He looked d at her he had loved her since she arrived . She was his angel. He looked at her as she sleep she did look like an angel with her long dark brown hair all messy on her pillow he couldn't sleep becuase he just enjoyed watching her he was afraid he would missing something if he did fall asleep. He cuddled with her and fell right to sleep and she immediatly fell asleep.

EThan Winthrop walked in the park he had his wife they were pregnant but he felt something was mising. Theresa he thought Theresa was missing he looked up at GWen and he just saw Theresa he felt guilty for seeing Theresa he smiled at his wife and kissed her imagining it was Theresa.

Then they heard shots fired and Ethan took Gwen down with him

Meanwhile Jared felt his heartbeat when he saw her in the morninng. She was making breakfast in one of his work shirts. He smiled and she smiled as she was dancing to some Selina and swaying her hips he licked his lips and went to her and started kissing her neck until the phone rang

Theresa went to go answer the phone as Jared kissed her neck wanting to have his way she was giggling because he was tickling her boy she wanted him but she had to answer the phone it might have been her boss but it wasn't

Theresa someone said on the other line

Theesa: Ethan she whispers and then she faints

Jared picked up the phone hello who is this?

This is Ethan the guy says on the other side of the phone

Jared: why did you call her

Ethan: her brother is in the hospital is she there

Jared: she just fainted thank you very much he hangs up on Ethan before Ethan had a chance to ask him anything

Jared: baby baby wake up Tess Angel come on

Theresa: hm what happen

Jared: Ethan just called your brother is in the hospital

Theresa: which brother

Jared: I don't know

Theresa: how did he find me I only gave Whit my number she looks up at Jared who shrugs I'll call into work saying we won't be in today and for the next couple days

Theresa nodded

Jared: you go get dressed and I'll make the arrangements

Theresa nodded her head