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"You need a ride, Liv?" Elliot asked on top of his horse.

Olivia had her arms filled with materials for some horse shoes. With soldiers coming and going in that town, she was always on call. She looked up at the forbidden man of her dreams and said, "Im sorry. No, Officer Stabler. Im fine."

"Olivia, your cabin is two miles down. Its getting dark. Please, just let me give you a lift." He extended his hand to her and smiled at her. "I'll get you home quicker than your beautiful feet. Just get on."

She smiled sheepishly and weighed her options, which were being eliminated quickly due to Elliot's reasoning. She nodded in acquiescence and he smirked. He hopped off his horse and said, "Here, let me help you up." He grabbed her waist and, immediately, Olivia felt as if she had been branded by magic. He positioned her on the horse and then expertly mounted on in front of her body. HIs horse began to protest, but Elliot whispered calm words to the animal for it to become obedient to him. Olivia was beyond impressed with his skills with the horse and found herself falling harder for this man with every action he made. His voice brought her out of her trance when he told her, "Here, hold onto me tight." Her body heated immediately at the sound of his voice. He took her arms and she clung onto his strong torso for safety as the horse traveled to her home.

When they reached the cabin, she whispered, "Do you want dinner? Its a free meal," she said with a smile.

He met her eyes and smiled saying, "I'd love that."

He then muttered something intangible, but Olivia chose to ignore it. She looked him and said, "Let me put these plates (referring to her blacksmith materials) away and I'll start dinner."

He nodded and got to work at tying his horse up to the fence. He watched her from afar as she made her way in and out of the cabins. She looked to him and waved and he smiled at her, though he felt sadness in his heart. When the brunette beauty made her way inside, he whispered to himself, "How can I ever leave her?"

His horse grunted and he smirked at his horse. He turned away and made his way into the cabin to see Olivia lighting the fire and a chicken ready to be roasted. He decided to watch her for a while and memorized her steadiness and her ability to be rough one moment and so compassionate the next. He adored how her voice always seemed to be humming as she made her way around the room. He was completely in love with her and what he was going to tell her was going to shatter his heart.

"Elliot?" Olivia said moving beside him on the bed. "What's wrong?"

He looked into her eyes and touched her face softly. "Nothing."

"No, you are not telling the truth. I can read the hurt in your eyes. What is going on with you?"

It made him smile that within the six months he had been stationed here in this town that he and Olivia had become so close that they could read each others minds and hearts. He knew now needed to be the moment of truth, but he shook his head trying to divert the subject. "Is the dinner cooking?"

"Yes," she said holding his hand, but stepping away from him. "But you won't have any if you don't tell me what is going on."

"I didn't know women in this country were so forceful," Elliot said with a smirk.

She flashed him a smile, but could read the concern in her eyes when she spoke. "Don't try to be cute, Officer. You may be cute, but you won't get any food if you aren't honest with me. I don't let strangers into my cabin."

He smirked and stepped up to her. He placed his hands on the side of her face and kissed her deeply. She moaned as her hand made their way behind his neck and she pulled him to her. As her tongue prodded for entrance into his beautiful mouth, he separated the kiss and asked, "Is that a behavior a stranger would make?"

She smiled and hid her head into his red chest and said, "No, but you aren't answering my question. What's wrong?"

He sighed and held her close to him. He whispered in her ear, "I got moved to the Captain's position."

She looked up at him and saw the brokenness in his eyes. "That's wonderful," she said. "Why wouldn't it be?"

He sighed and touched her face. "They told me that if our fleet is called out, my troops and I are first guard. First to leave New York."

She gasped in the realization and moved away from him. She felt the burning tears gather in her eyes and she said sadly, "I don't want you to go."

His arms wrapped around her waist and he whispered, "I don't want to leave you, Olivia."

She turned around and felt the need to hold him close to her. She had fallen for him hard and it shattered her heart that he would eventually be gone. Though the fact that he was a red coat and she was a colonist was an immediate reason for not be allowed to be together, they had found a way to keep their love hidden from the rest of the town.

Elliot felt the moisture on his coat and knew that they were her tears. "Hey," he whispered looking into her eyes. He brushed away her tears and said, "Come here."

He led her to the bed and sat in front of her. "Olivia, I know of an old Scottish song that I learned when I was traveling here. An old sailor was coming to this land for a better chance at life. He looked out to the port and sang this song and I found hopeful sadness within its words. I hope it can help you when I am no longer here in New York. Just remember us and remember this song, and we can make it."

He looked into her eyes as he sang softly, "Oh Bonny Portmore, Im sorry to see such a woeful destruction of your ornament tree. For it stood on your shore for many's the long day till the long boats of Antrim came to float it away. All the birds in the forest, they bitterly weep, saying where shall we shelter? Where shall we sleep?"

