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The bar was smoky. The remittance of alcohol and cigarettes polluted the bar as she made her way to the bar. She motioned to the bartender for a beer. She wasn't one to drink, but she needed the comfort tonight. Tonight she needed the booze to block away her pain and the memories from earlier that day.

She stared down at the neck of the bottle and sighed as she took a swig of her beer. "Olivia, what has happened to your heart?" She sighed as she took a deep drink looking back on her homecoming.

Olivia walked into the 1-6 after settling some last minute business with the FBI. She had called all of her friends to let them know she was back, but she couldn't reach Elliot. She only left two messages. She knew he would be angry for their lack of communication these past five weeks, but it wasn't her fault. She was infiltrated and she couldn't come home. She was broken.

She made eye contact with Munch and Fin and smiled at them. They seemed uneasy, but she assumed it was because of the perp they were catching. Olivia shook her now long and wavy hair and made her way to her boss's office.

She knocked and heard, "Come in and you damn well have brought me good news."

She chuckled and made her way into the office. She said, "How about Benson is back and looking for her old job back? That sound good?"

Don's head shot up and he smiled, "Well, thank God! Benson, welcome back! We have needed you."

"We?" She said reciprocating the hug. "Seems like you guys have been doing all right."

"Benson, the temp is such a bitch. I can't get rid of her! She's been thrown off of every unit. Thankfully I just received word of a detective position at Homicide in Sacramento for her."

"Her?" Olivia was going to continue when she heard laughter come from outside the office. She turned and saw her Elliot in very close proximity with, what appeared to be, a low class blonde. The woman touched his arm, and Olivia's blood boiled. What happened next broke her heart.

The blondie brought Elliot's head down and kissed him passionately. He wasn't stopping and the blonde was continuing her evil magic. Olivia's heart shattered as she felt tears spring into her eyes and vomit rise to her throat. Betrayal and pain was all she felt in this moment and she couldn't help but blame herself.

"Olivia?" Don asked concerned. He didn't want Olivia to see that. He knew that she would be shattered.

"Im fine," Olivia said trying to cover up her tears. "Im going to be on the roof. I'll be in to start Monday. I have to make sure my apartment is still mine."

Don nodded and whispered, "Good to have you back."

Olivia nodded and made her way out of the office and Elliot didn't even notice. She sprinted for the stairs and slammed the rooftop door.

It was in that moment that Elliot stopped his facade. Dani was the worst kisser ever and even worse in bed. He only did it because he was lonely. He missed Olivia more than he would like to admit. She was apart of him and she left again. Dani was there and he hoped that she could possibly repair his broken armor... that was not the case.

They pulled apart and Elliot felt two slaps against the back of his head. "What the hell?!" Elliot yelled meeting the angry eyes of Munch and Fin. Dani had gone away and Elliot's eyes were filled with anger and confusion.

"You are a fool," Fin said lowly.

"My guess is that he doesn't even know she's here!" Munch said angrily at Elliot.

"Who?" Elliot said rubbing the back of his head.

"You do you think, you dumb ass?" Fin said. "Munch we gotta bust this sick freak. Lets go."

Elliot looked at Don's office and Don motioned to the roof. Elliot made his way slowly and opened the rooftop door and saw an angel... more importantly, Olivia, standing by the ledge.

His heart leaped in his chest and he felt like himself for the first time since he heard that her phone line was disconnected. "Liv," he said.

Olivia was startled and turned around to face him. "Elliot," She said wiping away tears.

Why is she crying? He thought to himself. He moved to her and pulled her into his arms. She stiffened but slowly gave into his embrace. They stood in silence for a while until he saw bruising in the back of her neck. "Liv, what's this?"

"Nothing," she said. She wanted to be open and tell him everything that happened. The attack from the police guard. The fact she moaned his name in the hospital room. Everything... but one woman changed all of that. She had to be strong. "Who is she?" Olivia asked trying to mask her hurt.

Elliot felt his earth tumble beneath him and he met her eyes. "No one," he whispered.

"Bull shit, Elliot. You don't kiss no one. Unless you are into plastic." She said angrily.


"Please, Elliot, I need you to be honest with me! Who was the blonde?"

"My temporary partner" he whispered.

"Im sorry, I didn't hear you," she said angrily.


There was silence on the rooftop. She stepped away from him until she felt her calves hit the edge of the cold concrete ledge.

"Liv-" he said with tears evident in his voice.

