else, to his face.


6. Say "Sota"can you get me a"soda" (Repeatedly)


7. Dress up as a demon and yell "human be gone!"


8. Tell him wat "buyo" means in japaness (it means fat well thats wat some one told me so sorry if im wrong)


9. Call him the following names: (lol) Hobo, Homo, Hodo, Hopo... and it goes on and on and on... and i think you get the point

10. Put oil on him and tell him ur just bathing him (he thinks its water...lol) then try to light a match and say homo i mean hojo can you light this for me? tthen when he does it watch him burn...(muhahaha i am so evil)

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