Hey so I know this is a little too early for a Christmas story, well sort of. Anyway hope you like it, review pretty please! And just enjoy yourelves, get comfy. This story might not be long, it actually might be really short, but don't worry, Dracula will be coming pretty soon.

Dracula: I better.

Me: Where the hell did you come from?!

Dracula: Well you did say I would be coming pretty soon.

Me: In the story, oh great smart one.

Dracula: Nice..real nice.

The night was as calm as the ocean on a bright and sunny day, although it was in the dead of winter, mid-December. The leaves were gone, snow from two weeks ago slowly melted away, but leaving the tree's branches stiff and breakable. There in the forest, lay a wide bath, of smooth dirt frozen by the snow, but wasn't slippery ay all. It might have been mid-December, around the 22nd, but it felt like it should've been late. But that wasn't the case, it was still enjoyable, just as almost all winters are at that special time of year.

Amber walked that smooth path, counting the little pebbles embedded in a deep freeze. Her name suited her well, for her hair was a dark amber not red, but sort of a light brown auro. Her eyes were eden, an oceany blue-green with a certain sparkle to her eyes that could tame any wild creature if to look into her deep ocean eyes. But there was one problem, to her really. Her glasses. They might of had no silver rim or any color to make her eyes stand out more and to make it look like she wasn't wearing the, it never really worked. Her skin was pale, and different from everyone else. Her friend Bilal who transffered from a another country, said that if she took off her clothes she would blend right into the snow. It didn't bother her much, but the thought of everyone being darker than she made her feel...out of place. She had gotten out of school from art club and was tired. She loved the winter though, it was always more inviting than the warm sun which brought on the plague of insects such as bees and wasps, which she dreadfully hated and was really frightened of. She was quiet, reserved, shy, the list could go on but she was different around her friends. She was outgoing, loveable, crazy, random. She loved art. Amber could express herself like no other could. She preffered dark colors, especially red, her favorite.

Her cellphone started to ring in her left black jacket pocket. It was her adoptive mother to see if she was ok, which she said yes to. Dinner was ready and they were waiting for her. Amber couldn't wait for vacation, that's pretty much all she could think about right now. Only one more day, one more, until school officially went on vacation, and everyone else did too. She wasn't such a big fan of Christmas, she was more of a Halloween person, but she always loved the snow. Amber loved to grab a bunch of blankets and throw them on the floor with some pillows next to the blazing warm fire, a few books, and some soft relaxing Christmas music to be played. SHe always ended up to fall asleep in the middle of the book, still holding it in her hand.

As she saw her home, the chimney puffing with smoke, ran to her door feeling the cold winter breeze nip at her face but paid no mind to it. It was hopefully going to be a white Christmas, and would hopefully be pleasant in a little village of Romania where the werewolves and vampires come out to play in the dead of a cold winter night.