Title: Demon Obsession
Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Horror/Romance
Category: Yami no Matsuei
Warnings: Slash between Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Muraki/Hisoka, Muraki/Tsuzuki, and Tatsumi/Watari.
Summary: Tsuzuki's demon side has surfaced and he wants nothing more than to return to hell. Not without a mate, and he will do anything to bind Hisoka to him for eternity, willing or not.

Notes: Upon reading the last chapter I was like "Heh, this isn't half bad" and decided that another chapter needed to be added immediately (not adding the fact that my internet isn't working either). So, without further interruption, here is chapter three. Oh yes, before I forget: to those of you who gave me corrections, I corrected them! Yay! So thank you very much, a lot of the questions people were asking will be explained in the next few chapters. Not all of them in this chapter some will be in the next one as well. On another note, Completely Crazy will be updated next; I just wanted Demon Obsession to catch up with the amount of chapters. Okay, I'm done, read the story now. By the way, I must say this now, I have fallen in love with demon Tsuzuki too, and it was supposed to be that way. You are supposed to love him, or like him, whatever. Anyway, I'm done now.

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-Chapter Three-

Hell is a place where all the opposed sinners go. The different sections it is split up into are quite easy; however many sins you have achieved in your lifetime will help determine where you will end up, and how ever many failed redemptions will also add to your fated total. After a long period of time, humans will sometimes morph themselves into a demon on their own free will, or they choose to remain human until God accepts them into Heaven. Few demons are actually born in Hell originally; most have just been low level humans wanting more power. Despite what the humans may think, Hell is quite organized, with the first class sector as a sort of make-shift government. Ironically, murder will be set against you, and one can go to prison for it. Second class demons or humans often live in the over-ruling city, where the first and third class demons or humans live as well. Fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh all live in the suburbs.

Hell is described as a place where all of your tortured nightmares in your lifetime come to life. That isn't exactly true, sinners who have killed are never truly tortured. Hell is just an eternity without being near God, and many people in Hell drive themselves to madness because they will never understand the secrets they once had the chance to uncover. The people who never wanted to be near God in the first place, look upon Hell as their own Heaven. The demons born into Hell are lucky, usually raised in first, second, or third class status in the over-ruling city.

I myself have never actually been outside the city, and rarely left the security of Hell unless I was sent on a mission for my father. I viewed the outer limits as truly disgusting, never wanting to be more than one minute out there at a time. My father thought I was a truly magnificent demon, having been born into Hell instead of dying and going there. I was born into a first class lifestyle.

And I loved every minute of it.


How do I get out of here?

Where is Hisoka?

"Hisoka? Where are you?"

I feel tired…

"I'm so sorry Hisoka, I'm so sorry."

Is that my voice? I sound sick…

"I shouldn't have let him out."

Now I remember…it's all my fault… (1)


The morning light shone brightly through the blinds, hitting the sixteen year old boy in the bed square in the face. Moaning, he turned over, bringing the blankets farther up onto his body for more warmth. All he wanted to do was fall back asleep, and not wake up until a new ice age dawned over.

"Hey Hisoka, wakey, wakey eggs and…," the annoying voice trailed off suddenly. "…eggs and…something."(2)

Hisoka opened bleary green eyes, blinking once or twice before finally registering the situation around him. He was pretty sure he had no stuffed animals in his house…

He yelped in alarm, jumping out of bed and running for the door, his hazed mind not knowing what was going on. He almost had a heart attack when a gentle but powerful hand drew him backwards, away from the door in which he so desperately wanted to escape from. Looking at Tsuzuki he glared, finally understanding where he was again. "Damn it Tsuzuki what the hell am I doing in your room!" Hisoka demanded, stomping his foot and crossing his arms. It added more effect to his defiance.

Tsuzuki put on his hurt face. "Gomen Soka-chan. You see, last night you were really upset and I guess you fell asleep and I forgot that I didn't have a key to your apartment and so I couldn't put you to bed there. It was locked you see."

