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Olivia stood in her garden staring at her red rose bush that her late husband, Caleb, planted before he went missing. He had been missing for two years now. He was a beautiful man, with mysterious blue eyes and a lean build. He was the son of a blacksmith. Olivia was a product of an illegitimate affair. Through her childhood, she had been viewed as a plague and a curse. When Caleb came to town, however, life changed for her. She became his wife, not because of love, but because she couldn't handle being the daughter of a drunken tavern owner. Her mother had disgraced her as a child and she couldn't live with the shame any longer.

Along with Caleb's work as a blacksmith, he was also a member of the militia in the colonies. When they received word that red coats were invading New York, Philadelphia and Boston, the militias were transferred to those cities to settle a possible compromise. Unfortunately, Caleb never returned to the village on the outskirts of New York City where he and Olivia resided. Olivia became a widow young and focused on maintaining her late husband's business.

As Olivia was staring at the fading roses, she didn't notice a man behind her. "Pardon me, Miss. Do you have water?"

Olivia turned around and was stunned at the magnificent soldier she found. He was a strong man who stood proud. His face was structured and he had the purest blue eyes she had ever laid her eyes on. He smiled at her and she felt her knees go beneath her as disappointment shuddered within her... this gorgeous man was a red coat.

"Mam, did you hear me?" The red coat asked again.

"Yes, I heard and no you may not have any water. We are very limited in these parts" Olivia said, praying he didn't see the lie beneath her eyes.

The man smiled and moved closer to her, "You can't tell me there isn't just a cup of water in that well behind you. If that is I can't see why you have such beautiful and youthful skin." He gently touched her face and she didn't back away. She knew she was in trouble when he asked again, "May I please have some water? My horse and I are thirsting and we have been traveling since Boston."

Olivia stared at the man and nodded in agreement. She turned from him and fetched a bucket of water for his horse and a cup of water for him. When she handed him the cup of water, their hands touched and electricity ran through them both. They never broke eye contact as he consumed the water. "Thank you mam," he said handing the cup back to her.

"Anytime," she whispered. She couldn't believe she said that as she began to turn away.

He smiled and decided to push her farther. He found himself infatuated with this mysterious beauty and asked, "I would like to thank your husband for your hospitality. You are a wonderful woman."

Olivia turned and met the red coat's eyes once again. "Im sorry, my husband has passed on. I own this business and your gratitude has been received. Thank you, Sir."

"Im sorry," he said looking down. When his horse began to fuss he smiled at her and stook out his hand. "Forgive my forwardness, my lady, but my name is Elliot Stabler. I will be here for a while. If you need anything, just let me know."

"I don't need anything," Olivia said too quickly for both their comfort. Before he turned to leave, she reached out for his hand and shook it tentatively. She replied, "But thank you, for your concern."

He flashed her another smile and moved to settle himself on his horse. "My lady, I must know before I leave what name marks the most beautiful creature that I have ever laid eyes upon. Please give me your name."

Olivia smiled and whispered, "Olivia. My name is Olivia."

He smiled and said, "It has been a pleasure, dearest Olivia, to meet you. We shall meet again soon." He shook the reigns and rode off to the center of the town.

Olivia smiled and touched her face from where Elliot had touched her. "Goodbye, Elliot," she said as she watched the red coat move away.

A few weeks had gone past and the town had adjusted to the infiltration of the red coats. No more words were exchanged between Olivia and Elliot, but each held their share of longing stares and desire for each other. Olivia was quick to go to her woman companions, Casey and Alex, when she felt desire for the tempting red coat and Elliot would ask his superiors for assignments in the inner city when he would find himself longing for the hard working woman.

One rainy night was a night of sadness in the small town. Serena, Olivia's mother, was found dead outside her tavern. It appeared to be related to a fall, but no one wanted to delve into it. Olivia decided to take care of her affairs.

The tavern was populated with drunken workers and red coats. Elliot was one of them. Olivia had been finishing gathering Serena's belongings as she transferred complete control to John Munch. John had been at that bar far more than Olivia and knew the controls. It was a matter of ownership deed and petty cash.

Olivia was about ot leave the smoky tavern when someone grabbed her arm. Brian Cassidy, a fool who lost his money in the world of gambling and drinking, pulled her to him. She tried to pull away, but he gripped her tighter. "Olivia! Oh dearest Olivia! Why haven't you come knocking on my door?" He said drunkenly.

"Let me go, Brian," Olivia said assertively.

