Title: Demon Obsession
Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Horror/Romance
Category: Yami no Matsuei
Warnings: Slash between Tsuzuki/Hisoka, one-sided Muraki/Hisoka, Muraki/Tsuzuki, and Tatsumi/Watari, OC's.
Summary: Tsuzuki's demon side has surfaced and he wants nothing more than to return to hell. Not without a mate, and he will do anything to bind Hisoka to him for eternity, willing or not.

Notes: w00t! Chapter eight! This of course means I am not as dead as previously thought by everyone. Anyway, I have no outline for this chapter, so I'm just gonna wing it! This will be an adventure for all of us! This is the last chapter by the way, so I hope you all enjoy it. Everyone who put this on the alert or favorite list, and never reviewed, should do that at the end of this one! It makes me happy. By the way, a lot of people die at the end of this chapter.

Gaspeth! On with the story!

-Chapter Eight-

"Big brother," Yuu whispered, a small hand reaching out. The scene would have been rather adorable, if the child in question didn't look so pained and worn out. Hisoka hesitated, but eventually reached his own hand out and grasped the boy's own, feeling immediate warmth flowing into him.

These emotions, Hisoka thought. These emotions are my own.

"So that is the next demon king," Muraki said from the doorway, stepping up to take a good look. "Not very impressive, if I may comment."

"Get the fuck out of here," Yuudai hissed, purple eyes glaring fiercely. "You'll just ruin everything."

Muraki glanced at him, completely unaffected, but turned his gaze to Yami instead. "And? For your services, what will you be asking?" He said. She only looked to her husband, eyes imploring.

Hisoka was aware that they were all talking to one another -some more harshly than others- but he didn't care. Yuu was trying to get up off the workbench and back into Hisoka's arms, where the young Shinigami cradled him gently. After spending a decade in the presence of only the young demon child, Hisoka had built a rather loving attachment to him. He had no idea how to love, and had been uncertain when the boy was growing up, but apparently, he did just fine. Hisoka gave a shadow of a smile to Yuu, who grinned widely right back at him, fisting the folds of Hisoka's yukata in his new fingers.

Yuu wiped shining black out of his eyes, and immediately felt the difference between having a soul like body, and a physical one. It was heavier, that was for sure, because he had more than enough trouble trying to lift even an arm or his head. Growing increasingly weary -that separation taking a bit out of him too, Yuu set his head down against his elder brother's chest, immediately hearing a peculiar thumping sound. Although unfamiliar, it was soothing to the child, and his yellow eyes slipped, closing against the familiar warmth of his Hisoka.

"Yuu, don't fall asleep now alright, that's one more person we have to get," Hisoka's soft voice interrupted his near slumber, and he glanced up again. It was the first time the young demon noticed how drained his brother looked. He could hear voices getting louder in the background, but it was fuzzy, him hearing only that strange thumping sound and his brothers breathing. Yuu frowned slightly. They were going to be getting another? He already didn't like the foul mouthed, mean, purple eyed man, so who else could they possibly add to the load?

Yuu suddenly felt a rather unfamiliar emotion, and judging how Hisoka's face suddenly shifted to worry, he felt it too. Were they emotionally connected from sharing one body for so long? The empath looked down at the small boy in his arms, his brow furrowing in what could have been concern.

"Jealousy is a dangerous emotion Yuu," Hisoka whispered to him, almost slipping into the 'I-know-from-experience' tone.

Yuu frowned. Jealousy? Was that what this constricting, angry feeling was? All he knew was what Hisoka had felt for all those years, and saw only what Hisoka had seen as well. In fact, all he had was his big brother. Was that what that feeling meant? That someone you knew and loved -the only person you knew for that matter, was going to give his attentions to another? Yuu didn't like it; he didn't like it at all.

The demon clutched at his older brother tightly still, feeling that painful sting again. Jealousy, if it was such a bad emotion, than why did it feel so powerful in his chest. The emotion was washing away the aches and pains from the separation and even made moving the physical limbs easier. Dangerous, his brother said it was a dangerous emotion, yet it made him move freely. Yuu noticed that Hisoka was speaking, pointing an accusing tone at the white haired man, and he felt another spark of jealousy. He didn't like it when his big brother was paying attention to someone else.

He wanted Hisoka's attention.

He wanted it to be all on him, just like before. He wanted to be the only one that his big brother ever looked at. Why would he need these people anyway, when he had him to take care of? Yuu clutched the fabric of Hisoka's yukata even tighter, his face twitching in anger. It wasn't fair, he had known Hisoka the longest, he had comforted him after Hisoka gave up from searching for someone, he was the one to talk to him, play with him, even teach the boy to pay attention to the little details in a persons mind. He was the one, it was all him, so why were these people trying to take his place?

Yuu growled softly, too softly for anyone but him to hear. It wasn't fair, he had been there when he first saw the Shinigami cry, he had been there when Hisoka finally opened up because he had been there the whole time

Was his brother replacing him? No…Hisoka would never do that to him, never ever. It was the people here; they were making him interact with them. They were making his big brother neglect him. Yuu's eyes narrowed further, and he immediately locked onto the flash of power that coursed through him, as Hisoka directed his attention to the purple eyed bastard.

They would all pay.


The creaking of a large door opening was heard, and light flowed in from the open doorway. White stones were placed carefully and evenly in the room, the deceased demons lying atop them, preserved, still peaceful even though a newcomer had come into their territory. Sen stepped through the doorway, walking purposefully towards the white stone in the middle of the room. Snapping his fingers, the flames on the walls burst to life, and all was visible. Ren stepped beside his master, unsure of what to do next. Sen was still staring at the stone resting piece, eyes burning.

"He was in his right mind," Sen whispered abruptly, breaking the silence. Ren shifted uneasily, catching the bare hint of annoyance in the other mans voice.

"Tell me Ren, am I a fool?" Sen asked, swiveling around to face the other demon. Ren shook his head, bowing slightly.

"You are my master, and thus, you are greater than from what I could ever judge," he replied. He could feel his master's eyes burning into the back of his neck.

"A good, safe answer my young slave," Sen murmured, almost fondly if not for the angry fire flashing through his gaze. "It seems that even the great general of the demon army can make mistakes. However, do you know how crucial this mistake is?"

