Title: Demon Obsession
Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Horror/Romance
Category: Yami no Matsuei
Warnings: Slash between Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Muraki/Hisoka, Muraki/Tsuzuki, and Tatsumi/Watari.
Summary: Tsuzuki's demon side has surfaced and he wants nothing more than to return to hell. Not without a mate, and he will do anything to bind Hisoka to him for eternity, willing or not.

Disclaimer: This is the only one so listen up. I do not own Yami no Matsuei else Tsuzuki and Hisoka would have already had hot kinky sex on every available surface.

Notes: I lost my original format and plotline to this story, so I am making a whole new thing. Um, about the pace to this story, I don't quite know yet. However, I do know that half this story will be with 'demon' Tsuzuki in control. Hisoka is caught in the middle, but this story will center on Tsuzuki and Hisoka, not just Tsuzuki. Oh yeah, Muraki, EnMa, and a new demon (which I did some editing to) will be coming in. For those of you reading this with the 'Oh the demons will see the error of their ways' think again. I have full intention on torturing each and every character in this fic. (8D) You're probably all scared of me now. (-.-;)

Gaspeth! On with the story!

PS: I'm doing a new ending format. (XP)

-Chapter One-

Hisoka had once told me, after the events of Kyoto, that my eyes didn't make me a demon at all, they just made me different. He told me that being different wasn't bad; you just had to believe in it as well. After much persuasion he even told me how he couldn't play with the other children, just because they were of different status.

I think I believed him…until the darkness came back… (1)

-OOO- (2)

He was bored. So very bored.

Tsuzuki sat at his desk, pushing a pencil back and forth, watching as it rolled to and fro with a lazy rhythm. Occasionally he would tug on a strand of his hair to keep him awake (more to keep him out of danger from Tatsumi's wrath). He had made the mistake of actually falling asleep once, and it wasn't pretty. He still felt the aching in his shins from where the evil secretary kicked him into submission.

Besides, without Hisoka to barricade him in his oh-so-cute way, it wasn't worth it.

In fact, nothing was worth it.

Tsuzuki sighed, sitting up strait once again, popping his back with relief. He might as well get something to eat, his thoughts had turned dark.

"Ne, Tsuzuki, are you bored?"

Watari, trust him to come at the most annoying times.

"Not really Watari, just needing to stretch my legs," Tsuzuki grinned. Funny, he really didn't feel like smiling at all. Usually he at least had the energy to put up a fake one (Hisoka was the only one that got a true smile every time, even if he didn't feel like smiling).

Watari seemed to understand Tsuzuki's mood, for he only smiled and tossed him a pastry. "I stole it from the break room," he explained, smiling. "Thought you might like it since Bon can't get it for you today."

Tsuzuki nodded, setting the little snack down on his desk. Watari noticed the little action, furrowing his brow in concern.

"What?" Tsuzuki asked a little annoyed.

Watari shook his head, walking away with a cheerful wave. Honestly, they act like he's going to pull a knife on them at any moment. He frowned, grumbling in distinct annoyance.

Worthless Shinigami, what do they know?

What DO they know? Tsuzuki sighed, if it weren't for Hisoka, he would be out of this place in a heartbeat, floating around in oblivion, whatever. Speaking of…where was the little teenager of sunshine?

Tsuzuki tapped his feet together, something he developed out of habit whenever he was thinking hard. Now he remembered; Hisoka had gone back to his apartment in order to rest.

That boy is so weak.

Tsuzuki slapped a hand to his forehead. He hadn't heard that voice in a long time.

"Time to go to Konoe," he muttered.

Funny, he usually freaked when he heard that voice in his mind.

The demon's voice.

Tsuzuki stopped at once, eyes cascading down to his feet, just staring.

"You should welcome me."

And he did.


Tsuzuki once said to me that he felt like a ticking time bomb at some moments. I was confused, naturally, but I felt an urge to understand. He only smiled in that way. I can't remember the last time he had smiled at me like that. And when he finally started to walk away, I only stared at him, shaking slightly at the intense moment we had shared at that moment.

