Title: Demon Obsession
Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Horror/Romance
Category: Yami no Matsuei
Warnings: Slash between Tsuzuki/Hisoka, one-sided Muraki/Hisoka, Muraki/Tsuzuki, and Tatsumi/Watari.
Summary: Tsuzuki's demon side has surfaced and he wants nothing more than to return to hell. Not without a mate, and he will do anything to bind Hisoka to him for eternity, willing or not.

Notes: Unfortunately, I have no excuses to make for such a long update, simply because I have been so lazy lately. However, you can thank Chrono21 for getting me off my butt and working on this next chapter. Oh, and I suppose I should update some of my other stuff while I am at it too…just to keep myself going for a while. Ugh, but be warned I have been in a slump lately, so I hope this chapter makes up for everything.

Gaspeth! On with the story!

-Chapter Seven-

'Two souls within a single shell is virtually impossible, as the different energies of the souls literally rip the shell apart from the inside out, until it fails. This, however, can be fixed' Sen read. 'If one soul is incredibly weak, while the other is dominant and strong, the strong can rule the body without any interference from the weaker. Another way is to pass an outside energy source into the body, fueling it and giving it enough power to sustain itself with two souls. The energy required for such a maneuver, however, would have to be from the dead. Energy from a demon source is virtually useless.'

With that, he shut the book lightly, setting the worn piece of literature on the table, sighing and rubbing his temple. Ten years had passed, ten years since they had performed the transfer of souls and energy. It was still hard to believe, but they had done it, and nothing went wrong. Not even the human he chased down here, ten years ago, had made a move. Drumming his fingers against the hard oak, Sen glanced over at the sleeping boy on the bed, watching him shift in sleep.

Kurosaki Hisoka, the human boy used to house the next demon lord, worked perfectly. The High Master had been tense, almost unreasonably so, but it turned out to be just right. The boy's body had accepted the outside energy almost greedily, and the child's soul fit perfectly along with the boy's own. Without the original soul, the body wouldn't be functional, and reject any other, eventually decaying. To use puppy as the shell was perfect, seeing as the boy did not know how to show affection or love. Unloved, hurt, angry, lonely, and scared were very good qualities that the boy possessed. This would, without a doubt, turn the boy into a source of untouchable comfort, and the child buried inside would become just as bitter and hateful.

It was only recently that the child had showed any sort of activity. The High Master had been pleased, and had been a little easy to be around since.

Unfortunately, the boy had locked himself away, and now, ten years later had yet to resurface. Sen couldn't figure it out, but the body would move on its own, like it had the soul controlling it. When he had brought this up, the High Master only laughed and explained that it was the boy's empathy fueling it. Wherever it felt emotions, it would go. Sen thought this made sense, considering the child stuck to him like glue most of the time.

He had been expressing himself a lot since he lost his son for the second time.

Looking up again, he saw that Hisoka was looking at him, those blank pools of emerald staring unblinkingly at him. He had to remind himself that the child was only exploring his emotions and it was the only source in a good radius for feelings, but he couldn't shake himself from the feeling that it was actually puppy observing him…


Something is pulling me…

Something…something is calling me…something has been calling me for a long time. I'm sorry, but I can't move.

I can't answer you, whoever you are…

…Please, stop, stop calling to me. It hurts, it hurts so badly. Stop it!


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you, I swear.

Your name is Kurosaki Hisoka…who's that?

Who am I you ask?

…I…have no clue.


"Dammit!" Hisoka yelled, slamming his fist against the blackened ground (or what he assumed was the ground). The child across from him jumped, alarmed by his sudden outburst. Deep yellow orbs peered at the eternal teen curiously, almost judging if he was safe or not, before making his way over to him.

"Soka, what's wrong?" The child asked, sitting down on the ground in front of his elder brother, or what he had always assumed was his big brother. The angered teen looked at the young boy before closing his eyes, shaking his head, offering a rare smile (no matter how miniscule they were).

"Yuu-kun, I'm sorry…I just got frustrated," he answered calmly, although the irritation in his voice was still strong. Yuu figured it wasn't towards him, so he continued his questions.

"Were you talking to that man again?" He asked. His brother only blinked, looking at him as if he had never seen anything like him.

"How did you know I was talking to someone?" Hisoka asked, suspicious. Yuu smiled happily, his pointed little ears wriggling happily.