Ren shook his head.

"I fear that if we do not recapture the child and my son soon, then I will be put to death," Sen said casually, walking back out of the tomb calmly but with a panicked undertone. Ren blinked and glanced back at the white stone, snapping his fingers to turn off the lights, and following his master dutifully out of the chamber.


Yuudai couldn't remember what everyone had been arguing about, but even Hisoka had gotten into it towards the end, yelling at Muraki about one thing or another. That was when he had noticed; the room had grown considerably colder, unbearably so. Nobody seemed to notice, but Yuudai had immediately sensed that it wasn't natural. That was before everything suddenly went dark; so much so that he couldn't see his hand from right up in his face. He couldn't see, but he could hear everyone panicking around him. The closest to him, the white demon, wasn't making any noise or struggle, but Yuudai could definitely feel his surprise and sudden fright.

Yuudai stood perfectly still, knowing that someone was bound to hit him eventually, if the rustling was any indication.

That's strange, he thought, why are they all silent but moving? I can't hear any voices.

Surely his mate would be calling to him by now, maybe even Yami, because he knew for a fact that she was afraid of the dark, no matter what her name might indicate. Stepping forward he suddenly winced, feeling something holding onto his shirt. Turning around, prepared, all he could see were bright yellow eyes before everything went quiet.


Muraki swiveled on the spot, hearing something like a body hitting the floor right next to him. His mismatched eyes scanned the area, unsure and a little apprehensive, but he couldn't see anything more than darkness. It was strange, and he wondered for a moment if he was the only one experiencing this. However, the panicked movement of the other occupants of the room made him quite aware of the sticky situation.

Find the door, it should be right behind you, he thought. That was a little bit of a problem though, because when he had been arguing, he had faced many different directions. He couldn't remember which way was which anymore. Swallowing the ever growing fear building within him, he reached his hand back, stepping carefully in the same direction.

He just had to feel for a wall-

"Where are you going?"

Muraki stopped, blinking and searching for the source, but he couldn't even see beyond his nose, so surely he couldn't see-

A child was standing in from of him, illuminated by something or another but definitely there.

"Where are you going Muraki-sensei?" The boy asked.

The puppet, Muraki's mind automatically went towards the answer, and he swallowed something akin to fear back down. This child was dangerous, Muraki could tell, and he immediately understood why he could only see the boy.

The demon child was the source of the darkness.

Muraki took a step back, only to have the child rush forward, peering up at him with eerie yellow eyes. Suddenly, that was all he could see.

"Hisoka told me about you," the boy said. "Hisoka said that you were the cause of his death, which you made him suffer." Muraki stiffened.

This was the demon heir.

This child could easily kill any first class demon if he so wished. If he remembered before the lights went out, the kid had been clutching this demon to him like a lifeline. Did the young sixteen year old send this child to finish everyone off for him, or was he unaware like everyone else?

Clearly, the demon was giving into his true nature of slaughter and blood.

"Don't worry, the purple eyed man fell before you, so you have at least that to look forward to mister," the boy giggled.

Muraki fell to the floor, suddenly aware that he felt as light as air before he hit the ground.


"Yuu? Where is he?" Hisoka whispered, feeling blindly from where he stood, unable to walk for reasons he didn't even know. He had been insulting Muraki (calling him fat at one point) and then suddenly everything went dark and cold. It wasn't so bad, not at first, even for him who was frightened of the dark, but Yuu had slipped out his arms so suddenly, and he started to panic.

"Yuu, answer me!" He called again, but nothing responded, not a single person in this room could be heard beyond his own breathing. Beyond his own breathing…Hisoka didn't even realize how labored his breathing was. He always panicked in the dark, especially so if he couldn't even hear anything beyond himself.

That was why Tsuzuki was always there, and when he held out his hand, Hisoka would always brush it away for the sack of his pride.


He still had that, but even his pride isn't a very good companion in the dark. No matter what he told himself whenever Tsuzuki reached out for him, there was always that small blush and flutter somewhere inside that made him feel wanted for once in his life. The darkness made him feel alone, really alone. He didn't want that, not since he met Tsuzuki, and certainly not now that he spent a decade beside Yuu.

Hisoka took in a large gulp of air, squeezing his eyes shut. He had to calm down, if he freaked out now, then he wouldn't be able to save Tsuzuki. He'd have to spend an eternity alone. Opening emerald eyes he calmed his breathing completely, a sense of fierce anger coursing through him. If Tsuzuki left him now, then he would just have to drag the man back forcefully, darkness or anything be damned.

It wasn't until he felt another body clinging to him that he snapped out of his thoughts, hands groping for the small body hugging him tightly. Yuu had come back after all. Hisoka shut his eyes, and Yuu's gentle voice pierced through to him at last, the first sound in what felt like forever.

"Sleep now, big brother, no one will ever have you again."

He knew nothing more.



It certainly was colorful when he was unconscious wasn't it?

"Oh good, you're awake, I was worried there for a minute," a voice claimed happily, and Yuudai blinked, suddenly feeling as if he knew that voice. I hadn't heard it in so long, he thought. Who always sounded so fake?

The answer hit him full force.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" He sat up so abruptly his head swam for a moment, but it didn't even faze him, not when he's staring right into the eyes of his human half. The half of him that should have been dead. Asato only blinked, before smiling.

"Nice to see you too," he answered wistfully, sitting down beside his demon side, after so long.

Yuudai looked at him imploringly, finally snorting and lying back down, realizing how exhausted he was. "You seem happy for a man with no body," he said at last, breaking the stillness of their surroundings.

"And you seem unhappy for a man with one," Asato said, turning to grin at him. Yuudai shifted uncomfortably, choosing to turn his head away.

They sat in silence for a moment or two, before Yuudai opened his mouth to say something, but Asato beat him to it.

"How is he?" the red eyed man whispered, worry and sorrow filling his voice.

"Fine actually…but he has a kid," Yuudai responded.

