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What's going on?

Lloyd and the group were confused about Zelos' behavior. First, he betrays them and fights them, then he runs away in the middle of the battle! After getting their wounds treated back in Flanoir, and getting all of their supplies, they talk about what happened in the Tower of Salvation.

"Zelos was acting pretty strange back there." Lloyd said.

"I agree. His behavior was even more suspicious in the tower than when we were coming to the tower." Raine added.

"Maybe he was just pretending to fight us, to get something from us." Sheena said hopefully. Even though he was just a 'Stupid philanderer Chosen', as she liked to call him, they became very good friends throughout their journey.

"I doubt it. I think he was trying to kill us back there, and he almost did with that powerful attack!" Genis said, not being too fond of the Chosen himself.

"Well anyway, we should rest up today, and head back tomorrow. Is that okay?" Lloyd asked the group.

"I have no objections." Regal and Raine said.

"I don't have a problem with that." Persea said.

"Me either." Sheena and Genis said.

"Alright then. Good night." Lloyd said. Little did they know that someone was watching them...

Back at the Tower of Salvation

"Good job, Chosen. You shall get what you wished for. You are no longer the Chosen, and Seles will be released from the Abbey." Mithos told Zelos

"Thanks." Zelos grinned, but he was dying on the inside. He didn't want to betray his friends, much less hurt them. Pronyma just then entered the room.

"My lord. I couldn't find the bodies anywhere. All I found were small pools of blood." The leader of the Five Grand Cardinals said.

After hearing this, Mithos became suspicious.

"Zelos, did you truly get rid of them?" The leader of Cruxis asked.

"Um...y-yes?" the redheaded angel stammered.

"LIAR!" Mithos roared.

"Crap! Time for me to go! I already have what I want, and did what I have to do! Later!" With that, Zelos pulled out his wings, and used all of his mana to teleport to the one place that he knew the group would be at.

The inn at Flanoir. When he got there he used his last ounce of strength to put his wings away, and collapsed at the front door saying one last word:


BACK to the Tower

"What did he mean by he did what he had to do...? Mithos thought.

It then hit him. Literally. The soul of Martel, his sister, just collapsed under the overwhelming intake of Zelos' mana.

"No! MARTEL!" Mithos cried. Pronyma left the room in a hurry, knowing what was going to happen next.

"There all going to pay!" Mithos yelled. Every angel heard his angry cry(except for Zelos).Kratos, and even Lloyd heard it.

"What was that?" Lloyd cried. The others didn't know who it was, except for Genis. He knew that anguished cry from anywhere. He knew it was...


How will the group take it when they find Zelos and a certain other angel in front of the inn? How will they deal with what was happening? Read on and find out!