It was warm inside kitchen and smelling of freshed baked cookie dough and ginger. Amber's stomach growled deeply, and her brother, or adoptive one, laughed. "You ever think of brining food with you, or some little snack?" he asked jokingly. He was older than her by 3 years, and his name was Jacob. His hair was a golden blonde and had deep soft brown, as did his parents. Marissa and Daniel were kind and caring and adopted Amber when she was 8 years old. Marissa was humming by the stove taking out the sheets of gingerbread men and soft sugar cookies. Daniel was out at work, somewhere, no one knew where exactly, he never told anyone.

Jacob went upstairs grabbing two of the sugar cookies and running upstairs with his homework. Amber just sat in the living room and grabbed a book by the fireplace. "Amber, do you want a cookie?" "No thanks, maybe later," she said moving a strand of her brown hair behind her ear. She took off her glasses so she could read better, her blue eyes shone in the light of the fire, making the twinkle in her eyes seem to dance. Her stomach was winning the battle so far, she was hungry but wanted to wait just a little longer. "Why don't you have something to eat and then go up to bed?" Amber nodded her head, put on her glasses, and then grabbed three cookies. She sat in the kitchen reading and eating at the same time. Once she was finished, she went to bed.

School. Uh...we all have that feeling. Amber was no different. Her english class half put her to sleep, as paper airplanes flew back and forth in the class. The bell awoke her, and lunch was next, the only period she had her friend in, her only friend. Jenna was a rambunctious teen. Her red hair was always strait and her green eyes were of emeralds. Both were outcasts. Jenna was the adventerous one who seemed to be weird to everyone when she really wasn't, while Amber was the new kid, the depressed artist. Amber's poems, stories, and art always seemed to have a dark tone to them. They found each other in the library in the same section of the library, the section with the most dust : The Paranormal, vampires, werewolves, myths. They seemed to fascinate the two, a darkness appeared in every snetence, every chapter. Amber and Jenna were walking down the hallway to the cafe, talking about each other's day and what they're next outing would be. They mostly loved to go out in the woods near the Carpathians, but winter was coming soon and the dangers of cold and other things could ruin their lives.

"So, did you hear of the dance?" Jenna inquired. Amber looked up from her food to her, and shook her head. She never knew of those things, and besides, you needed a date to get in. "You know that I don't..." "Yea yea, I know. But who really cares? Those people can have those dates. We're already losers to them. Let's go have some fun." "I guess. Ok, I'll go," she finally agreed. Soon lunch was over, and the school day was over. The two friends decided to meet in the woods at 4pm. Today was the last day for them since it was Christmas vacation, and it officially started today. Amber walked the same path, this time brining a water bottle and snack. She finally reached home, did her homework, and then took a little time to write her mind. She wrote a poem at least once a day to get her creative mind going.

Before she could even begin, she heard Daniel coming in. He was tired, exhausted. "Are you ok?" "No, just tired." "Here, let me help." "No, no. I can take care of it." "What is it?" "Plans for the dance and stuff from work." Amber left it at that and realized that it was time to meet Jenna. Her adoptive parents already knew she would be out, so they never asked her where she was going.

As she entered the forst, near the large rock that they usually met, Amber heard a twig snap in half. As she turned around Jenna came out of the green forest screaming, "BOO!" Amber just stood there, looking at her like she was crazy. "Nice try Jenna." Her friend smiled evily. "Hey guess what I found?" "What?" "Com'on I'll show you." They took a deep path into the forest. It seemed like forever as the sun went down, the sky becoming a dark red. The moon was in the far side of the sky, and the stars danced in the sky. "Are we there yet, Jenna?" "No..." "Now?" "No..." "Arew we..." "NO!" "Well then where the hell are we going?!" "You'll see. I just found it a few hours ago." Amber agreed silently to herself. As they came closer to their destination, everything seemed black. Amber looked down, and saw how far they were up this hill, or whatever. Instead of nocturnal birds chirping away, there was nothing but silence as they went up higher and higher. When Amber turned around, Jenna put out her arm, "We're here." Amber looked up to see a dark looming castle, bigger than the Valerious Manor and was sort of gray. "Isn't it awsome?" Jenna asked in wonderment. Amber could only nod and look up at it. The only problem, really; it was Castle Frankenstein.