Hisoka sighed. "That's all you had to say, I didn't need some sort of back story," he murmured.

Tsuzuki beamed. "Am I in your good graces again?" He asked, his violet eyes shining with hope.

Hisoka sighed again; he seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

Tsuzuki immediately took it as a good sign, latching onto his partner in a hug bigger than the universe. He smiled when Hisoka immediately protested.

"T-Tsuzuki what are y-!" Hisoka was immediately cut off with a kiss. It wasn't like he hadn't ever been kissed before, it was just that the last one he had was from Tsubaki and before that Muraki, who practically ripped his mouth off with hate. This one…it was different. Hisoka was not an expert at kisses, and he was quite frightened of what they usually led to, but this was strange, this was…

He was on his back, Tsuzuki never letting him go, handling him like he was made of spun glass. It felt right…somehow, but there was a fear buzzing in the back of his mind, a fear that managed to break through his brain and into his actions. Suddenly, his hands were pushing at Tsuzuki, pushing him far away. Opening frightened green eyes that he hadn't even thought he closed, Hisoka looked strait into Tsuzuki's confused violet orbs, shaking.

"I'm not ready," Hisoka whimpered, feeling a frightening urge to bite Tsuzuki, to mark him, to taint him.

"You never were," Tsuzuki whispered in his ears, teasing.

Hisoka sucked in a breath, a tightening occurring within him. He couldn't believe this was happening to him again…from the one person he thought was safe.

"STOP IT!" He screamed, his defensive powers kicking in and sending Tsuzuki to the floor with a horrible burn on his chest. Hisoka jumped up, running out the door and out of the apartment as fast as he could.

Looking back he chocked back a sob, disappearing almost instantly to Chijou.



Tsuzuki cursed bitterly, his eyes shining with rage and frustration. He couldn't believe he had let himself go like that. Tsuzuki grimaced as he felt the wound on his chest, reaching in and smiling as he touched his rib bones. His little mate was getting very powerful, considering the first time his human side messed with the kid he only got a nasty burn on his hand.


Cursing wouldn't do him any good, not now that he'd already screwed up. Tsuzuki sat down on his bed, glaring at the opposite wall with enough fury to burn a hole through it. Running a hand through his hair he let out a choked growl, lifting his head to stare at his reflection. His eyes widened in semi-shock when he saw his human half looking back at him, glaring full out.

"How could you hurt him like that?" The reflection whispered.

"How did you wake up?" Tsuzuki hissed, standing up and standing in front of the mirror on the wall. His human half was looking at him with deep anger, more than he had ever seen from Asato.

"Hisoka called out to me," Asato whimpered, suddenly grabbing his head as if in pain. "Over and over he cried because he was scared and lonely and…you weren't there to protect him."

"I'm sorry I guess I missed the memo on my top priority being Hisoka," Tsuzuki lashed out bitterly.

Asato suddenly smiled. "You took on that duty when you marked him," he hissed.

"So you knew," Tsuzuki had to hand it to his human half, he was perceptive, able to pick up on the invisible. "Then you also know that as long as he is tied to me, his fate rests in my hands."

"That's why I'm breaking out," Asato whispered, defiant red eyes looking back at him. "You live to curse me, how do I get out?"

"You can't," Tsuzuki said. "I built those mental shields myself and let me tell you something, as long as your guilt for living is still a constant in your life, you will never get out. Face it, I didn't curse you with my violet eyes, you were damned already. What kind of child has blood red eyes?"

Asato was quivering in the reflection, his head shaking. "I can't let you hurt Hisoka anymore," he whispered.

"Then do something about it," Tsuzuki responded bitterly, walking out of the room to search for his lost mate.


"I'll have the salmon, sushi, a side of mashed potatoes, and some French fries," Watari grinned at the waitress, who stared back, an eyebrow raised. Tatsumi slapped a hand to his forehead, cursing himself that he ever brought Watari out to lunch. However, in the end he couldn't complain, an image of Watari with his big golden eyes and mouth stuffed with food was too cute. Tatsumi could almost imagine himself reaching across the table and gently wiping away the crumbs with a gentle touch and-

Tatsumi snapped out of his daze, realizing he had already reached across the small table and was dabbing Watari's mouth clean. Of what, he had no idea.

