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She brought him inside and knew she had a lot of explaining to do. His lips worked magic on hers and Olivia never wanted him to stop. However, when he pushed her shoulders back, she knew she needed to greet the hurt in his blue orbs.

Olivia opened her eyes and his voice filled her ears. "Mariska?"

She smirked and said softly, "Isn't it ironic that your mother blessed you with the middle name Christopher?"

Elliot laughed and placed an article in her hand. "My nurse gave this to me. Its from Pearl Harbor. Apparently our past lovers failed."

"How many generations do you remember?" Olivia said sadly.

"At least five. We are destined-"

"To fail," Olivia said moving away from him.

"No, no we can beat him, Liv. We can destroy Caleb. I remember. I remember who did this to us."

"It is too late, Elliot! Im getting married tomorrow. I can't... we..."

"Olivia, don't tell me that you can't feel our love! If our memories are coming back, we can't ignore this."

Olivia moved to the bedroom and instead of surrendering, Elliot continued to push the point. "Liv, I remember your touch, your grace. I remember everything from years ago. You and I, we can beat this curse. We need to destroy Caleb."

"It isn't that simple," Olivia said lowering her head from Elliot's gaze.

Getting angry, Elliot gripped Olivia's hips and pushed her body against the wall, his lower body covering hers. "Tell me you don't love me," he growled.

"El, please," she whispered.

"If you do, I can convince myself that these memories I possess are dreams. But you have to tell me you don't love me."

"El, please."

"If you say it, Mariska and Chris were simply coincidences. Kiah had vividly misunderstood. But you need to tell me that what we have isn't real. You need to tell me that you don't love me."

Her panting breaths intrigued him and he ground his hips into hers. Her moan allowed him to press kisses to her jawline and his hot mouth made it to her pink ear. "Tell me you don't love me, Olivia. Say the words."

Surrendering, Olivia turned his head toward her so she can get lost in his blue gaze. "I can't," she whispered staring down to his mouth and back to his haunting gaze.

This time, this place
Misused, Mistakes
Too long, Too late
Who was I to make you wait?
Just one chance, Just one breath
Just in case there's just one left
'Cause you know, you know, you know...

Olivia brought her hands to the sides of Elliot's faces and their lips fused together instantly. Her body shuddered in relief when she felt his strong hands fondle her outer thighs. In just her robe, she knew that their love would be joined in a matter of moments. As his mouth marked her on her collar bone, Olivia groaned in bliss. "I've missed you," she moaned as she encircled her legs around his strong torso.

"Too long, baby, too long," he groaned as he lifted her onto his body. He got lost in her rich brown eyes as he led her to their bed. He laid her beneath him. Elliot straddled her body and touched along the scars his dreams made him too familiar with.

Olivia noticed the tension in her lover's face and she touched him with grace and patience. "What is it honey?" she asked timidly.

"In my dreams, I saw you. I saw us. We'd be together just like this and we'd never let go. My heart would break each time you left me. My life would end."

"But we are here. Together now. We'll find a way to beat this. Our love can do that, baby. Trust in me." She led his strong hand to her left breast and had him press against her heart. "Trust in us."

Elliot closed his eyes in the sensations roaming through him. He kissed her right hand and hovered over her body to take her lips with his. He wanted to claim this moment forever.

I love you
I've loved you all along
And I missed you
Been far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me
And you'll never go
Stop breathing
If I don't see you anymore...

"You know, you have me at a disadvantage Detective," Olivia groaned as her lover kissed down her heated torso.

Elliot lifted his head from her burning core to meet his brown eyed lover's gaze. "Now what would that be, darling?" he asked with a western twang.

Olivia laughed at his western accent and bucked her naked hips toward his scruffy face. "You have far too many clothes on," she replied.

Elliot smirked and fingered her inner thighs in a teasing motion before kneeling between her heated legs. "That will take president momentarily. For now, I am going to put out a wild fire." He winked as his tongue made its way into her burning femininity.

"And!" she gasped as his tongue worked miracles on her body. "And how do you suppose you will put out this fire?" Olivia asked, her head thrashing against her pillow from side to side.

Elliot gripped her outer thighs tightly and nipped at her clit playfully. That motion alone sent her screaming and over the edge. Elliot enjoyed as his lover's upper torso thrashed without comprehension above him. Her ample bosom heaved as she relished in the ecstasy of their love making.

As he lapped up her feminine juices, Olivia studied her lover's movements. Moments of their previous lives came before her and she tugged at his shirt to bring her close to him. "We've been through so many hells, it seems."

"We will defeat him, baby," he said laying beside her flushed form. "Unlike our past, we know who we are fighting."

"Do we?" she asked weakly moving to her side to face him. "Because something made my vampire fiancé the way he is. There is a greater evil involved."

Sensing her fear, Elliot touched her face and kissed her softly. "I'd give my life for you again, my love, if it meant we conquered this evil. I have faith and trust in us. We will be victorious."

Olivia closed her eyes to the powerful sensations approaching her body once again. "Believe in us, Olivia," he whispered. "I won't give up on us. I'll give everything for us."

On my knees
I ask
Last chance for one last dance
'Cause with you
I'd withstand all of hell to hold your hand
I'd give it all I'd give for us
Give anything
But I won't give up
'Cause you know you know you know...