"Don't," she said as two tears fell. "How dare you? After what... after what you said..."

"When? What did I say to you, Olivia?" Elliot said as he made his own tears known.

"At the hospital! You said that I was one of the only things you had anymore and then when I come back, you are with her? How could you do that to me?"

"Olivia, you left me!" He felt his pride being released like wildfire. "No phone calls, no letters, NOTHING! You left me again, Olivia Benson!"

"That was because I was infiltrated into the FBI, Elliot! I couldn't get to you!"

"Well, I bet you hooked up with someone there. That is your style!" Elliot said angrily.

"The hell with you!" Olivia said going to make her way off the rooftop. He had gone too far.

Instead of leaving, she felt her arm being twisted back to him and he yelled, "No! You owe me more than that! You leave for weeks and now when I ask why, you get on me! OH hell no!"

"Then tell me this," she said meeting his eyes. "Why did you bang her Elliot? Is she the type you go for? Yeah, I see the pattern. You go for the blonde type, Stabler?" He chuckled in anger and she pushed him farther. "Tell me, Elliot. Why? Why her! Why 'Detective Dani Beck?'"

"She was just my partner!" He yelled. Something within the word 'partner' made Olivia's heart shatter for the final time.

She pulled away from him and sobbed while yelling, "Well, then screw you!" She wiped away her tears and slammed the door loudly making her way out into the night in hopes of drowning her memories away.

Olivia had now downed her second beer. She was out of tears to cry for Elliot. She was hurting, but could no longer cry. She was about to order another beer when a voice came into her head.

"Are you going places? Seeing the world through naked eyes? Does the view bring piece of mind?"

Olivia was attracted to the voice of the singer. She turned and met the image of the musician singing only with his guitar and microphone. He voice was intoxicating, but his eyes were the key factor. They were hypnotizing.

"Are you happy baby? Have you caught up with your old friends? Have you spent all your common sense?"

His words were making complete sense to her. She slid off the bar stool and made her way to the group of fans were gathering around him.

"I know this life that haunts you, because I see with naked eyes. I wanna be the one who holds you, feast on what we've created. If you want to be the only one then you need to face what you're hiding from! The world through naked eyes..."

Olivia began to dance to the music as she felt herself falling deeper and deeper for this man's spell. Her body began to twist and turn as his eyes moved about her. His deep blue eyes had a hint of darkness that was intriguing. His appearance was rugged, but he was so much more than the tattoos and stubble.

Olivia licked her lips with approval and that caught this mystery man's attention. After a guitar solo, he closed the song with, "The world through naked eyes!" He put down the guitar down and moved to her. She smiled and brought his head down to hers, kissing him deeply as his tongue found its way into her mouth. He gripped onto her hips as their kiss began to end. They met eyes and he smiled. "Im Caleb."


He smiled and kissed her again. "Beautiful." He moved her to the VIP room and they were at it on the velvet couches. They sat in front of each other as their mouths' explored new depths. This was what Olivia needed to try to forget the real keeper of her heart.

Olivia needed more as she straddled Caleb's lap. His mouth found its way to the column of Olivia's neck as she held to him tighter. She moved down and slipped her hand into the opening of his shirt. He stopped her and said, "Let's move this somewhere else."

Olivia nodded standing up and kissing him quickly. "Where to?" She asked trying to kiss him longer.

"Your place," he said kissing her again. She pulled his hand and led him to her car when she led him to her apartment.

Once they reached the apartment, they were attacking each other heavily in the elevator doors. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he attacked her neck. She moaned in ecstasy as his hands and lips traveled her body.

He lifted her up and made their way out of the elevator. They crashed against a wall and they laughed. "What room?" He asked kissing her skin.

"3C" She said kissing him passionately. They eventually found the apartment door and made their way into the apartment. He rushed them to her bed and laid her on the bed with him above her. Their clothes were being removed like fire and tangled with sheets and sweat.

Olivia moaned and opened her eyes with the burning desire find Elliot above her. He was touching her body as she spread her legs open to let him invade her. Caleb thrust inside her and she screamed from pleasure. "El-" she screamed as Caleb's mouth covered hers with a searing intense kiss. Their movements were hard and fast and she lost control as his song invaded her senses... "Through naked eyes..."

When Olivia woke up the next morning, Caleb was gone. She shook her head and got ready for work. When she she entered the precinct, she saw Elliot angry and a vase of blood red roses on her desk. The roses seemed familiar. Too familiar...

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