"I hear it," he said proudly. "You have talked to him for a long time, but he has never answered."

"Yeah, but…he doesn't remember anything," Hisoka said, unconsciously drawing the child closer. "It is so frustrating, and only two years ago did I find that I could actually talk to him mentally. I thought he was dead you see…"

"Why would you think that?" Yuu asked, climbing into his brother's lap, and resting there happily.

"Because, his life energy, everything, was stolen from him," Hisoka kept the details to himself, resting his head on top of the child's. "I didn't think…but, he is, he is alive, only he can't remember who he is."

"Does Tsuzuki-san know he is in here?" Yuu asked. Hisoka blinked at him curiously before shaking his head.

"No, what you're feeling is Tsuzuki's energy inside of us-me," Hisoka cursed, reminding himself for the umpteenth time that Yuu was not apart of him. After so long, Hisoka thought it second nature now to assume the little one was him too. Yuu however, either didn't seem to notice the slip or just didn't care because he continued on.

"Wait, if Tsuzuki-san's energy is in here with us, who were you talking to?" He looked as if he had just discovered a flaw in some computer program. Hisoka blinked again, for what felt like the hundredth time that day. Yuu was full of surprises.

"Um…" truthfully Hisoka had no clue, and now that he thought about it, it made no sense to him what-so-ever.

"You were talking to someone else!" Yuu declared happily, clambering around so he was facing his elder brother. "Don't lie Soka, I felt it!"

"Yuu, what the hell are you talking about?" Hisoka really didn't mean to come off testy, but when he had finally reached contact with the one person he wanted to hear from, he did not want to hear he was communicating with someone else. However, looking at Yuu, he had the feeling that the child was not about to give up on his theory, but instead, looked beyond ready to declare what he thought. Hisoka mentally prepared himself not to smack him upside the head.

"He had different energy, he was all…demon," the child finished lamely, tapping his chin in thought. "I felt it once, when I was really, really, really little…I don't think I was even born yet…"

Hisoka didn't even comment on how that wasn't even possible, but demons were different, maybe it was possible for them to be aware and even remember from since their time as a baby, maybe even beyond. Hisoka jumped a bit as he felt a small hand touch his cheek, Yuu's face inches from his own.

"I remember it, the same as that purple eyed guy," Yuu said softly.

"You mean Tsuzuki?" Hisoka asked, confused.

Yuu only shook his head. "No you dummy, that scary one."

"Oh, you mean Serinium Sen," Hisoka clarified, and much to his displeasure, Yuu nodded the affirmative. He sat back against a hard surface (figuring it was the wall) and sighed in frustration.

"Yuudai is my son; he was killed a long time ago. Due to his power though, he wasn't completely obliterated and chose to shelter himself to gain his energy back. The body he preserved himself in was a human embryo, which would later be named Tsuzuki Asato. Yuudai was the demon side of your partner and the one who marked you as his mate."

He remembered that, he definitely remembered Sen telling him that. Hisoka didn't even believe him at the time…but if what the man said was true, then he had finally gotten in contact with Yuudai, the demon half, not Asato. Chewing on his bottom lip nervously, Hisoka set the child down, standing up and walking into the very middle of the only light source. He felt it, Asato's energy was all around him, and filling his body with the what it needed to house two souls.

They used Asato's life force to fuel him, not his demon half.

They had been two beings for a while Hisoka thought, Sen had even said so, and I saw him in that room a long time ago, unconscious before I was brought away. I was so close, so fucking close to Asato at that time…dammit.

It was so hopeless; it was from the very beginning.


"I have recently heard there was a spike in energy from that demon, the one named Yuudai? He is the other part to Tsuzuki-san, if I remember correctly," EnMa had no interest in what the person had said to him, but maybe, if Tsuzuki was alive, than Hisoka was as well. It had been a harsh blow for him, to lose that child.

"Yes, but we have yet to pick up on Tsuzuki-san's energy, we believe that part of him is actually dead," the informant said.

The demon is alive, but the human is dead EnMa thought sullenly. It was a shame actually, to lose that Shinigami so soon, when his sentence hadn't even been close to being served. It irritated EnMa actually, to know that he had lost to the likes of Lucifer and his merry band of misfits.