And that smile…it scared me the most…


Hisoka wasn't one to flip out at inopportune times. No, he was usually the sidekick to the person that MADE the inopportune times. Well, better be the sidekick because then they wouldn't have to the full wrath of…Name-that-Secretary. Hisoka was vaguely aware of a deep pain in his chest, a constricting feeling of undeniable white hot pain. The sixteen year old clenched his teeth tightly together, refusing to cry out.

It was only a nightmare. He knew where this pain was coming from.

He opened his eyes, not at all surprised to see Muraki above him, smiling down at him in a malicious manner. He was scared though, and it only took a moment for him to start screaming as the doctor tore his flesh away with a silver scalpel.

Tsuzuki…help me!

Hisoka shot forward, clenching at his blankets tightly wrapped around him, feeling their constricting cocoon. He rested a hand against his temple, feeling a burning heat emitting from him.

Another fever Hisoka sighed. His body was so weak, it frightened him what would have become of him had he been with anyone other than Tsu - no, it was Asato…right? Hisoka rested his hand against his temple once more, feeling frustrated. They had been partners for so long and his partner had taken no time in calling him by his first name. Surely he could do the same?

Hisoka frowned. No, that may be getting me too close…

He was so confused, and his lack of sleep lately wasn't helping.

Pulling his blanket aside he sat on the edge of bed, staring at his feet.

I should go back to the office, maybe Tsu-Asa -no, Tsuzuki would like to walk home together?

Hisoka nodded at his new decision, standing up and getting dressed in a button up shirt and blue jeans, grabbing his house keys off the counter and heading out the door.

Maybe we can stop by a bakery or something, on the way home.


Hisoka had once asked me if I had ever seen a bright flame up close. I had no idea what he meant, but then he smiled. It was sad, not at all like the smile I would have liked to see on his features for the first time. He had told me that a flame was nothing like the fires of Touda. I didn't know what to say, we had never spoken about Kyoto until now. It frightened and amazed me how strong he was becoming.

And then I saw that one tear…he probably never meant for it to fall…


What was happening to him?

That was the first thing that registered into his mind when he realized he was no longer in the land of Meifu. He was floating in a shroud of black haze. He sighed tiredly, he knew where he was. He was in his mind. Images were floating around him in a lazy pattern, all of them bouncing off invisible walls and ground. He noted vaguely that most were of Hisoka.

"I'm surprised, that this boy could stay with you for so long," a gentle whisper floated to him, sounding almost like the breeze. Tsuzuki had no idea why, but he always loved the sound of his demon side's voice; it was soothing in a twisted way.

"I'm surprised too," Tsuzuki replied, feeling a sense of unreal calmness. The demon within in his mind shifted a bit, coming into focus for Tsuzuki. He smiled at how beautiful his demon was, and how ugly he could be. His demon wrapped him up in his arms, leaving him to feel unnatural warmth.

"You know," his demon started. "I would love to meet him. My nap is done with."

"I can't let you do that, I can't let you bind him unwillingly to your side," Tsuzuki said, a strange fog floating over his thoughts.

His demon laughed a deep, guttural laugh that would sound comforting if Tsuzuki weren't so serious. "I'm proud that you know of our demon ways," he whispered softly in Tsuzuki's ear, caressing his human side like a lover would. "What a demon wants-"

"-a demon gets," Tsuzuki finished. He felt so tired all of a sudden.

"You should take a nap human, those without supernatural powers that venture into their minds become tired," his demon said softly, like a loving parent. Tsuzuki knew better than to ever associate that title to his demon.

"Can't…let you…hurt…'Soka," Tsuzuki barely managed before he fell asleep, his entire weight pressed against his demon.

His demon watched him silently, smiling in a comforting manner. He had been asleep for so long, it was time he regained some of his knowledge. He wanted to know it all; what had Asato done over the past near-century?

"Our father awaits us in hell Tsuzuki, you can not evade him any longer," he said, suddenly standing erect. "And we will not be going back alone."

Gently as he could, he placed Tsuzuki in the same cocoon he had placed himself in, being gentle so as not to wake his human half. His demon stood again, gathering everything that was his human half into his own mind -his own personality. Apparently the green eyed boy was an empath.

No, he would not be going back alone…

…not without his green eyed mate.

'I can't let you bind him unwillingly to your side.'

"Watch me human half," his demon said, sealing the cocoon before letting the light of consciousness bore unto him.