"No, and I know you don't want me to," he said pulling her further into his lap. "Oh, you smell so good. I bet you taste just as good."

"Don't touch me," she said stepping away from him. It was in that moment that Elliot studied and judged the scene.

Brian's disturbing behavior wouldn't cease and he moved closer to Olivia. "Oh, Olivia. Now everyone is entitled to some good loving. Even after their loved ones have past on." He stepped too close for Olivia's comfort. She tried to back away, but she was held at the bar. "Don't fight it. You want me. Let's get it over with."

"Get away from me," she asked again.

"The lady said to leave her alone," Elliot said standing behind Cassidy. "I suggest you leave her alone."

Brian scoffed and turned around to see the much larger red coat. He laughed and said, "This is colonial business. Stay in your place, you british dog."

"Olivia said to leave her alone. I am going to stand here until you do so." Elliot stood firm and Olivia had silently moved behind him.

"Olivia? She's the daughter of a dead whore! Her own husband is gone and cannot defend her! So, why do you defend her?"

Without warning, Elliot punched him hard and Cassidy fell to the ground. Soon all in the tavern stood to watch where this fight would end up. Cassidy then stood and attacked Elliot. The fight was moved outside. Mud, bruises and blood were mixed between the two men and Olivia stood crying silently at the doorway. A fellow british officer helped by separating Elliot and the drunken fool. The superior turned to Elliot and yelled, "Leave! Just go, Stabler!"

Elliot grunted and moved away. Olivia followed and rushed to him. "Elliot!" She repeated his name when he didn't turn to her. She ran to stop to him to meet his front and was shocked to find the blood dripping from his brow. "Elliot?"

"Olivia." He groaned and fell forward onto his knees clenching his side.

"Elliot!" Olivia moved to his side and held him close. He wasn't unconscious, but he needed to get out of the rain. "Elliot, come on. Let's get you out of the rain."

Olivia moved them to her cabin and led him inside. She moved him to her bed and laid him down on the quilt. He moaned and shut his eyes. She rushed to the fire place and lit it quickly. She put on a pot of water to heat up and she rushed to Elliot's side when he called for her. "Elliot, what's wrong?"

"Why are you doing this for me?" He asked.

She smiled and touched his face. "I'm just returning your kindness, Officer Stabler. That's all."

He closed his eyes and she left his side to fetch a rag. She warmed it with some of the water and moved to his side to wipe away the dirt and wounds.

When she approached him, she realized he needed to remove his shirts. She slowly unbutton his coat and slipped off his shirt to find a strongly built chest. She admired his strength and power that resided in his muscles. She saw his bruises and moved the rag to meet those bruises. He winced and she whispered, "Shh... Im sorry." She rubbed the rag into his side and his moans grew quieter.

When the rag grew cold, she dipped it back into the warm bath and touched his skin once again. She blew softly on his bruises and kissed them, knowing what danger zone she was entering. As the warm rag met his face her face was over his. She wiped away the dirt and blood and studied his facial structure closely. His face was strong and was in a squareish frame. His brows were furrowed and his lashes were amazingly long. His nose was proud and his lips were thin, but incredibly kissable. She was amazed by this man beneath her and Olivia knew she had met the most important person she would ever know in her life.

Elliot opened his eyes and looked up at the doe brown eyes above him. He whispered, "Olivia?"

She touched his face and leaned her head down so her lips brushed across his. He pressed up and moved his hand to cup her face as his tongue prodded its way into her mouth. Olivia smiled and kissed him longer. Their kiss ended and they stared into each other eyes. She touched his face and asked softly, "Why did you defend me in the tavern?"

He smiled and touched her face. "Because I care about you. Maybe more than I should."

She smiled and kissed him softly. "I'd like to explore this new form of caring from you Mr. Stabler."

"Really?" He said kissing her deeply. He was about to sit up to give him more access to her when he yelped in pain.

"Oh," she said kissing him softly. "No exploring until your body is healthy."

"Im glad you care," he said with sarcasm in his tone.

She smiled and kissed him softly saying, "Of course I care. I do care for you, Elliot."

He smiled and they stared at each other in the silence of the night. They exchanged kisses within moments of time and just enjoyed being with each other. This was a new concept for both of them, but neither felt fear or a need for precaution. Elliot smiled at the woman above him and whispered, "Lay down with me, Olivia."

She nodded and nuzzled into his side that wasn't bruised. They kissed each other softly before giving into the needed sleep.

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