"You may leave," he said after a long while. The informant bowed, closing the door behind her, leaving the room dark and cold. He didn't mind really, he liked his solitude. EnMa chewed on his finger, ignoring the burning from the abused tissue. His deep, black eyes closed, if only for a moment, to open again in alarm.

He felt it, he finally felt it!

Kurosaki was alive…


"Be a good boy Yuu, and stay here, I'll be back as soon as I can," Hisoka said, kneeling in front of the demonic child and patting his head. Yuu was being cooperative for the moment, in which Hisoka was thankful for, but he had no time to lose. Standing up again, he went to that single beam and calmed himself down, reconnecting to his body again. It had been so long, it really had, but he could do it.

His arms were slowly fading away as he got control of the limbs and soon the rest of his body followed, ignoring the surprised gasp that emitted from behind him.

Opening green eyes he searched the room carefully, noting that it was dark, unusually so if it was day time. He would never be able to get used to Hell actually having a day time and night time. Rubbing his eyes slowly he sat up, flexing all of his limbs and muscles carefully.

It almost seemed like a dream, being in that place, but he definitely felt Yuu's presence from within him. Clutching at his heart, Hisoka got out of bed, walking over and out of the door and into the hallway. Yes, he remembered this place; it looked as if they had never changed his room. Shivering, he walked forward, amazed that there was no one around. It made sense to him though, in a way, he is presumed practically lifeless. Why guard a doll?

Hisoka shook his head at the thought and continued forward, remembering to act as if he wasn't there when someone passed. It worked every time, and they didn't even glance at him, as if they had seen him like that before. Making his slow way down the stairs, Hisoka was amazed that his body seemed to be leading him on instinct alone.

"Tsuzuki? Yuudai? Can you hear me?" It was feeble to try and get either of them to speak, but he had to try something. If Tsuzuki was indeed gone, then his only hope lay with Yuudai, the demon half. Hisoka shivered, that demon was still the one who marked him, and it had been a long time, but it was like a smack to the face. He belonged to someone, like a toy, and it just hurt worse to know that it was half Tsuzuki as well.

"You again?" Finally! A response!

"Do you know who you are? Do you recall anything like your name?" He asked.

"I'm definitely a boy, if that helps," he responded. Hisoka almost slapped his forehead in frustration.

"I already know that," he answered mildly. "Do you know what your name is?"

"Do you know?"

Hisoka found it odd that he would ask that in return, but that only meant that Yuudai had no clue who he was. It hurt, to think that his partner probably didn't exist anymore. Hisoka shook his head, he had to get Yuudai to remember, and then maybe he could figure a way to reverse this.

"Is your name Yuudai?" Hisoka asked. His feet were walking again, down a separate hallway this time.

"I don't know, but I remember someone named Asato, I used to insult him a lot."

"Yuudai, that is your name…you are definitely Yuudai." It hurt…it hurt so much to actually say that. More than anything in the world, Hisoka wished it to be Tsuzuki instead.

"Well, I'm glad you know something, but sitting in this room is getting a little old, and you sound hot."

"For someone who just woke up after ten years and was lost and scared, you sure recover quickly."

"Geez, chill, it was a joke!"

"Dirty old pervert!"

"Whoa, whoa now, no need to get hostile. Maybe though, you could explain this pull I'm feeling."


"It definitely connects to someone, I'm positive, but this is so strange. This connection I'm feeling is getting closer and closer to me…almost as if, the person is entering the room…"

"Someone like me?" Hisoka asked, opening the door with a simple push. Yuudai was sitting on a stone table, rubbing his head as if he was snapping himself out of a good sleep. The man looked up when he entered, and immediately, a smile came up onto his face, as if he had known Hisoka the whole time.

"Yeah," he said, jumping down onto the ground. "Someone exactly like you."

"This is the first time I have properly met you," Hisoka greeted, holding out his hand. The demon in front of him nodded, taking the hand and shaking it, his own clawed appendage keeping a firm grip. Releasing the hold he gently pushed aside Hisoka's collar, revealing the demonic mark.

"I feel it, that mark," Yuudai said. "I created it."

Hisoka blinked at the emotions filling him; uncertain, but gradually becoming confident. Yuudai nodded suddenly, his eyes filled with a sudden hate.

