A few minutes passed with nothing breaking the silence after the two dragon tornado hit Naruto right in the abdomen.

It was a few minutes later that they started seeing the water started bubbling and moving wildly, the waves got rougher and rougher as the seconds passed. They got taller and more powerful until they were starting to dissipate slowly after which it seemed as the hurricane of water was released and on top was a man.

The hurricane itself subsided as the figure was getting closer and closer while saying some things

I will not die, I will not be beaten, the Shikotsumyaku will prevail. My dream will not be stopped… I will win, as the final words were said the ground shook, the water once again turned violent and a new power level was reached… it was a frightening sight, Naruto was now covered in a suit of armor made entirely of bones… a small blue aura surrounded Naruto, making an outline of Naruto's body… but this one was more powerful than the last one, which was just being leaked out this one was controlled.

A few moments passed as he released a malevolent red chakra which was fusing with his highly concentrated blue into an all new purple hybrid that was before it started spiraling all around Naruto. The armor of bones grew more feral by changing to a blood red color and spikes all over the suit. The purple aura subsided and the blue outline on Naruto returned with the occasional purple streaks crackling with power. Slowly Naruto pulled out A bone and turned it unto a sharp, large broadsword which let out a menacing red aura .

With each step Naruto took out the ground shook and winds were released into a violent frenzy. Haku and Zabuza looked with astonishment in their eyes… the kid had just took an S-rank jutsu straight on and came back stronger, the sword of his was screeched with untold hatred, and bloodlust. His armor of bones was complete and the spikes were sharp, and his boots of bones were menacing and strong.

Haku and Zabuza got into a defensive position, Haku reinforced her armor of Ice and put on Zabuza. Haku left with the aide of his demonic ice mirrors, was teleporting his way towards the opposing ninja through multiple mirrors. Zabuza was running without his weights that were holding him back, he had made a promise long ago… he would not drop his weights unless he fought a real demon. Using his own jutsu that reinforced his alias as the demon of the hidden mist… Human Release: Demon Empowerment… when the jutsu finished his muscles got larger and more defined, his aura changed dramatically from the usual psychotic human, to that of a blood thirsty demon as he was surrounded by a dark blue aura… moving at way faster speeds than ever before.

He had used this technique once before… the genin exam's and earned him the name of demon of the hidden mist, changing hi usual persona into that of demon. With renewed vigor and power Haku and Zabuza moved towards Naruto at speeds that would put Gai to Shame. Zabuza raised his large broadsword to perform a powerful downward cut, Haku also enhanced her strike with chakra as she came for a powerful lunge with that scimitar of hers. Both the attacks hit their mark but were surprised to see that they hit a chakra double… a clone made of pure chakra as it exploded sending both Haku and Zabuza flying 10 meters away with minor damages thanks to the protected suit of demonic ice.

The slowly stood back up but were sent flying back as Naruto had charged and kneed Haku in his gut, launching him flying through the air in a collision course to the crane's but did not hit as he was hit hard by the blunt side of his blade. Haku moving at a horrifying speed straight down made an ice mirror below him and cushioned the fall with a large sheets of snow. Hitting the mirror hard he stood back up before coughing up blood, and dropping to one knee. Haku decided to rest for a while.

Zabuza noticed that Haku was out of commission for a while and decided to put the true power of the form to the test. Releasing more and more Chakra he moved and started attacking with his broadsword but each time he attacked Naruto would sidestep to dodge.. And attack with his own blade. Zabuza would block by turning his blade upwards following the attack both ninja's would move back.

Haku was ready for business, and charged at Naruto slamming his blade into Naruto's guard… but that was the problem the scimitar did no damage, the armor was to strong to be affected by the attack… they would need to beat him with ninjutsu to affect the armor, and senbon needles to get inside the small cracks of the impenetrable suit of armor.