She looked into his eyes and moved to kiss him. She need his touch and his heart. Though they didn't know when he was going to leave her, she knew she would need to memorize his touch to move forward without him. "Take me," she whispered. "Take me, Elliot."

He looked down at her face and read her eyes acknowledging her proposal. He nodded as he picked her up in his strong arms and she captured his lips with her and he led her to the bed. He gently placed himself on the bed and looked down at the beautiful creature in his presence. He touched her face, memorizing the contours and his calloused thumb brushed over her bottom lips, pink and plump from their heated kisses. He smiled down at her and carefully began to untie the ties of her apparel.

Olivia was enamored with the man above her. She was glad that his feet were no longer covered with the boots he first wore. As his hands expertly began to remove her clothes, her shaking hands fiddled with the buttons of his coat. One by one each would slip from the hole and it was one step closer to the purest image of Elliot Stabler.

Olivia was pushing off his coat and Elliot moaned as her mouth began to make love to his neck. He felt himself losing control faster as he felt himself growing against her thigh. She gasped in shock when he captured her mouth with his, letting his tongue penetrate deep within her. Olivia was holding him tightly and knew she desired skin in this moment. She raked her fingers down his chest and smiled when they met his large black belt. She removed it with one hand as the other made small circles on his hip bone. He moaned in pleasure and she smiled in accomplishment as she unclasped his pants and he greeted her in his long underwear.

His mouth performed magic all over her body as lips met her ears. He whispered roughly, "You are far overdressed, my Olivia." With that, he took her dress and removed it from her body, pleased to find only her and her naked beauty. "You are so beautiful," he whispered looking down on her. "So beautiful," he mumbled against her skin. He reveled in the taste and texture of her as his mouth made its way down her body.

She moaned loudly as his mouth met her breasts. As he tugged on her nipple, she found herself lost pushing away at his cotton covering in the mission for skin. Her head pushed back against the pillow as she felt her juices being released from her body. She released a moan that Elliot intercepted with his mouth and it vibrated through both of their bodies. This was heaven she decided as, though the haze of bliss, she finally removed the last button from his underwear and began to push it off of him.

It was in these moments that they had managed to switch positions and she found herself on top of his naked body. She smiled as she looked down at this creature of genuine masculinity beneath her as her mouth kissed its way to his strong chest. He moaned loudly as her hand rubbed up and down his sides and she was surprised when he turned her over so forcefully. His blue eye never lost contact with hers and she felt as if they were seeing all of her into the depths of her soul.

He was looking down at his brown eyed angel beneath him and placed his hands at both sides of her face so they could get lost in each others eyes for just a moment. He wanted to read her love and her desire and what made her the woman he fell madly in love with. They were panting heavily in anticipation when he whispered, "I need you."

She nodded and kissed him, whispering onto his lips, "Then take me."

With that, he thrust into her and she held him tightly. They stayed like this as she reveled in the feeling of completeness she was having in this moment. He looked down on her and whispered, "Liv? Are you okay?"

She smiled and kissed him again and moved her hips up to him, hoping she got the message across that she was far better than okay. He smiled at her playful behavior and continued to thrust within her. Their bodies moved in time as sweat glistened over them. The heat of the fire didn't even compare to the passion they had in that bed.

They rolled together as they got completely lost in their love. Their hearts were beating rapidly and the storm of orgasm was approaching them. "El," she moaned in his ear as his mouth continued to feast on her breast. His eyes met hers immediately as her mouth captured his. His right hand, smoothly met their center and he flicked her nub gently. She was lost in a light of whiteness and she gripped to Elliot for control and stability. She screamed in release as he continued to move expertly inside her.

Her short gasps, the feeling of her juices against his member and their love are what made Elliot lose control inside her. He released a primal yell that was met with Olivia's mouth. They rolled together and kissed until all of their energy was gone.

They eventually found each other lying together in the sheets and blankets. They laid on their sides and studied each other, each memorizing the details of one another so they could remember them. Elliot moved his hand from the curve of her ankle, up the smooth pathway of her leg and hip and the valley of her waist and eventually climbed up so he touched her face. She closed her eyes with the comfort of his strong hand against her cheek and kissed his thumb, which was closest to her lips.

He looked into her eyes and whispered, "I love you," to her.

She smiled and touched his face moving closer to him so their lips could touch and she could taste him. "Good," she whispered. "Because I love you too."

They stayed like this throughout the night. With the words spoken and the actions made this evening, they knew that nothing would ever be the same again. Though this shift occurred, neither regretted the love they made. Their love was what has keeping them strong. It was their love that seemed timeless.

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