"I remember everything; marking you, separating from Asato, trying to get you back, being sealed back inside again, and preserving my energy and soul before Asato was destroyed," Yuudai sounded bitter, but almost guiltily happy. Hisoka had an idea why too, though he didn't comment on it. "Listen, Hisoka-chan, Tsuzuki's energy is within you, his life energy fueling your current form. If I can separate my body again, I might be able to get Asato's energy back into his own," Yuudai said determined.

Hisoka's eyes immediately lit up, and a shy smile crossed his features. He was so very relieved, he couldn't even describe it. However, it faded when Yuudai continued.

"The two souls in your body will crush your form, but since yours is definitely stronger, the other soul will be destroyed, so that shouldn't be a prob-."

"No!" Hisoka cut him off, leaving the young demon to blink at him, confused. "Y-you can't kill Yuu, I won't allow it!"

"Yuu? Are you saying you named that thing?" Yuudai was confused, oh very much so.

"That thing, as you so rudely put it, is a child, and I can't let you destroy him," Hisoka snarled, covering his heart with his hand again. "I practically raised him; in fact I did, so you can not say that you will be destroying him."

Yuudai remained silent, looking at Hisoka as if he had never seen anything like him. He flexed his fingers unconsciously, but eventually nodded.

"Then we need to find that child's body, and then run back to Meifu, where we will be safe," he finally responded. Hisoka slumped in relief, taking Yuudai's hand gently in his.

"Thank you, so much, I know this must hurt you," he whispered.

Yuudai only paused, and for the longest moment, studied the boy in front of him. His deep violet eyes finally slipped closed, and a clawed hand reached out and took Hisoka's hand off of his own. "You've become far too kind, Hisoka-chan. You aren't anything like you were back then," his tone was carefree but there was a definite regretful tone. Hisoka needn't be an empath to know that these changes weren't being taken lightly for the demon.

"Yeah well," Hisoka sighed. "You aren't exactly the uncaring one you used to be."

Yuudai paused before letting out an airy chuckle. "Yes, I suppose you're right."

They sat in silence for a long time, each reveling in the changes everything has gone through. Hisoka finally shook the demon beside him. "Where would Yuu's body be kept?" He asked.

Yuudai snorted, shrugging his shoulders. "The plan was to allow him to grow up inside of you, making the process faster than what it normally would have been since he is receiving a human's energy," he explained. "Humans grow faster than the average high class demon, so I suppose, if the boy is around ten now…then it worked. However, the body would have decayed immediately once the soul was placed inside yours. This would require another body to be made…"

Yuudai seemed to pause, and suddenly his eyes widened. "Another body needs to be made, of course!" His words were careful, but eventually the excitement and accomplishment in his eyes met his tone of voice. He turned to the eternal teenager next to him, and got down from the stone table.

"What-Hold on, where are we going?" Hisoka asked as he was led out. Yuudai only waved his finger, and Hisoka puffed his cheeks, miffed.

He at least deserved an answer.


"He left on his own?" Sen was confused, but when the servant bowed and pointed in the direction puppy had walked off, his confusion was turned into understanding. His pup had walked off to see his partner's corpse again, for what was the millionth time in that past decade. Sen really couldn't understand this activity, since a dead man could not emit emotions. Besides, going form the High Masters reasoning, the boy should be following someone who is emitting a lot of emotions.

Was someone else visiting that tomb? Was someone visiting that place with strong emotions? Sen shook himself of the thought and folded his arms in displeasure, continuing down the hall. No one was allowed inside the tomb except puppy, direct orders from the High Master. Not a single demon or damned human went against the High Master, so an intruder was out of the question.

It was purely instinct then, that the boy was going down there. Tsuzuki Asato was the only source of comfort for the child when Hisoka had first come and stayed in Meifu, so it only made sense to automatically go to him. Sen had watched his puppy stand for hours on end beside the man at one time before he grew bored of observing and left. However, never had the child snuck off like this in the middle of night just to see the man, and it made Sen a little suspicious.

The boy was definitely watching him last night.

Sen stopped, shaking his head. No, puppy was locked inside that mind of his for good, if only to escape what happened ten years ago…among other things as well. He tapped his chin, deep in thought, before a hand was placed on his shoulder, alerting him to another's presence.

"Ren," he greeted, almost on instinct.

"What ails you master?" Ren asked, stepping around him so they could be in front of each other.

"Nothing at all," Sen responded, shaking his head. "I'm searching for puppy."

"I saw the boy head down to the tomb, as per usual," Ren answered back, almost proudly to know the solution. "He seemed different this time, though."