The King of Hell's general, Serinium Sen, always believed in me to be great. He had high hopes for his son after all, and I could not let him down. Then the fight with EnMa came along and I found myself floating between the human world and the afterlife. I couldn't die; I couldn't let my father know that I had failed to lead the army. So, I sprung myself upon a human woman, burying myself into her unborn son.

And she ran after seeing the mark I left upon him…the mark that proved I lived within him…those accursed purple eyes… (3)


Tsuzuki opened his eyes slowly, a sort of faint buzzing going on behind his eyes. Blinking, he shook his head, sitting up into a full sitting position. He gazed around, finally looking into a pair of liquid emeralds.

"Geez I leave you alone for one minute and look what happens," the boy chided softly. "Terazuma is going to be pissed when he finds you knocked the stuff off his desk." Tsuzuki gazed at the desk, looked at the assorted items and papers scattered around his legs, and finally back at the green eyed boy.

"S-sorry," he laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head. "I felt really sick all of a sudden, guess I passed out."

The green eyed boy was looking at him critically, suddenly reaching forward to touch lightly at his forehead. He sighed. "You hit your head pretty hard," he said. "Come on, let's walk home together, we can stop by your favorite bakery and I can patch you up when we get you back to your apartment."

He blinked. "Ne Hisoka," he said softly, sounding like he was testing the name on his lips. "I feel a little dizzy; can we sit for a bit?"

His companion nodded, sighing and plopping down right beside him.

So beautiful…

Tsuzuki eyed his companion silently, drinking in every last detail. Wheat blonde hair plastered around the boys head like a halo, his emerald eyes wide and innocent. According to his memories though, the boy was ripped away from innocence at the age of thirteen. He felt vaguely upset about that, not for the act itself, but for the fact that he couldn't have gotten there first. He sighed mentally, oh well, what has passed has passed.

"Your in turmoil, I can feel it," the boy beside him spoke suddenly, and then he turned to face him, frowning. "So what is it? You can trust me."

Tsuzuki smiled, putting up his shields. "Just, my heads really hurts," he whimpered pathetically.

Hisoka rolled his eyes. "Trust you to ruin a moment," he said, standing up and brushing imaginary dust off his clothing. "Come on, let's go."

Tsuzuki sat on the floor a moment longer before smiling, taking the timid hand extended for him and standing up. "Yeah, let's go," he agreed, falling into step with his forever sixteen year old partner.


It wasn't so bad, Chijou. In fact, Tsuzuki had to hand it to the humans for progressing so far in their meaningless technology. Looking around as the people rushed to their destinations. Hisoka and he were walking side by side, none of them talking. He never really expected his broody partner to speak, and really, he didn't feel like going into conversation either. Usually, according to his memories again, he was the one to hold a one sided conversation.

If one thing came from continuously checking his memories it was a memory. It was very sweet, even for him, but it made him laugh inwardly.

"You're human!" the boy said loudly, grabbing onto his collar and drawing him close. "I'll prove it to you!"

"Hisoka…" He had whimpered, so unsure about what the boy wanted to say, wondering if he could believe the words.

Hisoka had reached forward, foreheads touching and a gentle hand wiping away his tears. "You've been human for a long time. You don't have to cry anymore." (4)

And the boy had embraced him, as intimately as his little body could. Tsuzuki snorted softly, wondering if his human half had actually believed those words to be true. Well, even he would have believed the boy, if he was that desperate for someone to care. Tsuzuki grit his teeth gently.

Hisoka's thoughts were something to not be messed with or even prodded into; he had decided that when he first woke up on the cold floor only minutes ago. The boy had something lurking in that mind, too dangerous for him himself in his human shell. Tsuzuki grinned suddenly, realizing Hisoka probably had no idea what lurked behind his clear eyes.

"Tsuzuki," the boy's voice suddenly broke through. "You're not…shielding. It hurts."

Tsuzuki snapped out of his thoughts, suddenly very acute to the boy whimpering beside him. Funny, when had they stopped? Hisoka was leaning against a wall to a brick building, holding his head lightly with a scrunched up expression. Cute Tsuzuki thought vaguely before putting up his shields again.

"I'm so sorry Hisoka," he said softly, kneeling beside the trembling boy and ignoring the peoples stares. "Forgive me I just got lost in thought."

