Title: Demon Obsession
Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Horror/Romance
Category: Yami no Matsuei
Warnings: Slash between Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Muraki/Hisoka, Muraki/Tsuzuki, and Tatsumi/Watari.
Summary: Tsuzuki's demon side has surfaced and he wants nothing more than to return to hell. Not without a mate, and he will do anything to bind Hisoka to him for eternity, willing or not.

Notes: Holy crappers! This was more popular than I thought it would be. Of course, I had a good feeling about the new plot for some time. Well, in response to this, I am going to tell you the status for my two (project) stories. Completely Crazy and Demon Obsession (aka this story) are my current works right now. Once I get stuck on one of these stories or I finish, I am going to start I am You and You are Me once again. Yay for me there are only two chapters of that story left, plus an epilogue I think, not quite sure if that will happen though. Well, good news to all of those people reading these notes. In this chapter Muraki enters for some good old sadistic fun. This chapter might have started early, but it will probably be posted late due to some…character issues. I have been reading various Yami no Matsuei stories and I find that people tend to make Muraki a little too uncharacteristic in the ways of sadism. Now the story House of Flies, that story portrays Muraki in a great way. Because, basically, Muraki isn't involved with Hisoka, he doesn't like him (very much). He is infatuated with Tsuzuki. So I am going to be working on his characterization the most. So, comment if you think my Muraki needs work if he is portrayed the right way. So, enough of this, enjoy the fic. By the way, been reading some of my old stories and I got very, very scared.

Extra Notes: I strongly suggest reading House of Flies by Hades' Phoenix. It is a fantastic piece of work.

Gaspeth! On with the story!

-Chapter Two-

The water was surprisingly warm for a human invention. Tsuzuki placed his hands above him, cupping them together and watching a small puddle forming in his hands. Shaking his head he let the water slowly run over him, shaking his hair to get any unwanted droplets out. He let out a small growl of frustration when the water continued to pour onto his head.

Sure he had taken showers, multiple in fact. It was amazing the way humans had characterized Hell. They thought it was all fire and brimstone when instead it was just like life on earth. He let his amethyst eyes slide open in thought, a rough hand caressing his scalp. No, hell wasn't bad at all; you just had to watch out for the demons that circled your homes every minute of the day.

Tsuzuki shook his head, the water continuing to spray onto his hair. It was just; demon bathing wasn't from a faucet like the humans. No, they went to the public bath houses located at the end of each sector. Tsuzuki shook his head at the strange sense of home sickness that threatened to flood his senses.

It has been too long since I have been home…


'I'm so sorry Hisoka, I'm so sorry'

Hisoka grumbled softly, flipping in his own bed back at his Meifu apartment, watching the numbers of his digital clock slowly tick by. He had been woken up by the nightmares again, not at all by Muraki's usual one, but of this new one. Tsuzuki crying and hugging him, telling him it was his fault. Hisoka could only wonder what the idiot was blaming himself for that time in the dream.

'I shouldn't have let him out.'

Let who out? Hisoka could only wonder as he turned over onto his other side. He sighed, raking a hand through his hair, only to get it tangled up in a rat (1). "Perfect," he grumbled. Sitting up, he grabbed his hair brush beside his bed, getting up to stand in front of his mirror.

Looking up he set his brush down, fingering the bite mark lightly. Hissing at the sudden pain, he drew back, gazing at it in the mirror.

Or he would of, if it showed up in the mirror.


"Tatsumi! I swear to you on my afterlife! I would submit myself to you!" Watari pleaded, clasping his hands together and standing in front of Tatsumi. "Please give me that bonus! Please!"

Tatsumi sat at his desk, looking at the blonde with a mixture of pity and annoyance. Shrugging, he continued at his work, ignoring the annoying wails coming from the scientist beside him. However, he could only ignore it for so long, until a rather hyper active blonde attached itself to his arm (his writing arm too!). Looking down, he pushed his glasses up, making his expression completely blank.

"Tatsumi! Tatsumi please," Watari whimpered.

"No means no, Watari-kun, and this is the," -he checked his watch- "tenth time you've begged me in ten seconds," he stated. "Really, you and Tsuzuki-san, it's like your personality is set to that of a five year old."

Watari blinked, blinked again, and for good measure blinked once more. Then he cocked his head to the side, a suddenly happy grin coming to his face. "I know what my next project will be," he whispered suddenly.

Tatsumi twitched.

"Aha! Tatsumi you are a genius!" Watari cooed, grinning madly.

"I-I am?" He asked, horrified at himself. Dear EnMa what did I contribute too?