"Uh, Sumi-chan I hate to say this but I don't have anything on my face," Watari said jokingly, reaching up and putting Tatsumi's hand down. "Thanks though, you are definitely the best."

"Indeed." Stupid, stupid idiot!

"This is really nice you know," Watari spoke up, looking out the restaurant window. Tatsumi followed his gaze, finding nothing but people and buildings. Honestly, his Yutaka could get so easily amused.

That's right, mine he suddenly thought smugly

Suddenly though, the door opening brought them back to focus, and he noticed Watari was looking at the door with a mixture of shock and worry, getting ready to stand up and run away.

Tatsumi followed his gaze, and he almost stopped cold.

Hisoka stood there, beaten and bleeding, barely even keeping himself standing.


Chijou, after Hisoka left Tsuzuki's apartment

His empathy was driving him nuts, his own emotions going haywire. He hadn't stopped running since he had left Tsuzuki's apartment and never had he contemplated where he had been going.

Stopping suddenly, he looked up, finally deciding to catch his breath. He was in a park, the same one he and Tsuzuki had been talking at the previous night. Hisoka suddenly choked, falling down onto his knees on the grass, looking at the children playing with disinterest. Shifting his position he brought his knees up to his chest wrapping his arms around them in a defensive manner. Closing his eyes he whimpered, feeling the onslaught of emotions start to fill him.



Hisoka shivered, wrapping his arms tighter around himself in a minimal sense of safety and comfort. He couldn't believe that Tsuzuki had suddenly pushed him down like that. He…he knew Hisoka wasn't ready…right? What if he hadn't? What if Tsuzuki had a brief flash of misjudgment? What if it had been a realistic nightmare? What if? It couldn't have been Tsuzuki…

Tsuzuki would never do that to me Hisoka thought harshly to himself (3).

Hisoka blinked in sudden realization.

"No," he mumbled. "Tsuzuki had a brief lapse of judgment; he would never do that to me." Hisoka nodded firmly to himself, standing up and staring out at the playground where a young boy was holding a doll above his head, away from the little girl reaching pitifully out to it. As gently as he could, Hisoka reached out with his empathy to where the two were fighting.


Hisoka almost smirked if he weren't in such a bad mood, he was lucky he was even able to translate the little boy's emotions properly. Gently he reached out to the struggling girl, watching her try and reach for her doll. He shut his eyes tight, trying to translate her emotions as well.


"Having fun?" A voice asked from behind him. Hisoka froze in less than a second, afraid to turn around and actually confirm who was behind him. Swallowing hard he turned, trying to put on his angriest face. He's dead he's dead he can't be here!

But the curse never faded, you knew it was only a matter of time before he came back…

Muraki stood in front of him, all white and smirking smugly. Hisoka knew that the doctor's only mission today was to torment, whether it be him or Tsuzuki. Hisoka felt briefly relieved that he had intercepted Muraki from getting to Tsuzuki if only for that day.

"What do you want?" Hisoka seethed, his voice clipped and to the point.

Muraki smirked suddenly, reaching down he pressed his lips to Hisoka's ear, relishing in the suddenly stricken posture. "I think we better talk somewhere else, wouldn't want any of the children to get hurt."

"Bastard!" Hisoka growled, stepping back and away from the mad doctor. Muraki only smiled, hands shooting out like skilled serpents, latching onto both of Hisoka' forearms. Gently, he brought the boy towards him.

"We'll talk in a more suited environment Bouya, I prefer it that way," Muraki said. Hisoka bit his bottom lip, hard enough to draw blood. Finally he nodded, ignoring his instincts to immediately run away. Silently he watched as Muraki turned around, walking away and motioning for him to follow. Hisoka glanced back at the children in the playground before following the white demon.

