By Galinda05

Full Summary: 1899 was a year of great wealth and prosper for some, but for the Newsies it was a year of revolution, of change. Especially for their leader, "Cowboy" Jack Kelly.

What happened when he met a girl who just happened to be the daughter of his greatest enemy? JackOC

WARNINGS: Rating may change for violence and there may be a possible canon character death. Not sure yet.

Authoress Note: So, here I am, carrying the banner for the first time, writing my first story for Newsies. Wish me luck! Oh, and although I used my middle name for my OC, she is not supposed to be me. I've just always thought that name sounded Victorian.




We all knew that the strike could get dangerous, but none of us thought it would ever end up like this. Even I, who came into the family of Newsies from the outside, even I, the daughter of the enemy, even I knew it would be a tough fight and that people might get hurt in the process, but if we had known then what we know now, another tenth of a cent a paper doesn't seem so oppressive. Compared to what we have before us now, another full cent a paper doesn't seem oppressive. Another two cents, three cents, four. Nothing seems worse than where the strike has gotten us now. Nothing.

Some of the things we've seen, the things we've done, said, felt, the kinds of things that won't be written down, that won't be remembered in a hundred year's time, those are the things that should be remembered. The things that might warn other people like us, others feeling like they have no rights because some "higher power" like my father has hiked up his prices a little bit, maybe it would warn them that sometimes it's just not worth it.

Everything was going so well and then it just blew up. Exploded in our faces. David, Les, Boots, Crutchy, Blink, Race, me, all of us, we regret it now. We regret everything we did because the cost was too great. The sacrifices too great. It was proven to us that no one is invincible. Even those who you think are aren't. Except for the bad guys. They always seem to be able to hang on, to stick around and keep fighting. They always seem to win. Men like my father always get their way.

The second I met them, I knew that their cause was just. They were right. I joined their ranks, helping them beat my father and his newspaper from the inside, and I fell in love along the way. Fell in love with a man that society demanded I could not love. But did I listen? No.

And now here I am, telling our story. It's a story of corruption and revolution, of love and hate, or right and wrong. And the story of all of those involved. Now, everyone might not agree with how I tell our story, but I'm telling it the only way that I know how: truthfully.

My name is Alexandra Pulitzer and this is my side of the story.


So, what did you think. Sorry it was so short, but I just went with the natural break in the plot.

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