"Since you insist on calling me a child (and Tsuzuki too but he doesn't matter right now), I will have to become one to finally get you to loan me money," Watari declared, suddenly standing erect on Tatsumi's desk, striking a victory pose. He felt damn good about his new discovery, until Tatsumi began speaking.

"You already tried that," the secretary butted in rudely on his victory.

"I did?" He asked, kneeling down to eye level with Tatsumi.

"Yes, you wanted to try your…sex change potion…and you accidentally turned Tsuzuki-san and yourself into children, Kurosaki-kun had to assist you," he recalled, then smirked. "You ended up becoming invisible in the end."

"You monster!" Watari gasped. "Reminding me of something so horrible!"

Tatsumi's hands slammed onto his desk, effectively allowing Watari to clamber back down and onto the ground. "Now Watari-kun, have I made myself clear? No funding, no more lab equipment, and no more using Tsuzuki-san (and the rest of us) for your experiments!"

Watari pouted, wrapping his arms around his folded knees. "You're so mean Sumi-chan, not even for me?" He asked, his sparkly golden eyes become wide with unshed tears.

Tatsumi blanched. Never had he been able to resist the puppy dog eyes, never from Tsuzuki and certainly not from Watari. Tatsumi sighed dejectedly. He was a doomed man who would never be graced with Hisoka's abilities of ignoring the cuteness that is the kicked puppy gaze. "Fine, but this is your last one," he sighed, looking away. Watari cheered from beside him, pecking him on the cheek before proceeding to dance.

"Am I interrupting anything?"

Both men turned around, Tatsumi swallowing hard when he saw Hisoka standing there, in a black turtle neck and white jeans. He sighed, shaking his head; he'd leave fixing this to Watari. He glanced up when Watari began to speak.

"Ne Bon, what's up, you usually avoid any contact at all," Watari tried, at least attempting to raise the mood.

Hisoka looked like he wanted to comment on the situation, but bit it back and shook his head. "Can I talk to you, Watari? This is sort of important," he said softly, keeping his head down. He really didn't want Watari to think he was scared of a stupid bite mark…but it never hurt to be too cautious.

Watari cocked his head to the side, genuinely confused. "Alright."


Tsuzuki had never marked another person -whether it be demon or human, but he had heard rumors. Like, an unbreakable connection is formed between the two subjects that they know where the other is at all times. Also, that it rules out all previous bindings, unless the counteracting of the mark is useless (in which Tsuzuki only ruled that strong connections could not be beaten out by the mark). And finally, if one of them dies, the other will soon follow.

Of course, he had never actually experienced any of these tests, so to speak, until now. He knew upon marking the boy that the bond of the first condition was set in place. However, there were no actual ways to prove that the other two conditions were actually set into a fluid motion. Tsuzuki growled out loud, stopping in his tracks.

It just made things harder to deal with, more so than necessary.

He could clearly feel that his new found mate was near, but he couldn't see where he was. Well, alrighty then.

Setting himself into a moderate pace through the halls of the Ministry, he began to think. So far, things had not been looking well. He had taken his time in sorting through Asato's memories, and he found himself grimacing at the behavior his human half often used. Happy-go-lucky was the most common phrase used to describe him; idiotic, lazy, optimistic when the time called for it, immensely guilty, fake…

Ah yes, that last bit was going to do his cover in. He had never in his life had to act 'fake', so he had no way of knowing how it was supposed to be done. Smile when feeling blue? Sure. Act interested and involved when you really want to disappear? Okay. It sounded easy, sure, but was it really all that cracked up to be? Maybe.

Looking at his surroundings again, Tsuzuki immediately recognized where he was; outside that secretary's office and across the hall from where all the Shinigami's desks were (2). Tsuzuki knocked on the door sharply, here a muffled 'come in' from the inside. Walking in, he stopped, a grin on his face.

"Ohayo Tatsumi-san, can I ask you a question?" He asked, walking up in front of the desk.

"No, you may not have a bonus," Tatsumi immediately responded, filing away some papers in the draw.

Tsuzuki noted that response. "Ano, sorry to interrupt, but that wasn't what I was going to ask," he said, putting a look of mock sadness on his face. "Tatsumi-san is so mean."

Tatsumi only continued to scribble on some document. "Well then carry on Tsuzuki-san, what were you going to ask," he replied, looking up briefly. Tsuzuki put on his best smile.

"Do you know where Hisoka-chan went?" He asked, clapping his hands in front of him. "I really needto ask him something."

"Aa, he came in earlier to ask Watari-kun something," Tatsumi replied. "They left about ten minutes ago…and where were you?"