"He reproduced!" Asato cried, turning sharply to stare at his other. Yuudai only blinked, but his previous statement came back to him, and he growled at the stupidity. Sitting up he clocked his human on the head before leaning back and staring at the dancing lights again. No, Hisoka did not have that child, but the child certainly has him. Yuudai knew the demon boy was dangerous; his mate just did not listen. Sighing, he opened his mouth to explain.

"You know your energy was used to fuel Hisoka-chan's body right?" Yuudai asked, and at the nod he received, the young demon continued. "Well, the demon spawn has grown, and Hisoka-chan is quite attached to the wretched thing. I knew something like this would happen though, I knew, but I didn't want to make him unhappy."

"What, what can the boy do?" Asato asked.

"That demon boy is quite capable of murder and bloodshed; it just needed the right motivation. I felt it actually," Yuudai paused. "The demon spawn is very possessive of our mate, and gets easily jealous or angry when others are talking to Hisoka-chan. The demon has great powers that much is for sure. He can create a blank, dark world so easily, even I was surprised."

"Then Hisoka…" Asato trailed off, but his eyes met deep violet. "What can we do?"

"You are nothing more than essence within my body now, your life energy within Hisoka-chan," Yuudai chewed his lip a little, before continuing. "If we can separate again, right now, then I can retrieve your energy within our mate and revive you."

"Won't Hisoka's body collapse after using my energy for so long?" Asato asked, unsure and very nervous. Yuudai nodded.

"Probably, but he'll recover," Yuudai said. "He is strong enough to get through something like that." He stood up, wiping imaginary dust off himself. Asato looked imploringly up at him, but nodded.

"I'm surprised you even want to do this," Asato responded carefully.

"I don't, but you are clearly the only one that can make him happy," Yuudai said, stepping back and away, taking his position carefully. "Anyway, are you ready?"

The same black hole in the ceiling was opening up for them again, getting a little bigger with every passing second. The small butterflies around them floated lazily and Asato grabbed a bright emerald one, holding onto it as he took Yuudai's hand. They both leaped up and out, away from their small world, and into reality.

Asato looked back, just as they were going through, and smiled. Yuudai glanced at him, whispering softly to him: "He loves only you Asato, you need not be frightened of rejection."

They broke through, separate.


Something always seemed to happen to the bad guys, that no matter how smart or how diligent they were, the good guys would always win. In all the story books, children were told about the brave knight and the evil dragon, or the bad witch and the good witch. The good will always conquer the evil, because that was just how it was supposed to be. If you are bad, then you will be beaten down again, until the sequel or the next episode, depending if it's a book or show.

Sen always lived by this aspect, because he knew many generals before him that were smart and still, luck allowed them to perish. Always, in every story the good guy finds something with a stroke of luck, which allows him to conquer the evil doer. That was why Sen had always been careful, because he knew, without a doubt, that the good guys would get lucky again. It was all elementary, and it always worked.

Sen had traveled the world with these thoughts, and with every new book he read, in every new place, the message was still the same.

If you are a bad guy, you will be defeated. Simple as that.

And with all these years knowing this, following it, living by the rule, Sen still found himself laughing at his own stupidity. He practically let the boy walk out of the castle, with his son, and to their freedom. He practically let the young demon child growing within puppy's shell grow and mature into something not quite right. He chuckled again at the turn of events as he walked into the courtyard and walking to the gate.

All the stories.

All of them told the same thing.

Sen had forgotten something though, when he first brought his puppy here to Hell. He forgot that all of the stories had the damsel in distress, the young princess that had been captured by the evil one. He had forgotten that it was always her, in the classic good and evil tales, which drove the good to succeed. Sen had simply forgotten, and that was going to be his downfall.

After living for so long, never giving the luck over to the good, he let it slip through his fingers, and now the good had the upper hand again. The righteous had the upper hand simply because they were that way.

He was doomed from the start, and now he was on a battlefield with nothing going for him. It didn't matter though, it never did for him. Back then, he was happy, watching his son grow up reading those stories of good and evil. To think, for the sake of his traitorous child, Sen actually thought about going over to the good, simply so his son could live safely. He dismissed it of course, and instead decided to train the boy, make him strong, cruel even.

His son, whom wasn't even his own, was going to be his downfall.

Kurosaki Hisoka, the weakest Shinigami was going to play the biggest part in destroying Hell.

Tsuzuki Asato, the cursed human, was going to get everything he ever wanted simply because he was on the good side. That man was the light, his son the black, and puppy the gray.

That meant he was the red. He was the color of blood. He was going to get washed away from the wound simply because he was evil. It didn't matter anymore though.

Sen stepped out into the streets, walking lazily to the doll maker's home.

Who knows, maybe he'll get lucky.


Yuudai awoke immediately, his purple gaze falling onto the prone body beside him. At first, he sighed, knowing he would have to carry Asato's deadweight everywhere, but more thought gave him a lot more worry. Yami and Sairus, lying before him, were out cold, and the white demon lay not to far away, also unconscious. His mate was gone, and he felt involuntary panic for the briefest moment.

Beyond that, he felt his fathers ki signature approaching. Slow, but still on the way to the little doll shop.

Yuudai was thankful he was able to shape what little of Asato's essence within him into a body, but he still needed his mate's energy whom was currently missing. Sitting up he shook his head clear from the dizzy spell and stood up, walking briskly over to his other half's side and hoisting him over his shoulder. The position was probably uncomfortable for the human, but Yuudai just couldn't find himself giving a damn.

Muttering a quick apology to Yami and Sairus (who were still unconscious), he quickly left, being sure to cover his energy signature as he went. He needed to get out of this place as soon as possible, and with Asato dead on his shoulder and his mate gone, things weren't looking too good at the moment.

Carefully setting his load behind a thick set of trees and other plant life, he looked around quickly.

"Damn it all," he muttered, reaching into his clothing to produce nothing. "They took everything, even the fuda I stole from Asato." Kicking his human half lightly in the side in irritation he plopped himself on the ground, rubbing his forehead. He had no real options, and he didn't think waltzing into the fortress was going to be a good idea. He could try and find Hisoka's energy but he had a feeling it would be blocked by that little demon child.

"The boy's attack was sparked by jealousy," Yuudai murmured to himself. "He would take Hisoka to a place where they would be alone." The more he thought about it, the more Yuudai got frustrated.

