We miss you

"Oh, come on Ryo I can't belive your saying this. Especially in front of the others." Sage said. " Well I am so what." Ryo said. "I don't like it when you tell my personal fears to the others. It just hurts me to know that I can't trust you."
" Oh, and you don't want your best friend to know what is wrong with you." "Just stop it now you two. I'm tired of this." Rowen said. "Can't you two ever talk to each other without fighting! Don't you know it hurts me and the others more than the two of you! I can't take it anymore!" That night was the worst the Ronins had at Mia's. To honestly say Sage decided to move out in order to keep the fights at a minium. Lets face it...he thought. Rowen isn't happy and Ryo is mad at me. Why should I stay, to cause trouble and make Rowen feel even worse then what he feels now. I should just go ahead and leave. That night Sage made sure Rowen and the others were fast asleep. When he checked if they weren't awake, he was certain they were fast asleep. But to his surprise Cye was up. "Where are you going?" "I'm leaving" "But why?" " Cause I can't cause any more trouble to you or the others, especially Rowen." "Then, I'm going with you. And no buts about it,Sage." Cye said. " But-" " I said no buts about it kay." "Alright, you can come. What about Kento, he's your best firend you know." "And Rowen is your best firend. Right now, Kento's the least of my troubles. It's you I'm worried about." They left. They knew the consequences, but didn't care. What they didn't know was that there was one more person up that night, Rowen. Rowen watched them leave, he felt alot more worst then when the fight was going on. He cried the whole night in his bed. He didn't want to wake up the next morning but when the others figured out what happen they couldn't believe it. Sage and Cye were both gone, no sign of them anywhere. Only one person knew where they were. Rowen.