We Miss You
Part 2
Lots of sappyness.

"Hello, Cye."
"Hey Ryo how are you?"
"Fine and you?"
"Oh, I'm just peachy!"
"Listen, Cye I know I've been a real jerk lately, but I really,really miss you guys."
"Yeah we miss you too Ryo." Cye said.
"Can you ever forgive me." Ryo said.
"Of course we can. Sage has already done that three thousand times and I'm kind of getting tired of it."

"Hey do you guys want to come back?"
"Oh, Ryo. I don't know." Cye said.
"Please Cye I'm desperate without you and Sage I can't get Rowen and Kento to sleep or wake them up. I need your sweet tender voice and Sage's scheming brain. It's getting too hectic here. Kento has been able to steal the food more often. Rowen hasn't been himslef lately. Please, please,please come back." He wined. All that pleading was the thing that Cye and Sage needed. With Ryo still pleading, Cye decided that Ryo was right.

"All right, All right Ryo we'll come back." Cye said. "Oh,thankyou,thankyou you don't know how crazy it's been here. So when are you coming back." "Thats your call Ryo." "How about Friday afternoon." "No can do Ryo, Sage has to help his farther at the dojo. How about Saturday by noon." "Okay Saturday by noon it is. See ya then." Ryo said. "Yeah see ya Ryo" Cye said. With that said Cye hanged up the phone and told Sage the great news.

"Sage start packing." "What you mean," "Yes!" "We're going to see the others again. I can't wait to see them!" Sage laughed. Cye simeled at his friend. I'm glad your happy. He thought.

Back at Ronin Manner.

"So what did they say ?" Kento asked Ryo after he was done using the phone. Rowen meanwhile was up in the room he shared with Sage looking out the window for a sign or something to give hope but all he heard was nothing. "Just between you and me Kento. They're coming back." "Al..." "shh..."Ryo said. I don't want anyone to know yet." "Oh, hiding something from your friends just like Sage huh?" "I just don't want them to know ; I just want to surprise them." " Oh and take all the happiness that Rowen has left in him, no way." "Okay, enough of that." Ryo said. Just then Rowen came down the stairs. To be perfecty honest Ryo and Kento thought that Ro was going to be in his room all day. Rowen decided to speak up. " Hey you guys. What did Sage and Cye tell you? Are they comming back?" He asked. It was silent until Ryo was able to find his voice to say something. "Well Ro..." "Just say it Ryo." Kento intruded. " Ro to tell you the truth they're actually coming back." "Really?"
"Yes. Saturday at noon." Ryo said. "I can't wait." Ro said with enthusiasim.

The rest of the week went by quickly. Finally it was Saturday. It was 11:00 a.m., Rowen was in his room waiting for Cye and Sage to come. He just couldn't wait. He was too happy.

Meanwhile Cye was getting mad because Sage was taking too long packing his stuff.

"Sage, what's taking you so long!"
"You know I got alot of stuff to pack."
"Well how can I get all this food down to the car if you keep having to pack so many things into that suit case!"
"All right, All right I'll be down in a minute."
"We don't have a minute Sage, it's already 11:30. I told Ryo that we were going to be there at noon."
"Great! You should of told me!"
"I did! I did!"
"Then you should of reminded me."
"I did! Now get your ass down here."
"Okay, Okay."
"Let's get going."
After they put everything into Cye's car they headed off for Ronin Manor.

It was now noon. Rowen and Kento were getting a little tense, Ryo on the other hand was a bit confound. Cye and Sage were always on time, it was Ro who was usually late.

"Where are they?" Ryo asked.

Finally Cye's car pulls to the drive way. Rowen and Kento were watching form the window when they saw Cye's car pull up. They jumped form the balcony of the stairs.

"Their finally here!" Rowen said.
"More of food boy did I miss his cooking." Kento said as he and Rowen ran to the drive way with Ryo lagging behind.

"Sage!" "Cye!"

Sage and Cye looked up as they heard their names with smiles on their faces being called by their best firends.
"Kento!" "Rowen!" They said.

Rowen ran into Sage's big embrace.(Hey they haven't seen eachother in over a year)

"I missed you Sage." Rowen said.
"I know you did." Sage said.

"Boy did I missed you Kento." Cye said as he and Kento gave eachother a big hug.
"I missed you and your cooking Cye." "By the way is that your famous chili I smell."
Kento said.
"Yes. Help me get this inside." Cye said.

"Hey you two." Ryo said.
"Hold on you two." Sage said.
"Cye, Sage, it's to see you." Ryo said.
"It's great to see you too Ryo." Cye said.

"By the way what took you two so long?" Rowen asked.
"Would you belive that Sage took the lonest time packing his stuff. You know how he loves to stay neat." Cye said.
The others just started to laugh.
"That's Sage for ya." Rowen said.

"I resent that Cye!" Sage said.
"Let's just get stuff into the house."
"Wait till Mia find outs your here." Kento said.
"You didn't tell her we were coming." Sage asked.
"No. She already left for the University when we got up." Ryo said. "Plus we wanted to surprise her."

The Ronin's settled down in the living room. Rowen was the first to speak.

"So how have you two dealt with this?" He asked.
"Well we kind of got a little closer to eachother. And Cye helped me when I needed it the most. What about you guys?" Sage said.
"Don't ask." Rowen said as he got up and left the living room.
"What's worng with him?" Cye asked.
"Actually to tell you the truth we've fallen apart, the only person Ro would talk to was me." Kento said.
"But how?" Sage asked.
"He was like this ever since you guys left and he's mad at Sage still for pulling the stunt, you pulled last year." Kento said.
"Maybe I should go talk to him." Sage said.
"I don't think he wants to talk to anyone Sage." Ryo said.
"Ryo, right now what he needs is someone to comfort him. And posibly release all the tears he's been holding back. Why don't you let Sage talk to him while you,me, and Kento talk? Alright."Cye said.
"Alright." Ryo said.
"Thanks Ryo." Cye said.
"Yeah thanks man." Sage said as he went upstairs.

When he got to the old room he shared with Rowen so long ago it seemed to him. He felt as if he shouldn't go in, but Rowen was his best firend, he reasoned with himself 'its my duty to comfort him when he needs it. even though he doesn't want it.' He thought to himself. He knocked on the door to his room.

"Who is it?" Rowen asked
"It's me Sage. Can I come in." He said
"Just leave me alone Sage." Rowen said.
These words coming from his best firends mouth hurt him so much.
"Okay. I'll be outside the door if you need me." Sage said.

Sage was about an earshot away from the door until he heared Rowen speak.

"Just one question Sage,why did you leave me alone?"Rowen asked.
"I was worried about you and I didn't want you to see me and Ryo fighting." Sage said.
"You did that just for me?" Rowen asked.
"Yeah, your my best firend and I don't want you to get hurt anymore." Sage said.
"But I didn't know going away would hurt you so much more I'm sorry." Sage also said as he finished explaining his reasons of leaving.
Rowen examined the words of his roommate. He realized how much he needed Sage. Sage was the only one who understood what was happening with him, Kento tired to understand but it was useless. But Rowen appriciated what Kento did for him.. He decided to open the door in which surprised Sage. Sage didn't think Rowen would open the door to him but there was Rowen right in fornt of him with a smile on his face.

"So anything out of the ordenary?" Sage asked.
"Other than not being able to sleep, I've just been having really wierd dreams. That's all." Rowen said..
"What are they about? Your telling me you haven't been able to sleep lately..."
"How about you?"
"I haven't been able to sleep ethier."
"The dream are not makingn any sense.

More to come. Chapter 3 is also on the way.