"He lived within Hisoka-chan for a long time, thus he would go to places Hisoka-chan would have visited," he pondered. "I would think my mate would be in his room, but that would have been guarded, hallways out of the question…the tomb chamber?"

A sudden spark lit in his eyes, and he swore loudly to himself, feeling a bit of hope returning. Of course, the tomb was dark, not well known and it was where his mate spent most of his time, if he could gather how they had first met again. Bolting to a standing position again he turned to Asato, looking at him with distinct annoyance.

"As much as I would love to use your dead weight as a human shield, you'll be too much of a burden," he said. "I'll set up a barrier around your body, run in, get Hisoka, extract the energy, and then drag you both back to the human realm." Satisfied with his work, he set up a rather temporary kekai, and ran swiftly back through the grand doors, wondering not for the first time where all the guards were.

Closing the door softly Yuudai ran silently through the long halls, taking more twists and turns than he could even remember taking the last time. Cursing the length of the fortress he skidded to a halt, breathing heavily as he opened the large doors. It was dark, and Yuudai cursed the fact that this place didn't have electricity like the humans up above. Calmly stepping in, he took the torch from the side wall, it immediately lighting upon his touch.

"Yuu, I know you're here," he said softly, stiffening as his heightened sense of sight picked up quick movement. "I just want to talk for moment, little one." He was being nice, and it made him cringe inwardly, but he trudged on, picking up on the sounds of movement.

"Yuu listen to me," he tried again. "If you don't give Hisoka-chan back, then he will be in a lot of danger. He'll be killed, and I know for a fact that you don't want that to happen."

"Then I will kill them."

At last, a response, and even though it sounded very wrong to his sharp ears, Yuudai pressed on. "Yuu, if you kill them, Hisoka-chan will be safe, and we can all protect him, together," he said softly, taking a step forward. "You can go after them Yuu, but right now we need to get Hisoka-chan out of here."

If the High Master, his father and Ren could get in a battle with Yuu, then it had a good chance of destroying them all. The older demon could not risk this young child to run free, his spirit was just too impure, even if Hisoka had raised him. It was a sacrifice Yuudai was willing to make if it meant getting the fuck out of there.

"Where do they reside?"

Is he really going to kill them? Yuudai thought. "They are further above, Yuu, but I believe two of your greater enemies are back at the doll shop, or heading there now," he crossed his fingers behind his back, hoping against hope that the child would take the bait.

"I shall kill them then, but not before showing you something."

Shit! It was all he could manage until a wave of colors and lights flooded his vision, and immediately his gaze fell on the two in front of him. It was his human half and his mate, holding hands and looking out in the distance together. The young demon child sat in his human half's lap, talking and laughing with the two of them. His mate was smiling, and Yuudai had never seen anything like it before.

As quickly as it started, it receded again, and he had to blink to get back into focus again from the dark room. He clutched his head, trying to clear the spots in his vision.

"That is the future," the child grabbed onto his hand and Yuudai looked down, suddenly wary. "A future you don't even exist in."

Yuudai opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again but nothing came out. Yuu smiled almost sadly.

"When I came here, hoping to merge with my brother again, I saw this," he said. "My jealousy is ill-placed and…I can't protect my brother, not when he dearly wishes for someone else."

Yuudai only blinked.

"Take him, revive the red eyed man, and leave," Yuu said. "I know I will make it out of this okay, because I am there in the future, however…you were not, so I'd watch myself if I were you."

The older of the two demons closed his eyes, dropping a hand down on the boy's head and petted the soft hair. It was midnight black, just like his. They were brothers, just two out of thousands but brothers none the less. Born of a deceiving shape shifter and the High Master himself, they were two in the same boat.

"Alright then, try not to get yourself mutilated," he said, walking over to the stone table where he was sleeping once, gazing down on the young Shinigami's sleeping features. "I'll be taking him then." Handling him with a lot more care than he had with his human half Yuudai took off at a run, down the corridors and back outside, exiting the grounds swiftly and silently.

He bit his lip violently, and forced himself not to look back. Yuu would be facing against the High Master anytime now, and he knew, the boy wouldn't win. He was too young; too naïve, but…he did have the power. The demon skidded to a halt beside Asato, gently placing his mate on the soft grass next to his human half. Yuudai drew his first two fingers away from the others and laid them gently onto Hisoka's chest, where his heart was. Slowly, he brought his fingers up, drawing a thin thread from them, and he moved those same fingers to Asato's chest.

This was it, he knew. These two would be together again, and he would just be there.

That's not true; you're not even that according to the future he thought bitterly. Standing up and peering up at the castle again, he ran a hand through his hair, sighing.

"Fuck," he muttered, shooting glares at the two on the ground, as if they were at fault. "Well, the audience always loved the handsome, self sacrificing kind of guy." Movement was heard, and he looked down again, this time Asato was shifting, almost uncomfortably. Yuudai waited.

"Where am I?" Asato asked sleepily.

"In Hell…still," Yuudai responded, returning his gaze to the fortress, where he could feel high levels of energy erupting. The child was losing; he knew that for a fact. Maybe not yet, but he would, eventually, because the High Master was evil and darkness himself. The boy just didn't stand a chance.

Asato yawned, stretching limbs that seemed to be too sluggish for his liking. He propped himself up, his gaze finally falling onto the person next to him. His eyes widened, and with great force, dragged himself even closer to his precious partner, noting how pale he was. "Hisoka, Hisoka wake up," he urged, spooning him up into his lap. Asato almost laughed at how light he still was.

"He won't wake up, not now," Yuudai said. "I just transferred his energy; you'll have to give him time." Asato went to hiss a scathing remark, but he stopped, noting the worried expression on the demon's face. His hardened purple gaze was trained diligently on the fortress, and it seemed he was having a mental war with himself. Shifting the young Shinigami in his grasp, Asato stood up, feeling immediately as if he was going to fall flat on his face. Since when was it so hard to walk?

"Put him down, and then get used to moving," Yuudai spoke up again. "We're in a safe place, a barrier, so you should be fine walking for a bit." Asato wanted to shake him, wake the demon from whatever trance he was in, but resisted. If Yuudai was paying that much attention to the fortress, then maybe leaving him alone would be better.