Sen gazed at him harshly. "Different?"

"Yes, you know, more aware than he has been," Ren didn't seem to be bothered by this new fact, but it certainly unsettled Sen, who knew what the child was capable of if lost sight of. The boy was slippery and Sen was to bet that he had finally woken up.

"Come, Ren, we are to follow," he barked, striding down the hallway, Ren at his heels.


"Where are we going?" Hisoka asked, stumbling along behind the demon grasping and pulling at his hand. He was confused, had been since Yuudai suddenly exclaimed something silly and bounded off, making sure to drag him along.

"We are going to see the doll maker," Yuudai said. "I know his daughter, pretty little thing. Anyway, if they are indeed in charge of making that shell for the child, then she will give it to us in no time."

"You seem confident," Hisoka snapped, a little irritated. Yuu was restless inside of him, and Hisoka didn't want to leave the child for a long period of time. However, it seemed he had no choice, and, muttering a quick apologizing, continued to stumble after the hyper active demon.

"That girl was to be my bride, a long time ago," Yuudai explained. "We were best friends you see, so it made perfect sense. Turns out she had fallen in love with the blacksmith down the road from her home. I figured she would be happier with him, so I gave up on her. She still loves me though, just in a sisterly way."

"That whole back story wasn't needed you know," Hisoka said mildly. Yuudai only turned to look at him again, a smirk on his face.

"That's the Hisoka-chan I know and love," he said.

"Yeah, yeah shut up," Hisoka snapped, stumbling again as Yuudai ran out of the front gates and into the courtyard.


"Wah! Muraki-san are you sure you want to?" A young girl inquired, standing up from her place on the floor to sit with the man in white on the floor. Ten years ago this man had stumbled into her home, looking like he had gotten beaten up by a bus. He was kind, always had a smile ready for her, but there was an evil in him that she couldn't just disregard. Ever since he arrived she had been on the alert, but now, a decade later, he hadn't done anything more than her laundry. So when the kind man said he wanted to go to the great fortress where the High Master resided, she was appropriately worried.

"I'm pretty sure they think I'm dead," he said, eating his crackers slowly. "Don't be worried Yami-chan, I'll come back by tomorrow night."

Yami puffed her cheeks, clearly unhappy with the answer, but her argument fell short when her husband walked in, wiping sweat off his forehead.

"Stop bothering him Yami and come help me," he chided lightly. "If he wants to get himself killed, let him."

"Thanks for your concern," Muraki responded dryly.

"No problem, but could you get dinner started Muraki-kun?" The demon asked, ushering his wife in the back room, where she was still spouting protests.

"I suppose," Muraki agreed, standing up and making his way down the hall, where the kitchen was located. It was his job to cook and clean, while the two demon love birds made their little toys and gadgets. In fact, he had inquired about their most recent project to Yami, but she only smiled and shook her head, telling him lightly that it was a secret. Muraki didn't have to be a genius to figure it was an order from up top.

That was why he had to make a move now, when activity was just starting up again. It had been bugging him for a while, considering he had left his fiancé and life behind to hide out in Hell, but it was technically now or never. He opened the door softly and made his way to the stove, taking out all the utensils and ingredients, before putting a pot onto the stove.

Sairus and Yami had been together a long time; much, much longer before he arrived, but Sairus was still very wary around him.

Muraki sighed, shrugging his shoulders and continuing to slice the fruits.

It wasn't until he heard the front door open that he stopped all of his thoughts and look towards the hallway. Voices, two of them, but one was louder than the other.

"Oi! Yami, Sairus you here?"

Muraki shrugged, figuring they would answer to their own visitors until the second person spoke.

"Yuudai, maybe they aren't here, we should go."

Yuudai, Sen's child. So he was alive after all. Muraki turned towards the hallway again, trying to place that second voice. That soft but incredibly cold voice, one that belonged to a mere child…

Muraki smiled suddenly, his brain finally putting that voice to a face.

It was Bouya, so he was alive as well.

Setting the orange down and taking the pot off of the burner, Muraki stepped out into the hallway, walking towards the duo with a slow, measured pace. Surely Bouya must have felt him by now. However, as he came to the main room he saw the young demon holding onto the boy, looking around the house carefully. It wasn't until his eyes met his form that he stopped.