"You like tea, don't you Bouya?" Muraki asked sipping his own glass in a fancy restaurant located in the heart of the city. He smiled at Hisoka's stricken form, knowing how much mental torment he was inflicting upon his doll. It was truly a fun sport, messing with the boy, but not nearly as rewarding as doing it to Tsuzuki-san.

"What do you want Muraki?" Hisoka's tone was cold and surprisingly collected, and Muraki briefly marveled at how fierce his little green eyed toy had become. Hisoka, who was raging a fury inside, forced himself to remain as calm as he could for he was not about to start a fight with the mad man in a public place, no way.

"I think you already know what I want," Muraki answered, his silver eyes reflecting the lights in a haunted way.

"Tsuzuki? You need to be more original," Hisoka commented, finding it amazing he could still snap back in a situation such as this. He didn't look at the doctor however, settling to poke his tea cup in disinterest.

Muraki merely smirked. "No, Bouya, not Tsuzuki, I came to talk to you about your mark."

Hisoka froze in mid-poke, raising cautious eyes towards his murderer. "What are you talking about?"

"That mark on your shoulder is nothing short of brilliance I must say," Muraki said, sipping his coffee with the grace and poise of a millionaire. "I'm surprised that you don't even know what it means."

Hisoka bit his lower lip, refusing to respond.

"For you see," Muraki continued, seemingly oblivious to the boy's discomfort. "That is a mating mark, a binding one at that. Has a demon laid claim to you Bouya?"

"Shut up," Hisoka hissed, his sudden calmness to the situation dissipating. His hand was shaking so bad he thought he was seeing the table quiver.

Muraki's eyes took a darker turn. "Ah, so that must be it. I will explore this to a fuller extent, but for now, I'll leave you to wonder."

He looked up; expecting to meet an angry green gaze, but the boy was gone, already running out the door.


Chijou, after Tsuzuki's talk with Asato

Tsuzuki was frantic.

Despite his ability to hide what he was feeling most of the time behind a stupid mask, he had to admit, he was truly unwilling to put up a face for people now. After all, he just fucked up so badly he didn't know how he was going to fix the problem. His mate was fickle, one mistake and he wouldn't let you near for the rest of eternity. However, Tsuzuki could almost venture a guess that the boy wouldn't be able to break a partnership that fast, especially after all the work he and Hisoka had put into their relationship. Tsuzuki almost laughed at how dependant they were with each other.

Hisoka struck him as the type to build a relationship, and delude himself into thinking it would be perfect there after.

Suddenly, his feet stopped in his useless running, his breathing coming out in sharp gasps as he felt his mate's energy spike in a seemingly desperate way.

Clenching his fists in anger, Tsuzuki ran in the direction of it, willing himself to murder whoever was hurting his boy.


Present, Meifu

"I don't know what to say Yutaka, I've never seen anything like it," Tatsumi said, looking at Watari as the blonde scientist scribbled multiple notes on his clipboard. Blue eyes looked imploringly to watch the golden orbs, sighing in defeat when he met no contact. Sighing, he stared back at Hisoka's unconscious form, wondering when the boy would wake up.

"Well, the chief contacted the higher ups and they say they are taking care of the cover up now," Watari said. "Most of Bon's wounds are healed, but there are some lingering effects that leave me troubled. It is almost like a demon had attacked him, a powerful one no doubt."

"If it were a demon, we would have gotten a report to solve it immediately," Tatsumi protested.

"Then that means it is a skilled one, probably first or second class," Watari explained with a strained shrug. "What bothers me is why it attacked Bon, unless he just happened to be there when the demon emerged."

"No, first class demons don't randomly attack like the low level ones," Tatsumi said, nodding to Watari's earlier statement. "It had a plan, and it involved Kurosaki-kun."

Watari pursed his lips together, setting his notes down and tucking the blankets around Hisoka's shivering form. Sighing he motioned for Tatsumi to follow him, hopefully allowing the sixteen year old in the bed to rest easier now.