Moving his gaze, it fell on the sleeping boy in his arms. He remembered the times when the boy would fall asleep out of nowhere because of his lack of sleep. Asato always carried him home, and relished those brief times when he could have the anti social, cold boy near him. He had spent such a long time alone, in a dark place where he felt nothing but fear. He had revisited memories, every one of them in fact.

He had put his demons to rest, at least for now.

He had loved Ruka deeply, past the point of sibling love (1). He had been in love with his sister, and when he saw the villagers pillaging the little cottage by the stream that day, and saw his sister being dragged out and beaten, he lost it. In his anger he had destroyed his sister as well, the one thing he had so dearly loved. He never recovered, he knew, but Hisoka…this boy had never even known what love was. Asato, now that he thought about it, got to experience it at least once, if only for a short while.

Hisoka…he loved him as much as he loved Ruka. And during that time of darkness, she told him it was okay, that she had never once hated him, not once.

Setting his partner on the ground gently, he walked up to his demon, looking at the man with pity. Yuudai had known love at least once too, but he was cruel, his demon was cruel because that was just how they were meant to be. Asato knew that Yuudai could not love Hisoka, not how the boy should be loved.

"We must escape," Yuudai interrupted his thoughts, those purple eyes looking at him now. "We have to get out of here quickly. We'll have to find a way to open a door to the human realm again."

"What's wrong? You seem upset," Asato asked.

"Nothing," the reply was clipped and cold, but the demon had averted his eyes again, and stepped back and away.

"Yuudai…" Asato sighed, staring after him as he bent to pick Hisoka up.

"I'm bigger, stronger, and faster," Yuudai said suddenly. "I'll carry him." Carrying him will stop me from going back to the fortress.

Asato didn't argue, but looked back at the castle again, shaking his head and walking after Yuudai.


"Muraki wake up! Kazutaka can you hear me?"

Mismatched eyes opened blearily, blinking rapidly in order to clear their fuzzy vision. Muraki sat up slowly, brushing silver hair out of his way irritably. He remembered the child, fell unconscious, and then felt suffocated by the amount of nightmares he had received. He shook his head to clear the junk from his thoughts, allowing Yami to help him drink some water.

"What happened? Are you hurt?" He asked her, taking the glass carefully in his grasp.

"No, we're not," she sounded relieved as she indicated to her husband in the background, whom was mulling around aimlessly. "That was weird though, and it could have only been the demon heir, I saw his eyes before passing out."

Muraki nodded, standing up with Yami's help and looked around. He stepped out of the room, mad his way to the from room and opened the front door, peeking his head outside and checking the streets. Yuudai was gone, and bouya was as well, which automatically meant the demon disaster was gone as well. He sighed, shutting the door behind him with a click, and turned.

It was then he stopped short.

Serinium Sen stood in front of him; arms crossed and had adopted that elegantly bored expression. Ren was waiting patiently behind him for an order, and Muraki wouldn't doubt he was practically bouncing on his heels in excitement. He turned to face them fully, hands at his sides in complete calm.

"Now here I thought you had given up the chase ten years ago," Sen stated pleasantly, finding a crease in his clothing and smoothing it out. "Such a shame, I was quite tired of you."

"And here I thought you had finally choked on your ego and suffocated until death," Muraki snapped back, not missing a beat. Sen made a face, as if the comment was in bad taste, but shook his head in the end.

"I'm looking for my little puppy, it seems he's run away from his master," the great demon general sounded almost sad, but Muraki shrugged it off for being inconvenienced. "Also, the little apocalypse is gone too; do you happen to know where they went?"

"No, actually, they left a while ago," Muraki responded.

"I see, then I have no more business here," Sen replied, going to walk past the doctor but was blocked.

"Why leave so soon?" Muraki inquired innocently. "You and I still have a score to settle demon."

Sen opened his mouth, fully prepared to yell at him, but a quick punch to his gut cut him off. Soon after, his head snapped to the side from a well aimed kick, and Ren was shaking from a broken arm. Wiping the blood from his mouth, he looked up at the doctor's burning eyes, smiling at their ferocity. He blocked the next punch easily, but allowed the other fist to smack him in the nose, knocking him down and away. He jumped to his feet, unsheathing his hidden blade and slashing at Muraki's arm, hearing a grunt of pain.

"What is going on in here?" Sairus rushed into the room, fully ready to yell some more but Ren jumped to his feet, swinging his own sword and slashing the younger demon across the chest. Sairus gasped, clutching his wound and stumbling back, pressing his palm against his injury to stop the blood flow. It was a deep cut.

Ren looked up, seeing the doll maker running down the back hall towards them, looking frantic. With a quick glance at Sen and seeing him still in battle, he ran forward, forcing the woman to halt.

Yami raised her hand, sending a wave of energy right down the hall, hitting her target strait on. Shaking her hands, she rushed forward, cutting deep into the servants flesh with her claws, driving the talons deep into the soft skin of Ren's neck. "Don't you ever hurt my husband you fucking bastard," she hissed, withdrawing her hand and stabbing him deep in the heart with his sword.

Sairus stumbled up to her, the wound already healing but closing. He grabbed the hilt of the bloody weapon and shouted for the white clad doctor. Muraki swiveled his head from where he had been knocked onto his back, and raised his hand. Sairus threw it with excellent precision, powering it up briefly with his own demonic energy.

Muraki caught it, raising it quickly to fend off the oncoming blow and parrying the opponents with a quick swipe. Jumping to his feet he thrust forward with his one good arm and closed his eyes against the splash of blood that sprayed towards him. He drove the metal in further, hearing the gasp of pain from Sen. He opened his mismatched eyes, watching Sen's blade clatter to the ground, the man's arms falling limply to his side.

"Like in all the fairytales," Sen rasped. "The bad guy always loses."

Muraki drove the sword in deeper, then ripping it out with anger. "Then how come I'm still alive?" He asked darkly, kicking the bloodied general and stepping back, allowing Yami to hold him.

"Because you're a special type of evil, Muraki-san," Sen whispered, eyes going blank as he fell onto his back.