"My, my, if it isn't fathers little slave," Yuudai was immediately on the offensive, trying to shield Hisoka as much as he could.

Muraki smirked. "Turns out working for him wasn't my thing, I decided to come and live here."

"You just happen to stop by at the doll makers place? How strange," Yuudai countered, eyeing the white demon with distaste. For the life of he could not remember this mans name, even though he has definitely fought with his before. Shifting himself in front of Hisoka again, he was prepared for the inevitable comeback, until the door opposite him opened.

"Yuudai is that really you?" A voice asked, the form of the person following. He smiled warmly at the sight of Yami, and gave her a big hug as she came running at him.

"Calm down little firecracker, how have you been?" He asked, ignoring Hisoka's confusion and strange silence from behind him.

"Nothing much, nothing much," she sighed happily, looking over his shoulder to see Hisoka standing there, unknowingly making his fidget.

"Who's this?" She asked pleasantly, though her black eyes had come to rest on his heart. Hisoka shifted again, this time noticeably.

"Ah, uh yes! This is Hisoka-chan, my mate," Yuudai said nervously, going to usher him out form behind him. "Hisoka-chan, this is Yami-chan, and her husband Sairus-kun should be around here somewhere."

"I'm happy you found someone," she smiled, holding out her hand for him to shake. "As you heard, my name is Yami, nice to meet you."

Hisoka hesitated, looking at the hand as if it were foreign, before gently grasping it, swallowing down the wave of unguarded emotions as he did. This woman was suspicious of him, and judging by her certainty, knew exactly who he was. Hisoka coughed, shifting behind Yuudai once more, hoping the older demon would get the hint. Luckily for him, the woman seemed to understand his discomfort, as her attentions went to Yuudai again.

"I'm starting to understand that you're here on business?" She asked, almost a little playfully. Hisoka wondered briefly if they have gone through this before.

"I'm here to inquire about the project," Yuudai was bullshitting the all knowing smirk, but he was wording his questions right to get an answer. Hisoka guessed he must have had some sort of practice.

"The doll is done, has been for eight years now," she informed. "We have fueled it with all the right energy sources and it can now function with a soul…is that why the boy is here?"

"Yes, the child, Yuu, is ready for his body," Yuudai explained.

"Once the child is placed inside the doll, the soul will mold the body to shape what it should look like: age, hair, eyes, body type and so on and so forth," Yami explained, leading them to the back, but Hisoka couldn't help shake the feeling that her eyes were focused only on him when she said this.

"You always do so well," Yuudai complimented.

"Oh I know," she smirked back at him, stopping in front of what looked like a large refrigerator. "The doll should be readily preserved…"

Slipping on a pair of gloves, Yami reached out and grabbed what looked like just a bunch of carefully put together parts. Setting it on the table behind her none of them noticed Muraki entering the room, watching as he leaned against a wall. Hisoka himself side stepped around the other side of the table at the beckoning of the man sitting there, quite cautious and alert.

"How long have you two been connected?" The man asked to Hisoka.

"Ten years," was the quick response.

"Okay then," he smiled kindly, patting his blonde hair and holding onto his hand. "I want you to squeeze my hand as hard as you can alright?"

"Yes," Hisoka responded, as quickly as the last one. It was a slow build up at first, like the man was just pulling something uncomfortable out of his heart, but the pressure soon grew until he was yanking. Hisoka shut his eyes tightly against the pain; unconsciously squeezing the very life out of the strange demon's clawed hand. His breathing was becoming far more frantic.

"It hurts Soka."

"Yuu let go," he whispered, not realizing he had spoken out loud. Yuudai placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, gently squeezing it.

"Are you sure?"

He briefly nodded, making a small sound in his throat, as if confirming something no one else could hear.


The separation was fast, so much so that the eternal teen stumbled back a bit from the recoil. Yuudai caught him cleanly as he watched Sairus place the soul within the body quickly, before it began to dissipate. Silence, everything was still, before the distinct cracking of bones was heard and skin was slowly molding itself around the doll like body.

Hisoka watched, morbidly fascinated, until it all stopped, not a thing moving.

"He's not breathing," Yami whispered to Sairus, who went over to the doll, checking to see if he was breathing.

"He's breathing," Sairus announced. A little movement of the shoulders and arms before crisp yellow eyes opened slowly.

"Big brother," Yuu whispered.


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