A Little Family Time

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The buzzing alarm clock broke through Haley's dream. She reached up and turned it off before sitting up and stretching. Matt woke up beside her. She went and took a shower while he stretched and picked clothes out. Today was Friday, and a four day weekend. Haley came out of the shower and Matt went in. Haley pulled on her clothes, loose jean shorts and a white tank top. It was hot here in Tree Hill. She walked across the hall to Zack's room and then to Alex's. Matt, dressed in khaki shorts and a white polo, made breakfast while Haley bathed the children. Zack ended up dressed in blue shorts and a red shirt. Alex had on green shorts and a white shirt. Kate had on pink shorts and a purple shirt. Everyone ate toast and eggs for breakfast before heading out to the park.

The family of five drove to the local park about twenty minutes away. They turned Alex, Kate, and Zack loose before sitting on the benches. The park was surrounded by woods for shade. Haley and Matt sat down to talk.

"What do you think of Nathan coming back?" Matt asked Haley. She smiled up to him.

"It doesn't really matter because I forgave him and stopped loving him a long time ago. I started to love you. All that matters is that Nate's happy," she responded in her melodious tone. Matt nodded knowing she felt that he should be happy.

"Did you ever find out what caused him to be like that?" Matt asked quietly. Haley sighed.

"Dan had been slipping things into his drink," Haley told him, feeling sorry for Nathan as she knew that his past actions were caused by his own father. Matt pulled Haley tighter against her, and they talked quietly for a few minutes.

"That's awful Hales. On a lighter note, how's your third album coming?" he asked her. Haley's smile and eyes brightened.

"It's coming out great! It should be released in two weeks!" she said excitedly, bouncing up and down like a hyper five year old opening presents at Christmas time. Matt smiled and let out a bellowing laugh. Alex, Kate, and Zack ran over.

"What's so funny daddy?" Alex asked. Haley joined in the laughter.

"Your mother was acting like a little kid," Matt told his kids, who began to giggle. Haley playfully growled, hit her husband on the arm, and then pouted. The kids and Matt continued to laugh. Haley shooed the kids off to play. Matt ran to the bathroom to do his business while Haley pulled the food out.

"Alex! Kate! Zack! Lunch!" she called over the playground. Three light haired blurs raced over and stopped short in front of Haley.

"What's for lunch mom?" they asked in unison. Haley chuckled as Matt walked back over.

"Peanut butter sandwhiches and chips with apples, grapes, and bananas with water," she told them. They eagerly sat down on the blanket, and ate their lunches. After that, they went back out to play with some school friends.

"What should we do tonight honey?" Matt asked Haley. Today had been dubbed the 'Johnson Family Night'.

"Maybe watch a few movies with popcorn. I actually have something that I want to run by you," Haley replied somewhat nervously. Matt squeezed her shoulders encouragingly.

"If we have anymore children, the boy can have the first name James, since the last names are Johnson," Haley told him.

"I think that's a wonderful idea Hales!" Matt proclaimed and kissed her soundly. The two enjoyed watching their children play a little with their other friends.

A little over two hours later, Haley decided that it was time to go home. She packed up their stuff and sent Matthew over to gather the kids up. She sighed as she remembered all the good times this park held for her. It was here that she and Matt had gone on their first fate, said their first I Love You's, got engaged, and found out that they were pregnant. She started the car and waited for Matt and the kids. She wanted more children, having grown up with 7 older brothers and sisters. She wanted to wait at least a year though, because by then they would have enough money to buy a bigger house. She wanted to have triplets as her oldest three siblings were triplets. Vivian, Dorian, and Quinn were the first born of the James clan. Next was Tyler, then Jackson and Kylie, then Taylor, and then Haley. They all got along really great, but they live in different parts of the country. Although, they come to visit often. She sighed happily as her husband and kids came around the corner. She put the three children in the car as Matt got into the driver's seat. She looked in the rear-view mirror, seeing the younger two fall asleep

About two hours later, the three children were in night clothes and sitting around the room. Haley and Matt were on the couch. Matt looked down at his wife watching the movie wide-eyed. She acted like a little kid sometimes. He chuckled, and she looked up at him, guessing what he was thinking about. Pouting, she punched him in the shoulder. She turned back to the movie, and he whined at how hard she had punched him.

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