Karen and Keith

Victor Keith Scott- age 10 with Dark brown hair and blue eyes

Victoria Madison Scott- age 10 with Dark brown hair and blue eyes

Lucas and Brooke

Melinda Jane Scott- age 8 with Dark brown hair and blue eyes

Michael Jackson Scott- age 6 with Dark brown hair and blue eyes

Samuel James Davis- age 2 with Dark brown hair and blue eyes

Haley and Matt

Zachary Matthew Johnson- age 10 with Light brown hair and green eyes

Alexander William Johnson-age 6 with Light brown hair and green eyes

Kaitlyn Maria Johnson- age 6 with Light brown hair and hazel eyes

Peyton and Jake

Jenny Nicole Jagielski- age 12 with Blonde hair and blue eyes

Jessica Lauren Jagielski- age 6 with Brown hair and blue eyes

Elizabeth Peyton Jagielski- age 3 with Blonde hair and blue eyes

Andrew Harrison Jagielski- age 2 weeks with Brown hair and blue eyes

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Lucas Scott sighed as the shrill sound of his alarm clock awoke him from slumber. He saw his wife, Brooke, asleep beside him and went to take a shower. He washed himself and got dressed in khaki pants and a white polo shirt. He looked at the clock in the kitchen, to see that it was 7 o'clock. He walked quietly into his daughter's room and turned on the light. She woke up and stumbled bleary-eyed to the kitchen. Lucas laughed at Melinda and walked into Michael's room. Lucas woke him up too, and sent him to the kitchen. By now, it was 7:30, and Melinda was in the shower. Lucas went to wake Brooke up. She sat up, with her hair mused, and grumbled at her husband while Lucas chuckled. Grabbing her clothes for the day, she took a shower, and came out more cheerful than before. She kissed her children on the cheek. She walked into Samuel's room and shook his shoulder gently. The young boy sat up and rubbed his eyes. Smiling as he saw his mother, he lifted his arms. Brooke chuckled and lifted him up placing him on the floor. At 8:30, Lucas drove Mike and Mel to Tree Hill Elementary, while he drove to Tree Hill High, where he worked as a literature teacher.

Haley Johnson was already awake and cooking by the time her husband, Matt, came down with their only daughter, Kaitlyn, and their sons, Zachary and Alexander, trailing behind him. Haley smiled at them, as Matt sat down at the table, looking at her expectantly.

"Good morning Alex, Zack, Kate, and Matt," she said, giving each a kiss on the cheek as she said their names. Well, except Matt as she gave him kiss on the lips. The boys made a face that said gross. The adults laughed, and fed their children toast and cereal. Kaitlyn giggled at Matt when he pouted at his lack of breakfast. Haley laughed at his actions. Matt went to take a shower. When they were dressed, Haley loaded the kids in the car. Dropping Kaitlyn and Alex at Brooke's and taking Zack to school, she went to Tree Hill High. Matt was on his way to the Tree Hill Police Department about half an hour later.

Peyton and Jake were up at 6 o'clock that morning with their youngest son, Andrew. He was hungry, and that woke up Elizabeth. They were fed, and set down on the couch. At around 7 o'clock, Jake went to wake up Jenny, his daughter from Nikki, and Abigail. They were dressed and fed about half an hour later. Jake and Peyton both taught at Tree Hill High. Jake taught Physical education and a guitar class on Saturdays. Peyton taught art classes. She taught an extra class on Friday for select students. Jake and Peyton loaded the kids into the van. They dropped Elizabeth and Andrew off at Brooke's, dropped Abigail and Jenny at the elementary school, and drove to work. There, they met up with Haley and Lucas. The four friends walked to their classes. Peyton, Jake, and Haley were downstairs, and Lucas was upstairs. Their first class started in half an hour. The joys of teaching High School!

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