It was silent for a few minutes before Muraki turned to Yami. "Drag these two to the back room, Sairus will heal me, and I'm going to try and open a portal."

"Is that possible?" She asked, her husband getting to work on fixing his limp limb.

"I don't know, but I'm going to try," he said.

"After this is healed then," Sairus said. "Search for Yuudai and that emerald eyed boy, but be careful, because this mended break still might hurt."


"Did you feel that Yuudai? What immense power," Asato said in awe, running behind his demon half. It had erupted out of nowhere too, from the location of one of the homes. Beyond that, at the fortress, a little tingle in the back of his mind told Asato that something bad was going on there too. He quickly concentrated on running again though, thoughts of Hisoka's safety occupying his thoughts again.

Yuudai skidded to a halt, clutching the boy in his arms almost desperately. You are not part of the future Yuudai, he thought wildly, ignoring Asato's questioning look. You've cheated death long enough, give someone else the chance to have a life.

That was thing, he didn't even want to die, not yet, but his own mind was against him on this one, and his body had long ago wanted to go back and help the demon child. Growling, he turned around, meeting Asato's surprised red orbs, handing his precious burden over. "Take him and get out, a portal should be open by now from the amount of energy passing through down here," Yuudai said.

"I-I can't jump that high Yuudai, besides, where are you going? Why not come with us?" Asato was frantic, but somehow, he knew Yuudai would not be coming back.

"The portal should be on ground level," the demon responded, very softly. "I'll join you, I promise."

Liar, Asato thought suddenly, but nodded and turned to run again.

I know, the demon responded swiftly to him, before he disappeared back to the castle. Asato stopped, turning around to gaze at where his demon had ran to, but he was already out of sight. He didn't know what to do, he had no idea how to find the portal to the human realm, but he also knew staying in one place was a bad idea. Although nobody seemed to be occupying the streets, he knew countless eyes were watching him from inside the homes.

He looked down at his young partner's pale face, briefly smiling at how adorable he looked, but continued forward anyway, this time at a much slower pace. If the portal truly was open on ground level, where all the energy has been sparking, then he had to search for the energy flow.

A tap on his shoulder, however, nearly made him scream.

"Tsuzuki-san, I hope you don't intend to stand here all day, with your partner in such a frail state," a voice said behind him. Asato swallowed, willing it not to be who he thought it was. Turning around he almost cursed his rotten luck, staring almost angrily but nervously into mismatched eyes.

"Actually, I was just leaving," he answered rudely. No way was he going to keep Hisoka in Muraki's presence longer than needed.

"Finding the portal correct?" Muraki asked, still amused. Asato noted for the first time that the doctor's sleeve was stained red, the one he was lightly holding. Still keeping his distance, Asato adopted a questioning look, hoping the man would further explain himself to him.

"It has opened up where I previously was," Muraki continued. "However, I knew that you would still be here, and I can't have my Tsuzuki-san trapped in Hell forever now can I?"

Asato twitched.

"Of course," Muraki added on. "I could always just take the boy and leave you here. It's really your choice Tsuzuki-san."

Asato twitched again. "Fine, lead the way."

"But for my services…" the doctor said.

Oh here it comes, Asato thought.

"…one night with you, alone, no interruptions," Muraki cast a knowing glare at Hisoka's prone form, as if challenging him to pipe up and argue. Asato shifted, eyeing the doctor with distrust.

"Fine, lead me to the portal, but only after we've gone through, will I agree," he said, still clutching Hisoka tightly to him. Muraki seemed almost delighted by this answer, but masked it wonderfully. Turning swiftly on his heel he walked back the way he had come, Asato finding no other option but to follow.

The streets, Asato also noticed, were windy and branched off multiple times, and he marveled at how he was able to run in a strait line so long. His sense of direction had never been outstanding, unlike his night vision. He jumped from his thoughts when his partner started to shift, mumbling quietly.


Asato grinned at the sight of those emerald orbs, and smiled at him, truly relieved to see his partner up and talking to him in what felt like forever. "Hey, how are you feeling?" He asked gently, shifting the boy so he could be closer. His relief and happiness flowed into the young Shinigami, and green eyes drifted shut again.

"This isn't a joke right?" Hisoka asked, voice cracking. "I tried calling you for so long…"

"Yeah, it's me," Asato quickly cut in, noticing Hisoka's eyes were starting to brim with tears. "No need to be sad anymore, I'm right here."

"You idiot," Hisoka stressed, looking up at him, and Asato noticed he was still pale. "I thought you were gone for good." The sixteen year old reached up, wrapping weak arms around his neck, and Asato felt warm wetness on his neck. He smiled lightly to himself, hugging the boy back to him almost fiercely, the reality setting in. He had almost been destroyed for good, leaving his partner all alone.

And Yuudai…

Yuudai would have never been able to take care of Hisoka, even if his heart was in it. His demon half was…well, a demon, and his emotions were too dark for the eternal teenager to handle. Not that he had any right to talk, but at least he knew how to shield. His thoughts were jarred when Muraki stopped in front of a normal looking home, opening the door and stepping inside. Asato brushed past him when he held the door open.

"We're going to be out of here real soon, Hisoka," Asato said.

"My body hurts," Hisoka whispered, his voice muffled from where it was buried in Asato's neck. "Something is leaving me."

Yuudai, he must be dying, Asato thought, feeling a brief flash of hurt anger.

"Alright, Tsuzuki-san, how about you and bouya go first," Muraki said pleasantly, opening the back door to reveal a portal. Two young demons stood near it, the female leaning over two bloodied forms.

"Muraki, I want you to be careful," the man across the room said roughly. "Yami and I will conceal the portal for as long as we can, but that means you have to get out fast. Between this passage and the one to the human realm, a tunnel lies. This corridor will try to block you, but don't let yourself be fooled" -his gaze flickered over to Asato and Hisoka- "otherwise you will be trapped for a very long time, until the next portal is opened. I suggest holding onto the boy there, he looks a little run down."

"I have him," Asato replied defiantly.

Muraki snorted, reaching over and taking the young Shinigami from his grasp. Hisoka muttered something, already asleep from exhaustion. "You are easily fooled by illusions Tsuzuki-san, so I will take the boy, and you will grab onto me," he stated, briefly smiling at the outraged expression on the other mans face.