"Don't blame yourself," his companion whispered suddenly. "That's the last thing we need."

Blame…myself? Tsuzuki suddenly grinned. So, it appeared his human half was incredibly hypocritical. He must still feel immense guilt whenever he kills people. He almost laughed out loud at the thought. Still beating yourself up for that event all those years ago, ne Asato?

"I'm sorry Hisoka," he said again, lifting his little partner up with his arms, holding the small frame until it could hold itself up. "Let's go to my apartment instead huh? We can stop by the sweets shop later. I'm afraid that I have weakened you a bit."

"Idiot," Hisoka grumbled softly, breaking the grip Tsuzuki had on him. He stumbled a bit before finally tapping the heel of his shoe on the pavement, bouncing once and standing strait. Looking at Tsuzuki he shrugged his shoulder, hoping his partner would follow. (5)

Hisoka felt so tired all of a sudden anyway.


Hisoka seemed so strong to me. Even if I was seeing him through my own eyes and not my humans, I marveled at the fact that humans could create something greater. In fact, from what Tsuzuki told me once before I took my second nap, he said that Hisoka was a personal favorite to EnMa, whom watched over him for his entire life. It wouldn't surprise me really, now that I reflected upon it.

So if EnMa had come into play a while back…why didn't he save the boy from his fate…?


Tsuzuki was never one to spend his time watching TV. Considering the fact that he had never really seen one before, he was quite alarmed when he saw little humans dancing inside a box the size of a small compact refrigerator. Granted, he was alive before all of this was seemingly invented, it still frightened him. Like the first question he came up with was what demon could possess such power as to enslave humans to entertain others? (6)

Then his rational side kicked in and he decided that was ridiculous. Though, he refrained from saying anything out loud to annoy his exhausted partner. Tsuzuki glanced at the boy sitting on the couch, eyes almost completely closed, and his head resting on his hand for support. The purple eyed man smiled slightly, getting up and walking to his room where he picked up his blanket, bringing it back out and draping it around the boy.

"I'm not tired Tsuzuki," Hisoka complained, trying to struggle. "You don't need to baby me."

"Oh but I do, the health of my partner is important," he said softly, comfortingly. Hisoka stared at him for a few minutes more before finally nodding, lying down on the couch. His eyes were closed and his breathing evened in less than a minute.

He must not be sleeping well Tsuzuki thought. A common occurrence apparently.

"No longer will I allow anyone to hurt you, my mate," Tsuzuki said softly. "Not Muraki, my human half, and certainly not EnMa."

He growled suddenly, a deep, threatening growl.

I have multiple obstacles in my way he thought, placing his hand over his eyes, and thinking. First, actually getting the boy to love me back (well, I could always bind him unwillingly but still…), taking care of that fucking doctor (he's causing me unnecessary stress), and finally slipping out of EnMa's grip long enough to get safely into Hell.

Tsuzuki sighed irritably. Well, the boy is already very attached to me, so that should be fine, that doctor should be no problem to eliminate since I am stronger in demon personality (though killing him would send him to hell, where I would be…damn), and EnMa has attachments to me but can't stop me from leaving.

Tsuzuki sighed irritably.

"The best thing to do now is mark the boy," he mumbled, glancing down at Hisoka's sleeping form, allowing a gentle smile to grace him. His hand gently wove its way through the honey blonde hair, pushing it aside to reveal his neck. "Keep it quick," he muttered. Leaning down he gently licked the junction between neck and shoulder, sniffing it briefly. The blood was flowing freely below the skin…so delicious. Tsuzuki smiled.

Tsuzuki placed a hand directly across Hisoka's chest, keeping him pinned to the couch. With great care in his actions, Tsuzuki opened his mouth, scraping his teeth across Hisoka's skin, licking his lips before clamping down completely. Hisoka hissed suddenly, throwing his head to the side, unconsciously giving Tsuzuki more room. He whimpered suddenly, a sluggish hand automatically going up to stop whatever was disturbing his sleep.

Tsuzuki held the hand down, drinking the metallic liquid as if it were a life source. He smiled to himself, pulling his teeth out of the perfect mark, watching as it attempted to heal itself immediately.