Tsuzuki pouted. "Working on the paperwork I'll have you know," he snorted.

Tatsumi raised a delicate eyebrow.

"Okay, okay geez, I was at home getting ready to come to work to do the paperwork," Tsuzuki whimpered, his chibi-inu ears popping up in mock hurt.

Tatsumi cracked a rare smile at his antics, quickly molding it into a look of disapproval. "Off you go then Tsuzuki-san."


Leaving the office he shut the door quietly behind him. Tsuzuki let a frown etch onto his features. His mate was with the scientist eh? Tsuzuki started off in the direction of Watari's lab, hoping his disapproval didn't show on his face or in his emotions.

He couldn't help but feel an absurd wave of jealousy passing through him.


"I don't know what to tell you Bon," Watari said, sighing. "I can't see anything."

"It's right here though," Hisoka said, pointing to where the mark was. Watari only shook his head, shrugging.

"Nope, I still don't see anything," Watari answered.

Hisoka sighed in defeat, sliding in his chair until he was in an uncomfortable slouch. Raising his hand he gently brushed his fingertips over the mark, feeling it burn at the touch. Groaning he sat up again, grabbing Watari's hand.

"Touch it then," he demanded.

"Why Bon, that's awfully strong for you, I didn't know you felt that way," Watari answered. "How dirty, hehe."

Hisoka looked ready to breathe fire.

"G-gomen Bon, just a joke," Watari laughed, putting his glasses back on again.

Slowly he let Hisoka point to where the mark was supposed to be, and he gently let his fingers ghost over it. He didn't know what Hisoka had been thinking, he still couldn't see anything, and he definitely couldn't feel anything. Sighing he shook his head at the eternal sixteen year old in front of him, much to the boys displeasure. Hisoka let out a long breath, slumping in his seat.

"You really can't see or feel anything?" Hisoka asked, wincing at how desperate he sounded. He rubbed the mark gently, finally wondering if he was just imagining the two identical holes right next to each other. "You think it might be a demon's mark? Like with Tsuzuki on our second case?"

"I don't think so Bon, demon marks are seen," Watari answered, feeling a little bad for the crestfallen teen.

"But you didn't see Tsuzuki's mark!" Hisoka protested.

"That was because it took longer for it to appear," Watari countered. He really didn't want to fight this with Hisoka, but he had to show that the boy was imagining things most likely.

"I'm not making this up Watari," Hisoka answered swiftly, sensing the feelings of doubt in the blonde's emotions.

"Look, Bon, maybe it's because of a nightmare or your lack of sleep, but I am telling you this now," Watari looked deathly serious, and Hisoka couldn't help thinking he was off his rocker, "there is no mark on your neck, never has been, never will be. If you feel strongly about this in one week's time, then come back and see me. Once you have gotten on a normal sleeping track come and see me. Trust me Bon, nothing is wrong with you."

Hisoka looked about to protest, but the door opened with a small groan; Tsuzuki's smiling face appearing in the doorway.

"Ah! Hisoka I found you!" He exclaimed happily.

Hisoka blinked in curiosity, wondering what was making the man so happy this time. "You were looking for me? Did you need something?" He asked.

Tsuzuki shook his head. "No, but I thought you could use a walk down in Chijou, you seem stressed," he said lightly, keeping his voice a comforting 'I-want-to-help' sort of way. He knew how Hisoka hated being treated like a child.

Hisoka glanced cynically at Watari, their conversation leaving him in the mood to just get away. Finally he nodded, coming to the conclusion that maybe a walk would do him some good. Standing up he walked passed Watari and passed Tsuzuki on his way out. After a few moments he was outdoors.

Tsuzuki stood in the doorway, his body leaning comfortingly against the frame.

"Watari, hurt him in any way, and I will kill you."

And he left.

Watari stared at him, confused and just a little unnerved.


"Happy fiftieth anniversary Tokyo Hospital!"

Wine glasses filled with bubbly champagne clinked together with a resounding air of happiness, men and women all in a comfy restaurant wearing identical grins. Muraki Kazutaka, one of the head doctors in the trauma sector (3), was smiling beautifully. He raised his glass to his lips, drinking with class and taste.

"Ah gentlemen, here is to Muraki-sensei, who has helped make our hospital grow and make people more alert to the dangers of disease and illness," a young man said, holding his glass to the silver haired man next to him. "May EnMa bless you for eternity! Cheers!" Everyone at the table hit their glasses together, some taking a rather large gulp. Muraki sipped dutifully, smiling as he did so.

May EnMa bless me indeed he thought.