Zabuza performed Suiton: Suikōdan no Jutsu, followed by Haku's Hyōton: Haryū Mōko … the piercing tiger moved faster than the water shark missile and took out a fraction of his armor with the water shark missile hitting him directly. Both sides were heavily panting now that, they had used massive amounts of chakra. It was time to finish the fight… Haku changed her scimitar into a two lances and passed one to Zabuza who took it.

Naruto performed Rasengan Nirentotsu, as he held a Rasengan on each of his hands and all three warriors started running towards each other to find out who would end up the victor.

With great speeds each of them arrived at the point of intersection in a matter of seconds… Haku and Zabuza both tried to take out Naruto by impaling him were his armor was previously destroyed but went blow their attacks and slammed both Rasengan into Haku's and Zabuza's stomachs as they took the impact before they were sent flying with a wave of pure energy destroying their armor.

Ino had barely woke up to see both Zabuza and Haku flying in what looked like a bubble of chakra straight above waters. The water ripple violently towards the powerful winds that made the attack super powerful.. The armor slowly deteriorated as the attack took its toll on the two mist nin's.

The attack had weaken down significantly enough to just take out the nin;s int an unconscious state rather than death.

The fight was over and the Shikotsumyaku had come out on top… but just when Naruto took down his armor of bones which took a monstrous amount of chakra too keep in place… Gato and his men came with an Army behind him.

Gato's thug's were looking at the shinobi's with hatred and disgust… there were two shinobi's floating on the water, two others were unconscious on the bridge, there was a girl who was on the ground looking at them with fear… and one standing up all bloodied with almost no chakra left.

Naruto's POV

Naruto looked at army of samurais missing nin's, and warriors here to take out the bridge builder and everyone else at this location.. I felt fear for the first time but not for me but for my team… they still ahead along life ahead of them and I would protect them with my life…

I still had about seventeen percent of my overall chakra.. Which was about 7 percent more than I need to perform Sawarabi no Mai as the bones impale all of Gato's goon killing them all with massive blood viewable all over the place… I created the strongest spear I could muster before I fused with my bones and told Gato… your future is death, you signed your death warrant the minute… you took control of this village. You heartless fiend… its people like you that give demons the bad name… killing Kaiza because he stood up to you… making small children cry. Loneliness is the worst thing a person could feel… and you caused that to many people. For this I will kill you.

Genral Pov...

The villager's came right in time to see the gruesome death of Gato… he was completely shredded by the spear that impaled him through his heart… and by forcing chakra through the spear Gato's short body became nothing more than a heap of meat.

Naruto released the bones as he dropped to one knee after using to much chakra during this battle… the crowd cheered having been finally free of Gato's control. Being happier than they ever were finished the bridge with renewed hope. Inari had a new hero, and to thank this hero the bridge was named after him… The Great Naruto Bridge. Making a promise to visit them soon Naruto and the team headed back to Konoha…

Haku and Zabuza looked at the shinobi's instead of hatred they looked at them with admiration… they had been beaten by one person… and that person didn't kill them instead offered them a new chance. A chance of starting over in Konoha… they took the offer without second thoughts. It could be away to atone for all their crimes, they would protect lives instead of taking them…

Ino was still thinking of what she saw… Naruto beat both the missing nin's… took out a small army and killed Gato… What was Naruto hiding? How strong was Naruto really… why did he invite the ninja's that almost killed Asuma-sensei? many question were going through her head…

They arrived in Konoha a few days

Ino had to start training once again, the chunin exams were going to take place in a week and they were not going to lose, they were going to become Chunin's and Shikamaru was not going to be a lazy fucker…

Shikamaru had to go through hell, and back with his mother who decided to foresee his training… running around Konoha 5 times, 10 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 lunges and hitting a practiced dummy 200 times with each hand and feet for a warm up… was hell on earth. The real workouts were fighting his mom and dad for 4 hours straight… begin thrown kunai's at extreme speeds and having to dodge them was a troublesome task… he had a new name for her mom sadist bitch.

Naruto had to rest for a few days to regain his lost chakra, and trained by running around Konoha 100 times, doing his morning stretches and hitting the practice dummies… for hours on end.

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