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A Different Story

Chapter 16

A Heated Battle

Lloyd, Kratos and the pope charged all together at the same time. Sparks flew as the four weapons collided with each other. All three of them were at a stalemate for a few seconds before Lloyd and Kratos suddenly broke contact with the Pope's weapon. Caught off guard by the sudden action, the pope stumbled a bit. Taking advantage of the situation, Kratos tried to slash at the pope, but the pope blocked at the last second. The crystal had apparently enhanced his reflexes and strength. Taking note of this, Lloyd scowled and charged in with his blades up in an attempt to push the corrupted leader back a little.

The pope had saw this coming, yet pretended to not notice this. At the last second, the pope did a roundhouse to make Kratos stumble and slashed at his back. Before he could complete the act, Lloyd took a slash at his chest, forcing the Pope to harden his arm's bone marrow to act as a shield and block Lloyd's blade.

This act shocked the others.

"He can harden his bones?!" Genis cried. As much as it fascinated him, it worried him more that the father-son duo might not be able to defeat it by themselves. Rutee and Garr looked on, disgusted.

"This is like Miktran all over again..." Rutee mumbled. The silver-haired prince glanced at her before agreeing.

"Yes, it is." He said.


In the Tower of Salvation, Yuan sat down, deep in thought...or so it seemed. Anybody who took a glance at him could see that he was going through a internal struggle. The struggle seemed to be external as well. His hair kept changing from blue, to blonde, to his now grey. The process kept going on before Yuan yelled:

"Get out of me, Mithos!"


Lloyd launched a Demon Fang at the pope, which the pope easily blocked. Kratos took the opportunity to charge in towards the pope to begin his assault.

Six slashes. The pope blocked the first four, but his guard was broken when Lloyd crept up on him and started his own assault. Kratos started using his special techniques first.

"Sonic Thrust! Double Demon Fang! Super Lightning Blade!" He yelled. While he was doing this, the twin swordsman used his Tiger Rage-Sword Rain: Beta combo for more damage. While the pope was recovering, Lloyd got an idea and grinned. This was sure to shock everybody...

"Dad, this is a good time for practice! Cover me, please!" Lloyd called out. Kratos got the idea and smirked.

"Go ahead and try it, Lloyd..." This got the others confused. What did Lloyd have planned?

"Hey bud! Whatcha planning?" Zelos called out. Lloyd looked at him and grinned.

"You'll see!" He replied. The red clad swordsman backpedaled a bit before taking a deep breath. He put up his swords in an x-position and concentrated. Genis and Raine caught the amount of mana he was absorbing and soon saw the red Glyph under his feet.

Everybody saw it and gaped.

"No way..." Genis breathed. Sheena started to stir from the amount of mana being absorbed into one place. After she focused her vision, she saw Lloyd...casting magic?!

"Lloyd?!" the young ninja whispered. Said swordsman started the chant.

"A blazing fire incinerates all!" He shouted.

"Explosion!" A huge ball of fire came speeding down on the target-the pope. Kratos held the pope off for a few seconds longer, then teleported next to Lloyd, shocking the pope.

"How-?" Before he finished, he saw the giant dome of fire coming down. Knowing that he had no way to teleport like that man, he merely braced himself for the impact...yet he couldn't stop the screams that came out of his mouth. Lloyd took this time to search for Magic Lens to see how much more they had to deal with. He looked and saw that the pope still had about 5,000 points of health left. Lloyd sighed.

"Dad, let's finish this up." He said. Kratos nodded. A white light surrounded Lloyd's blades as he charged in and slashed.

"Lloyd, show them the other magic that I taught you!" The angel called out.

"Alright!" his son replied.

"Holy Lance!" Five spears of light rained down on the pope as he let out a bloodcurdling scream. One of the lances pierced his heart, and all of the lances were going straight through him.

"Judgment: Zero!" Kratos' new judgment attack zoned in on the stunned pope. Five pillars of light came raining down on him. The two weren't finished yet. Their attacks combined into one.

"Word of God!" Eight holy crosses came down on the pope. After they were gone, one final cross came down, bigger than the rest, on the pope. The pope's final words were:

"Damn you..." Before he died and his body vanished.

The others ran up to the two as Sheena cried "That was amazing Lloyd!" Lloyd almost choked on the Pineapple Gel that he was swallowing. After swallowing it, he stood up straight and cried her name with happiness. As they ran towards each other, they embraced with happiness before tears came into Lloyd's eyes, surprising Sheena.

"Lloyd...?" Sheena whispered.

"Don't ever scare me like that again..." He whispered. The others looked on with happiness, except for Colette, who looked on with jealousy and anger.

"Well, well, another corny scene." An intermingled voice drawled. The others towards the source of the voice in shock.

"...Yuan?!" Kratos said. Said person smirked.

"No, traitor...it's Mithos." He said. The regeneration group looked at him as if he were crazy. He rolled his eyes and pulled out his wings...which were rainbow colored and larger than Yuan's. Raine gasped. This scent of mana...it was Mithos!

"It's really him!" The professor said. Mithos grinned.

"You've stayed alive for too long. Prepare to die!" He said as he charged forward...


Omake #1-At the tower, their defeat

"...Heh. I don't know what to tell you. I'm just a weak, lazy bum. All I want is a fun easy life. Nothing more, nothing less!" Zelos said as he pulled out his orange wings. Lloyd, Regal and Sheena charged at him.

As he blocked all of their attacks, he suddenly pulled out a Light Spear Cannon and caught Lloyd with the upward thrust bringing his health into the critical levels. Raine started to cast Healing Circle. Zelos, noticing this, pushed the remaining two back and ran pretty fast to interrupt her casting. Presea intervened in time and blocked Zelos' sword with her axe. The professor finished her casting and brought Lloyd's health back up to near prefect.

Genis had cast Spark Wave, catching Zelos off guard. Regal, Sheena Lloyd and Presea started beating Zelos down, forcing him to teleport and use his instant casting to use Judgment. The pillars of light knocked out Genis and Raine. Regal and Sheena frantically searched for Life bottles while Lloyd and Presea defended them. Zelos smirked. Perfect...

Zelos summoned a Glyph with his mana. Waves of light came up and damaged the remaining fighters.

"I'll show you when I'm serious." The angel said. "Shining Bind!" More powerful waves of light came up and made pain course through their bodies. To them, everything turned white.

Zelos closed his eyes and put away his wings.

"I'm sorry guys. Really..."

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