He chuckled deeply, licking at the blood that lingered on the surface.

"Demon brands never heal," he growled deeply, possessively. "You feel it don't you Hisoka? You feel your soul binding itself to mine." He watched as the boys sudden expression changed to one of pain, completely back to the peace when he first fell into his slumber. Tsuzuki nuzzled his neck affectionately, feeling a swell of pride within him at his new mate. (7)

Blurry green eyes opened suddenly, searching for any sort of remembrance to what he was doing on Tsuzuki's couch, sleeping. "Hey," he said groggily, blinking a few times to clear his vision. "What am I -ouch!" His hand immediately flew to his mark, rubbing it gently.

Tsuzuki sighed. "A bug bites, maybe."

Hisoka stared at him. "It feels like teeth marks," he said softly. "Did you bite me?"

Tsuzuki glanced up at Hisoka, watching the suspicion in those beautiful green orbs. Suddenly he chuckled. "Ne Hisoka, why would you think that, I don't have fangs…see? Ah-h-h-h-h!" He opened his mouth, showing all of his teeth to the young boy.

Hisoka sighed.

He shivered suddenly; he couldn't explain this pull that seemed to be linked to him all of a sudden.


WhiteWolf's notes:

1). The little snippets where it would be in someone's POV were just there to add a certain attachment and events that went on with the other person they were describing. The order of the things went: Tsuzuki, Hisoka, Tsuzuki again, the demon half, and finally the demon half again. I'm sorry if I confused any of you guys.

2). I made new dividers! Yay! I didn't like my old ones actually; I could never get them to be equal to each other. (Slightly obsessive-compulsive)

3). I always viewed the demon and Tsuzuki two separate beings. You know, like, the demon once lived and was killed and then took over an unborn child (sort of like Youko Kurama in Yu Yu Hakusho). Even if this theory is proven wrong in the manga, I'll still go by it with this story.

4). Those things said were exactly from the manga, I sat there looking at it to make sure while typing. (-.-;)

5). Hisoka's little jig there is something I do all the time when I loose my footing or get woozy all of a sudden. It works, though the little bounce I do always gets people to stare at me all funny. (o.o;)

6). When I was younger I used to think people were actually trapped in the TV. It was so complicated for my tiny brain.

7). The demon in Tsuzuki doesn't exactly love Hisoka like the kind of love you feel for your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc. He feels more pride that Hisoka could be his, you know like a trophy (if you don't like the example come up with your own). (O.o;)

Additional Notes:

Holy crappers this is really good I think. Much better than the first plot line I think. Anyway, I now have big plans for this story, and I would hate to see it not as liked as I would hope. Okay, must tell you readers this now, there won't be as many bubbled numbers for notes in this story from now on. I just made some changes and I wanted to point them out to you guys so you didn't get confused.

Don't worry, I don't mean to make you guys sound dumb, but it was more for my benefit to add those notes. (Is dumb)

But hey! I got a bonus for you guys!

Bonus to fill up this page!

Random things about me:

1). Apparently people can't determine when I'm lying intentionally because my voice doesn't go bitter enough.

2). I only read Shojo when the manga is by Yuu Watase.

3). When I write my chapters I listen to my Japanese music and sort of bounce along to it. By the way, about ninety percent of the time I write my chapters in one day making up stuff as I go. (Seems to work though)

4). In manga/anime, my favorite characters are: Hisoka, Kurapika, Dark, Kurama, Hiei, Satoshi, Ritsuko (from Loveless), Soubi (same manga/anime). And many more but these guys are my top favorite (they are listed in like my most favorite fort of way, I just jotted down the ones that same to my head first).

5). Least favorite characters: Karasu, Muraki (on occasion), and fanfiction Snape (I love book Snape).

6). Favorite book characters: Remus, Sirius, Lily, James. And various others from Shakespeare (particularly Puck).

7). I love my girlfriend so much I want to chain her too me (not really, that's a little too obsessive (-.-;)).

8). I'm not clumsy, as most people seem to think. I think I have grace and poise. That's right, I'm my own best friend and I love me.

9). I don't like the authors who don't appreciate the readers. Give your readers respect.

10). I have two cats; Mio and Cleo. Mio is my cat though, she follows me everywhere (not kidding).