Push Me

"You know, this is boring." Rukia sighed and placed her hands on her waist. She picked a few things from a nearby shelf and dropped them all into the cart. "I mean...doesn't Yuzu usually shop for you guys?" She rolled her eyes in exasperation as Ichigo picked the random items out of the cart and replaced them on the shelf.

"Well, she's sick," Ichigo said. "So we have to pick up the slack. No whining." Ichigo held a list up to the light. "I've got the...wait. What the hell? Rukia...what does this say?"

Rukia looked and read off the remainder of the shopping list. "Good enough?"

"Yep." Ichigo grinned. "Yuzu's writing is too squished and swirly. I figured you'd be able to read it. I mean, since your drawings suck so bad. Great minds think alike and all that. The opposite must be true, too, right?"

Rukia kicked him discreetly in the shin, all the while smiling acidly. Ichigo lapsed into silence.

Ichigo looked down at the floor while he shopped, so it was only when he felt the slight increase in weight on the cart that he noted Rukia's presence. She stood on the back of the cart, facing forward. Ichigo stopped. "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to have some fun. You're the one who made me come along. Push me, Ichigo."

She sounded like the captain of a ship, and the illusion was solidified by the way she pointed forward. She stole the shopping list from Ichigo and directed him through the aisles, making him pick up the items. "Just push me!"

He liked the lighthearted—if slightly sadistic—look of glee on Rukia's face, so he didn't put up too much of a fuss. She grinned, finally lifting herself to a sitting position on the edge of the cart.

"Must feel good to be taller than the kids that pass by for once, huh?"

She ignored him, but he supposed she was mentally tallying the abuse he would eventually receive.

"Faster," she ordered.

He weighed the consequences of looking like a total idiot to the feeling of watching her smile fade and he found the scale decidedly lacking on one side. So he pushed her. She saw a box of cereal with a rabbit on the front, however, and he couldn't pry it out of her arms, so they ended up buying it.

"That was fun!" Rukia exclaimed, after making him push her all the way outside—sadistic witch.

He sighed, exhausted. "Yeah. I guess so."

Rukia held up the shopping list, and in the most horrible mock shock, said, "Oops! My mistake! We forgot these last few things." She smiled at him. "I guess you'll have to take me back in."

He kicked the cart when she'd mounted it and pushed it back inside. "Aww, lighten up!" Rukia said. "Remember...'no whining.'"

Author's Notes: LOL, okay, just some IchiRuki torture. I usually don't like it when she beats him up, but the idea was too cute to pass up. I hope it's okay! Reviews make me happy! Please make me happy! Next up: Escalator