"I think Tsuzuki should be contacted," Watari said softly once outside the infirmary doors.

"Indeed, he'll be wondering where his partner is by now," Tatsumi replied.

"I just…I don't know Tsuzuki has been awfully protective of Bon lately," Watari said, looking at Tatsumi imploringly. "Too protective, almost to the point of obsession. Also, Bon was complaining about a mark yesterday, but I couldn't see or feel anything."

"A mark?" Tatsumi asked, confused.

Watari nodded, pointing to where his left shoulder and neck met. "Yup, said it was right here."

Tatsumi blinked for a few moments before narrowing his eyes deeply. "Yutaka do you know what that mark is?"

Watari shook his head, suddenly frightened at how angry the man in front of him had gotten.

"That is a demon's brand, or a mark of possession if you prefer, it is what demons do when they mate," Tatsumi explained.

Watari cocked his head to the side, still confused.

"They bite one another on the neck to signal that they are taken," Tatsumi said a little more exasperatedly this time around. He couldn't believe Yutaka was having such a hard time with this.

"Then do you think…?" Watari looked highly uncertain.

The message was quite clear however, and Tatsumi could only nod as he bid goodbye to Watari to go and finish some paper work. The unspoken question that Watari left him with was unsettling, and almost too true.

Then do you think Tsuzuki did it?

Watari stood in complete silence until he heard someone coming up to him, watching as Konoe drew closer.

"I need to see you in my office."


Present, Meifu

Tsuzuki burst through the doors to the ministry with more fervor than a stampede of enraged elephants. He immediately zipped past the other workers, darting up the grand staircase (not that grand really, in his opinion) and down the hall in the direction of the infirmary. Many of the workers watched in amazement as 'that crazy Tsuzuki' made his loud and disruptive way to the infirmary. He didn't care though, he just knew that his mate was there, and the boy's energy was shooting out in large waves. Any more he would be completely drained.

"Damn you Hisoka," Tsuzuki cursed, skidding to a halt right outside the door and going inside. No one was there except his boy, lying almost lifeless on his back. Tsuzuki went over carefully, paying close attention to any wounds. It seemed the boy's healing had worked, but his energy was still flying out of his body at top speed. Tsuzuki bit his lip, why hadn't anyone noticed his mate's energy slowly leaving his body? It wouldn't be possible unless…

"Fuck," Tsuzuki hissed, realizing the complications immediately. A demon had attacked Hisoka, cursing him with enough magic to break the boy's walls around his energy, while shielding it from prying eyes all the same.

Tsuzuki only knew one person who had that capability, and that was his father's long time servant: Ren.

Noticed my presence father? Come to bring me back home at last? Tsuzuki sneered at his inner questions.

With the care of a practically century (and beyond, including the demon life) old man, he placed his hands directly over Hisoka's chest, pressing down until his energy was passed through. With enough force, it would create a shield around the boy's wayward energy; hopefully locking it up for the duration of the time it would take him to rebuild the boy's natural energy walls.

He opened his lively violet eyes, staring strait into emerald.

Tsuzuki suddenly felt very nervous, though he had no reason to, after all, he was a demon, able to overcome any humans that might offend him, including Hisoka. Allowing himself to calm down he stared into the green pools unblinkingly. The boy underneath him sat up, never breaking eye contact until he was sitting up fully, staring at his hands.

"Muraki wants me back," Hisoka whispered.

Tsuzuki almost asked "who the hell is that?" but he refrained himself, instead opting for a silent growl that someone even dared to move in on his possession. Amethyst eyes took in the boy's calm expression with great rage. It was like he had already submitted to his fate!

"He never said it, but I could tell, he wants to use me to get at you," Hisoka whispered. "The demons though…they might…"

"What demons? What do they want?" Tsuzuki demanded, standing up and staring violently at Hisoka's head, ignoring the boy's slight flinch. Has father found you my mate?