Asato bit his lip, looking down at his partners form, noting that the boy was tired from the energy loss. His body had already sensed the separation from his mate, but since half his mate was standing near him, he wouldn't die, just be weakened, unlike most. Despite how angry he was feeling at Muraki's statement, he knew it was true, he would be more than likely caught by the illusions, or whatever else was behind that portal.

"Please, be careful Muraki-san," the young female said, standing up and tying the doctor's wrist to Asato's.

"You too Yami-chan, be sure to stay safe," he said.

"You know as well as well we do that Sairus and I will be charged for treason," she whispered. "Punishable, as you know, by death."

"Then wait, come with us!" Asato argued. He didn't know these two, but they were helping them escape.

It was the man, Sairus, who shook his head. "Thanks but no thanks boy, we've had a good run."

"A good run," came a wheezy voice from the doorway. Asato turned around, eyes settling on the bloodied mass that had just arrived.

"Yuudai!" Asato cried, wanting to run forward but the short rope stopping him. His demon half could barely stand, supporting himself on the wall, while his other hand held onto a young, unconscious demon child. Yuudai lurched forward, falling to his knees and dropping his burden to the ground, coughing up blood.

"Asato," he whispered, pushing the child towards the others. "Take him, please."

"We'll take you both," Asato said, picking up the child.

"He'd never make it," Yami said, kneeling beside him, allowing his body to rest against hers. "He'd collapse before ever making it through, and then he'd be stuck there." Asato opened his mouth to say something else, but Sairus had nudged him forward.

"Go on, boy, before your opportunity leaves you," he said, indicating the portal.

"Asato listen to me," Yuudai said, and he briefly marveled at how well he could still speak. "I don't have a future with you, not anymore. The mark, on Hisoka-chan's neck will fade, and your essence will still be there…" -he took a deep breath- "the child, Yuu, will be able to heal Hisoka-chan, just give him time to recover."

Asato looked down at the young demon in his grip, noticing the various burns all over him.

"H-he's coming," Yuudai continued. "The High Master is coming, soon, so go quickly, before he catches sight of the portal."

"Come, Tsuzuki-san, you've spent enough time chatting," Muraki said, pulling on the small chord.

"I…" he looked between the portal and Yuudai, eyes confused.

"Oh god dammit you moron, go!" Sairus yelled, shoving them all through the portal and sealing it up, collapsing onto the floor next to his wife.

"They'll be fine," Yuudai murmured, resting his whole body completely against Yami. "They'll be…fine."

"If you're going to die, Yuudai, hurry up," Sairus whispered, and Yuudai couldn't even take it as an insult, hearing the underlying worry that was there. Sairus and Yami both wanted him to die quickly, he knew, because the High Master would be there soon. And that meant torture for the broken demon.

"'M tryin'," he replied, feeling heavy.

It was finally the darkness from the High Master entering the home that sent him over the edge into that soft, eternal bliss.


It was like walking through syrup, which was what trekking through the corridor between the two passages between the portals felt like for Muraki. It was difficult carrying someone and trying to get through this place, especially when you only hear what the place wants you to hear. He had ignored his brother's cynical voice; he ignored the memory of bouya taking Tsuzuki-san away from him, that day of the fire. He had felt angry at the boy in his arms, so much so that he wanted to drop him and just continue on. He had almost done it too, until telling himself that it was only in his head.

Asato found himself envying the child and Hisoka, whom were both unconscious from this hellhole. He felt like he was walking on ice, and almost lost his balance many times before. Not even halfway through, he had begun to hear Ruka's voice, calling to him softly, urging him to follow her voice. He had turned, and sure enough, she was there on the sidelines. He had tried to go over to her, but the rope had stopped him, and he had become frustrated.

I want to be with her! He had thought frantically. He had pulled again, and could even hear Muraki's agitation towards him, but he didn't care.

"I only see monsters," a child's voice had interrupted him.

The boy in his arms had awoken, and was clutching his sleeve. Asato had stared. "What do you mean, you only see monsters?" He asked.

"You see your sister, I see monsters, that must mean it can't be real," the child, Yuu, Asato remembers, said. He blinked in confusion.

"Thank you child," he whispered, looking into sharp yellow eyes. "I keep seeing everything that I don't want to see in this place."

"If you tell me what you see, I'll tell you what I see," Yuu said, closing his eyes briefly. "That will help us remember the ultimate goal."

Smart boy, like Hisoka, Asato thought.

So, he had continued forward, and now more than halfway through, he had spotted over a hundred illusions that Yuu confirmed, in their way, wasn't real. Asato was also beginning to relax, the destination at the end of the tunnel finally clear in his mind. Muraki had been right in the beginning after all, taking Hisoka from him. It appeared from where he was behind the other, that the doctor was doing just fine ignoring the haunting voices and images. Asato had even, after a while, wondered what Muraki felt, or what he was hearing and seeing.

"Hey, Yuu," he said suddenly, gaining the bleeding child's attention. "Did you hear anything while unconscious?"

"No, that's why I got scared when I woke up here," he answered, voice sounding hazy and tired. Asato noticed that his wounds, aside from the burns, were still bleeding.

"You sounded awfully calm," Asato responded, trying to shift the boy in order to dab at the wounds.

"Brother taught me that a calm mind means an easy battle," Yuu said, wincing when Asato accidentally pressed too hard. "I love my brother so much, that what I see in this little world is him dying."

"He raised you, didn't he?" Asato asked, knowing at least that much.

"Yes, him and me, all the time," Yuu said, and he was beginning to sound groggy. "Just…him and me." Asato felt the boy sag against him and he sighed, closing his eyes to protect himself from the images.

It was silence after that, all Muraki and Asato could hear were each other's breathing.

Muraki looked ahead. "We're almost there," he said.



It was on a cool, crisp autumn afternoon that a hole in the air suddenly opened up, allowing a man clad in all white, and another in all black to step out, each holding young boys. People stared, confused, and some even thought it was a magic show. The man in white smiled at them, waving awkwardly with his arms full.