"Forgive me, however, I must depart," he announced suddenly, standing up. The surrounding party gave protests, but he held up his hand in air of finality. Smiling, he shook some hands and waved goodbye until he was outside in the brisk night air, pulling on his long white trench coat.

He had never meant to leave so suddenly, but he could sense it, the air of his lovely Tsuzuki near by. The man probably believes me dead he thought suddenly but surely Bouya's known for a while now. I wonder how striking those amethyst gems will shine in fear and confusion, when I meet them at last.

Rounding a corner he stopped suddenly, watching in fascination as he saw his two greatest obsessions sitting in the park, both staring out at the moon and talking silently with one another. Their conversation was peculiar, something Muraki never thought he would hear, but his fine tuned ear caught every word. He thanked the fact that the park deserted, else he would have caused a scene.

"Nobody can see or feel anything, but I know it's there," he doll said, looking at Tsuzuki imploringly, hoping that the man would give him some sort of advice. Muraki almost laughed at how dependant his Bouya had become to his Tsuzuki-san.

"Maybe Watari's right Hisoka," Tsuzuki was saying, meeting the emerald gaze. "I can't see it, nor can I feel it, maybe it is the lack of sleep."

"Or maybe a demon bit me," his Bouya countered, looking a little peeved that no one believed him. Muraki could only guess that that was the reason.

The doctor had to admit though; he was more than just a little curious at the conversation he was hearing. By the sound of it, and by what he had heard, his little doll had been marked by a demon. In fact, if he looked hard enough, he saw a particularly strange aura coming from between the boys left shoulder and neck. He suddenly smiled. He knew what that mark meant, and he knew it well.

Has a demon claimed you too Bouya? No wonder I have been feeling restless tugs on your bonds he thought, turning quickly and walking away. No doubt Ukyou had made him dinner in celebration of the hospital's anniversary.


Out of the corner of his eye, Tsuzuki watched the silver figure leave with distrust. He could sense it, a powerful evil emitting off of that man. He had no doubt been tainted with blood on more than a couple occasions. His eyes strayed back to Hisoka, where the boy had fallen into a restless silence, his knees tucked into his body and arms loosely wrapped around them. Tsuzuki watched in fascination as his green orbs slowly closed into a lulled sleep.

Tsuzuki almost felt touched that the boy would sleep in front of him; it was obvious that he trusted his life completely to Tsuzuki. He smiled in thought; perhaps coaxing the boy into coming to Hell with him would be worth it. Than again, Tsuzuki had been thinking. Perhaps he could move down to Hell alone, maybe still keeping an eye on his little mate from down below. Yes, it seemed so far so good on that plan, but he knew that there were dangers to his mate that couldn't be risked.

Like that silver haired man that just left -Muraki, apparently. He had strong ties to his mate; he could feel his mark begin to pulsate in rage when that man came near. Tsuzuki nearly hissed in frustration. It seemed a binding curse had been place upon his partner.

I suppose, without a challenge my mate wouldn't be worth it he thought snidely. Tsuzuki preferred a challenge, and was definitely one when it came to marking Hisoka. The boy had emotional problems to the left and curses to the right, not to mention stalkers in the front and EnMa in the back. The boy was surrounded with problems.

Eliminate the most problematic; dealing with that first will make everything so much easier Tsuzuki thought. He had been thinking a lot lately, in fact…

His thoughts trailed off when a small thump and a bit of pressure was suddenly against his shoulder. Looking down, he couldn't help the small, rare smile that crept onto his face. Hisoka had fallen onto his shoulder in his sleep, and was now unconsciously snuggling closer to the sudden warmth provided to him.

So beautiful…

Oh yes, his little mate was definitely worth the challenge.


"I don't have a clue what you're talking about," a rough voice cut through the stilling darkness, penetrating its thick shields. There was no one in front of the man but he could tell the presence that held his attention was shifting to the side of his frozen body. A slinking tendril caught his throat, threatening to cut it open.

"You know very well," a soft, silken voice responded. "My son is very much alive again, and I wish for him to return home immediately."

"He connected himself to a mortal boy!" The rough voice protested. The tendrils around his neck disappeared, going instead to light the torches that hung from the walls. Light spread throughout the stone corridor with fervor, eliminating any shadows from view. The two figures stood in front of a large wooden door, staring at each other.

"Bring the boy in then, show him what it means to be bonded to my son," the man with the silken voice said dimly. His raven black hair cascaded down passed his shoulders, to stop at the small of his back. His violent amethyst eyes regarded the trembling demon before him, knowing full well what kind of pain he was causing the creature.