She grew impatient with desire as she removed the clothes from his body. For too long she allowed him to be away from her. All she wanted to do was meld with him. To find a home in his embrace. Her relishing in their pleasure wasn't enough. Olivia wanted to prove to Elliot that she wanted and needed to be in this moment.

When she removed his shirt, she was taken aback by his bandage across his chest. Tears sprung into her eyes at the memories of his suffering. He always died for her. Either Elliot or Chris would die for her well being. Though she didn't desire death, she hoped that their victory would allow her lover to see that she needed and wanted him more than life and immortality.

He noticed her sudden halt. He knew the memories that moved across her eyes and scarred her heart. He too felt the familiar pain of loss and death. He gently rolled onto his back to protect his chest and he whispered, "Don't let those moments stop us now."


"I would die for you in an instant if it meant you were safe," he said with conviction and promise.

"As would I," Olivia said in a stubborn fashion.


"Don't what? Promise the same as you would me? Elliot, I love you. These threads of time have proven that. I only hope you know that I would sacrifice everything for you."

He sighed and touched the soft curls of her hair and moved to the softness of her breasts. "These dreams..."

"Are memories," she said gazing into his blue eyes. "Memories for us to learn from. For us to grow. For us to defeat Caleb and whatever power consumes him and has tortured us."


"I'd stop breathing and living if you weren't with me. Don't let me fear that now. Love me like we need to love each other, my love. Consume me."

I love you
I've loved you all along
And I miss you
Been far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me
And you'll never go
Stop breathing
If I don't see you anymore...

Olivia worshiped his body in a way none of her previous experiences had. In this moment, she was marking him. She watched him for too long be unattainable. Now she was going to claim him. She loved him with everything that she possessed.

He watched and absorbed the love that they were creating. "Olivia," he groaned as she sent his soul on fire. As his eyes closed in the emotions that were consuming him, he had flashbacks to a time where she was dressed in maiden's clothes. Her soft brown hair fell as she rode him nervously. He heard himself reassure Olivia in a way that sent her up in flames.

Opening his eyes, he watched as Olivia removed his briefs and positioned herself above him, just as she did before. He grasped her hand tightly and her large doe eyes fell upon his face. "Promise me you won't run, Liv. Stay."


"If you run, who knows in what lifetime our love will return. Promise me you will stay."

Olivia looked down at her hero and sat in shock at his need for her. Before lowering herself upon him, she kissed his bandage covered wound and up his sticky chest until their eyes locked. With an unknown confidence, she kissed him deeply, moaning when he pulled her closer by gripping her hair.

"Say it baby, say you'll stay..."

So far away... far away
Far away for far too long
So far away... far away
Far away for far too long
But you know, you know, you know
I wanted I wanted you to stay
'Cause I needed
I need to hear you say...

Olivia lowered herself onto his thick shaft and shuddered at the feelings that consumed her. "I love you," she moaned as she opened her desire filled eyes. As she reveled in the slight pain of their pleasure, she moaned, "I love you, Elliot."

She began to ride him slowly, knowing that he couldn't do much with his wound. "Liv," he groaned. "Oh, Liv."

She hurried her pace, wanting to bring him the greatest pleasure possible. "Forgive me," she whispered feeling tears spring to her eyes. "Forgive me, Elliot."

His eyes flashed open and his hand was quick to remove the tear from her eyes. "There is nothing to forgive."

"Please, I need to hear you say the words."

He carefully leaned up and kissed her passionately, hoping she understood that he forgave her and that he loved her. "I forgive you, baby. I love you with everything in me."

"Oh, El," she gasped as she rode him harder.

"Keep breathing," he whispered as her breasted moved rapidly from side to side.

"I can't hold on."

"I love you, Olivia," he whispered roughed as he rammed himself inside her fast and deep.

Olivia arched her back and shook above him. Memories of her numerous encounters with this man filled her memory and it only made her orgasm more powerful. She felt her inner heat and liquid cover his thick mass within her and she continued to pump him with her inner muscles. "I love you," she moaned. "I love you, El."

"Oh, Liv..."

"Come deeper! Do it baby."

With that he emptied himself inside her and she rode on top of him as she shook from his orgasm. Their hearts were racing as they found themselves lying side by side and gazing into each others eyes.

Olivia stared at her lover and kissed him softly. "Hold me," she whispered as she curled into his uninjured side.

Elliot held her close and found himself falling asleep with ease. "In the morning we can figure how to defeat Caleb."

She nodded and smiled to find him asleep. "Never let me go," she whispered as she took comfort in the sound of his heart beat.

Dani laid in her cot angered at the images of Elliot and Olivia making love. In that same moment, she felt his presence beside her. "Your plan is failing, Caleb."

"Don't you think I know that?" he growled.

"You forget who is in power here!" Dani seethed looking into the vampire's eyes.

In a rush of anger, his crystal blue eyes morphed to a rich red as he lifted her up by her neck. "Why?!" he yelled enraged. "Why don't I just kill you now? You come to no use to me!"

In her hold, Dani smirked and gazed at the bite marks that scared his skin. Caleb sunk to the floor in pain as the memories of his crossover flooded his senses. "Now, don't you cross me again, is that clear?!" Dani taunted the vampire.

She released her hold and Caleb panted on the cold prison floor. "I am going to marry her tomorrow. What are you going to do about Stabler?"

"Trust me, my love. He will be eliminated by the sunset..."