"Ladies and gentleman, excuse our intrusion upon your day, we will be leaving now," he said pleasantly. The man in black, everyone noticed, was tied to the man in white and blushing under all the attention.

Hastily, both men, each carrying a boy, shuffled off, and out of sight, leaving everyone to wonder what in god's name that was.


Muraki untied himself quickly, having already set the young Shinigami down on the ground. Asato had set the child next to Hisoka, and helped untie his side of the bindings. They worked in silence, and when everything was off, Muraki stood up.

"Well, Tsuzuki-san, I shall see you next time for our date," he said, smoothly.

"Wait, Muraki where will you go?" Asato asked, rubbing his wrist, where it was beginning to heal.

"Oriya will know what happened to me," the doctor responded. "So Tuesday next week at six I expect you to be there for our date."

"Yeah, yeah," Asato mumbled, drawing Hisoka into his arms and holding onto Yuu. "I'm not going to say this ever again, Muraki, but thank you for your help."

"Well if you were truly thankful, dump the boys and live with me for eternity," Muraki said softly, caressing Asato's cheek lovingly.

"Don't bet on it," Asato replied moodily, teleporting away.

Muraki stayed for a few moments, watching the empty spot for a long time, before turning away and disappearing himself, back to Oriya, and to his crushed life upon earth.


It was with tears and cries of joy that Asato and Hisoka were welcomed back, and with a promise that the young Shinigami would awake soon, he was placed in the infirmary. Stories of the past decade were exchanged, and everyone drank to their hearts content. Asato laughed fully with everyone, even Terazuma, and hugged everyone tightly. He told them the truth, that he had no memory of the past ten years because he was technically dead.

It was only two weeks later that Hisoka woke up.

"Hey, how are you?" Asato asked softly. He pulled up a chair beside the bed, and Hisoka sat up gingerly, yawning and stretching.

"I had been dreaming," Hisoka answered, casting his gaze around him, as if taking everything in greedily. "I had been dreaming about us."

"Us?" Asato asked, surprised. Hisoka smiled softly, that same ghost of a smile, but a smile none the less. The young Shinigami leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to Asato's lips, and it was when he was hugging Asato that he finally confirmed the man's question with a soft "yes, us." The older of the two stayed frozen, unsure if this was real or not, before hugging back gently.

"I thought I lost you Tsuzuki, and I don't want to experience that ever again," Hisoka said, his voice hard, and guilty. "I don't want you to go and disappear on me, not now, not ever."

"I see," Asato whispered. "I didn't want to die, back then, without ever having anything with you."

"That's why I was scared," Hisoka responded. "I knew, for a long time before all this, that you would be the only one to teach me anything. The only one to tell me I was wrong or right. And don't you lie, Tsuzuki you idiot, I've been in the wrong a lot."

Asato pulled away, bringing his hands to softly cup the young man's face. Pressing a kiss to his forehead, he smiled.

"During that time, when Yuudai had woken up, I felt myself awakening too," he said. "I contemplated everything, and I had to let it go, I knew, else I'd never be able to protect you. Never again, will I let that guilt cloud my heart. It stopped me from truly saving people, and from saving you. Yuudai taught me that, albeit a little harshly."

"Yuudai is dead, isn't he?" Hisoka asked, placing his hand on his neck. "His part of the mark is gone, but yours isn't." The young man almost regretted saying anything, the look Asato had adopted. It was pained, like he had suffered a terrible loss.

"I had…" Asato broke off, bringing Hisoka to himself again. "I had given my peace with him. I hated him, I honestly did, but he was still a part of me, a part I had to mourn."

"I can't say I understand, because I don't," Hisoka said. "Unless Yuu died, then I would, but…"

Asato felt him tense suddenly, and he looked down to see worried emerald.

"Yuu is he…?" Hisoka trailed, suddenly looking around him frantically. Asato shook his head, hugging the boy again.

"He's fine, and I already set up a bed for him in your apartment," Asato said. "He's so cute, the way he worries about you." Hisoka sagged against him, relieved.

"I'm surprised EnMa let him stay in Meifu, him being the demon heir after all," Hisoka murmured, resting his head on Asato's chest.

"He said it was his gift to you," Asato said. "If the kid were to get out of line, though, he said he would be disposed of."

"That's good, but Tsuzuki," Hisoka said. "Did Muraki actually carry me out of Hell?"

Asato froze, unfroze, blinked and began to laugh. "Yeah, well, no one trusted me to keep my wits about me in that corridor of death." Hisoka didn't ask, but shivered despite himself. The fact that Muraki even touched him would get him vomiting.

"I see," Hisoka yawned. "I'm sleepy though."

"Do you want me to leave?" Asato asked.

"No, stay," Hisoka murmured, and Asato complied. He lifted the covers and snuggled in next to his young partner, wrapping his arms around him protectively. They both fell asleep soon after.

And, not even five minutes later, Watari pushed the door open, scowling at their sleeping forms. "Tsuzuki I told you to keep bon awake so I could check him!" He said angrily, hands on his hips. Yuu squeezed in beside him, giggling.

"Better luck next time Tari," he said. "Now you have no choice, you have to show me your experiments."

"Yeah, yeah," Watari whimpered, allowing himself to be dragged along.

All was well.


WhiteWolf's Notes:

- At the end of volume four, Tsuzuki has a moment where he agrees with Professor Mitani in saying that he too had experienced forbidden love for a long time. As much as I would love to say this was towards Hisoka, I don't think it was, I think it was too his sister.

Additional Notes:

That's it for Demon Obsession! I hope you all enjoyed reading this, because it was by far my most complicated story line. No, there will not be a sequel, and Yuudai is really dead. Yuu has taken a liking to Watari it seems as well, and well, you can all imagine there was a lot of unwanted touching during the Tsuzuki/Muraki date. (laughs) Sen's death was anti-climatic, but this is what you get for reading my fics, stupidity. Also, I had trouble with Hisoka in the middle, when he was unconscious for most of it. He seemed a little weak to me, but that much can be expected, he was almost dead! Anyway, see you all at 'So Which One is Mommy?' people!

No epilogue, I don't feel like writing one, but just imagine a lot of sex for Tsuzuki/Hisoka.