"Impossible, ever since the young master broke from his human form, he has been keeping an unnaturally close eye on Hisoka," the demon said.

"Hisoka?" The silken voice asked the name with much distaste.

"Kurosaki," the demon finished softly.

"Ah! Now I know who that is," he raven haired demon laughed. "I know that family well actually."

"Y-you do?" The demon servant looked uncertain.

"Indeed," he responded immediately. "Are you familiar with the human I saved from Touda's flames about a year ago?"

The demon nodded silently.

"He has a connection upon Hisoka Kurosaki," the demon finished.

"Lord Sen, doesn't the mating mark counter that curse?"

"No, no it does not," Sen answered. "A curse that powerful can not be taken away by a simple marking of mates, even if the marker was my son. I'm afraid, that Kurosaki has not bitten my boy yet though?"

"Right, he doesn't know about his binding to the young lord," the demon said. Sen turned to him quickly, gazing at him with interest.

"You failed to mention this," he said, making the servant quiver.

"My apologies," he bowed.

Sen waved him off, a thought crossing his mind. It was no doubt that his son had grown accustomed to the human sinners, however, that didn't mean he couldn't be forced back. If Kurosaki came to him, his son would follow, like the shadow following its light.


"Stop it that hurts…what's going on, where am I? Why does my shoulder hurt? Why am I bound? Why am I blind? …Why?"

"You know why…"


"He can't hear you."

Why Tsuzuki? Where are you? I'm scared, help me. I don't know what's happening. Help me…please…? …why isn't anyone answering?

Deep within the folds of the darkness, Asato Tsuzuki snapped awake within his cocoon.



WhiteWolf's Notes:

(1) - Those really bad tangles you get in your hair, is what I like to refer to as a rat. Believe, one day I would love to venture a guess as to how those things get so bas in the first place.

(2) - In the anime in the beginning opening theme and when it first starts off, we see that all of their desks are together. I look to go buy this look, since it will make things easier. (By the way in the beginning we see Terazuma just sitting there smoking a cigarette, which I thought was hilarious, don't ask me why).

(3) - I don't think the manga gives any really specific info on Muraki and his job, so I just made stuff up. If you can tell me I'm wrong I would say 'Yay! Tell me now!' and the world will continue to spin.

Additional Notes:

Sorry it took so long, I never even realized. Though, I had been working on it bit by bit over the week. Okay, first thing, I am fostering a mother cat and her two kittens (Daisy, Edwin, and Elsie) and believe me; they will take most of my attention for a while, no matter how cute they are. (grin) Anyway, I love it when you guys point things out to me that might be wrong, so keep doing that okay? Criticism is the best part, because I like making my story better than before. Okay, now I have a small dictionary of the Japanese words I used, please correct me if you find a mistake. On a more random note: one thing that really ticks me off in YnM is that everyone has known each other for a really long time but they all call each other by their last names. Please, someone, explain this to me because I thought that you would at least go to first name basis EVENTUALLY! Humph, and Tsuzuki just skipped to first name basis with Hisoka but I don't mind that. Also, the biggest problem for the anime that I found was that it focused on Muraki and Tsuzuki way too much. I always thought the manga was about the Shinigami -particularly with Hisoka and Tsuzuki. I don't know, that's just me.


-san: "Mr." or "Mrs.", a more formal ending
-kun: Less formal, you say to like a friend (male) or something.
-chan: When speaking to a child or someone you know really well.
-sensei: Like "teacher" but Tsubaki also called him "Sensei" to say "doctor"
Ne: There is a definition, but it is hard to describe it.
Ano: Sort of like "um".
Ohayou: "Morning", I learned this one from watching Card Captor Sakura on YouTube in Japanese. (XD)
Aa: Sort of like a "yeah", a type of agreement
Chibi-inu: Not quite sure the order of this but basically "child dog" I think. I never really learned what chibi meant to a full extent.
Hai: "Yes"
Bon: "Boy"
Gomen: Shortened for 'gomen nasai' and means "sorry" or "I'm sorry"
Chijou: "Human realm"
Meifu: "Afterlife" I suppose would be correct.
Bouya: "Boy"

If you see a mistake! Correct me!

Next Chapter: Tsuzuki has awoken within his mind and his demon fights to reign control. Sen contacts Muraki, to finally repay his debt to him and Hisoka fights the urge to give himself completely over to Tsuzuki.

"I'm not ready," Hisoka whimpered, feeling an impulse to bite Tsuzuki, to mark him, to taint him.

"You never were," Tsuzuki whispered in his ears, teasing.