This is exactly why I don't want to go back to Hell now. Father is…father would hurt my mate, if only to get me back into place.

"You don't want to go back, we don't want to go back," Asato said softly. He seemed to have calmed himself after the events with their conversation, and instead decided to situate himself in the back of his demon's mind. Tsuzuki could tell he was ready to spring himself into action if anything happened to hsi friends though, that he knew. Though, the demon could only wonder why his human had stopped in attempts to break free...

"I do want to go back," he whispered suddenly to Asato's earlier statement, catching Hisoka's surprised look.

"What was that? Go back where?" Hisoka asked, looking curiously saddened. Tsuzuki shook his head of the sudden thought.

"Never mind what I just said Hisoka, what I want to know is who attacked you," he said in a firm, dominate voice that allowed Hisoka a flinch again. He noticed it this time and frowned, remembering his own actions earlier that day.

"I don't know," Hisoka whispered. "He just said he was there to deliver me to some guy named Sen."

Tsuzuki closed his eyes. He cursed himself, cursed his father, and cursed EnMa while he was at it. His thoughts were suddenly cut short when a hesitant hand grabbed hold of his sleeve, Hisoka suddenly burying himself in his shirt. Blinking, he wrapped his arms around the frighteningly fragile form, biting his lip as the boy began to sob.

"You didn't mean it earlier…right?" Hisoka asked his voice unnaturally thick. Tsuzuki closed his eyes, tightening his hold.

You didn't mean to come on that strong to me right?

The question was so clear and Tsuzuki only nodded, laying his head on the soft blonde hair. "I didn't mean it Hisoka, my only goal is to protect you…even if I'm not me," he said. He could feel Hisoka blinking in confusion to his almost cryptic statement. He smiled, feeling a strange sense of sadness that Hisoka didn't know it was the demon.

That it was actually a demon he was snuggling up to, seeking warmth. That is was him.

Tsuzuki tightened his hold, feeling a vague sense of hopeless desire that the boy would finally realize it was truly him, Asato's demon. He wanted Hisoka to know, and he wanted the boy to only love him. Love the demon, love the human? What was the difference anyway? Even he had to question that.

"I'm more of a demon than you think Hisoka," he said after he realized the boy was asleep again. He smiled despite himself, and opened his eyes looking at the ceiling. He was about to retreat into his thoughts when a suddenly soft voice cut through the stilled silence.

"I know."


WhiteWolf's Notes:

(1) - Just to be sure you if you guys didn't know, this was Tsuzuki. That was the same dialogue Hisoka heard earlier in the story.

(2) - Come on, everyone knows this (except Tsuzuki apparently). (-.-;)

(3) - I always figured that once Hisoka became attached to someone, like Tsuzuki, he would create a back up defense system in case that someone did something to him that would break the trust. So, in this case, he would end up talking himself into a believable lie if the person he trusted did something to betray him. He is just too attached to Tsuzuki I think. (O.o;) Hope that makes sense.

(?) - Watari and Tatsumi have their relationship "under wraps" you could say. That is why Tatsumi calls Watari by his first name when they are alone and when Tatsumi is in a good mood. Like last chapter he was calling Watari by his last name because he was annoyed. And for my own sake, Watari will always be calling Tatsumi "Tatsumi" or the famed "Sumi-chan".

Additional Notes:

Okay, another chapter out and I am as sick as one can be without some sort of disease (no offence to anyone who does). I have become obsessed with finding funny quotes on fanfiction and taping them to my wall so I can stare at them as I go to bed. I am so messed up. (;.;) That's about it though. More questions to be answered in later chapters though!

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Next Chapter: Sen kidnaps Hisoka and reveals many things that the boy didn't know about, Muraki confronts Tsuzuki about the mark, and EnMa decides to send his top agents into Hell for "negotiation" over Hisoka.

"What are you talking about?" Hisoka whispered, frightened at the demon in front of him.

"Tsuzuki, he is your mate, and you are bound to him forever," Sen chuckled. "How unfortunate for you."