Amber was walking down the endless hallways of the castle all by herself. It was eerily quiet, and could sense something dreadful happening. She could care less about Jenna and Jacob, hopefully they would find Daniel without even knowing it. As she came near a long flight of stairs that seemed to go endless upward to a tower, a spark appeared, making Amber jump, only to realize what was really going on. Amber stared dumbfounded at the room before her, where dwergi and others were working on machines that looked oddly familiar to the ones had drawn in his journal. A hard realization had slapped Amber in the face; the Count had found out how to bring his children to life.

But how? I destroyed the book? Amber soon remembered her coat which had the paper that had a summarization of all the pages, and she had left it somewhere at the ball. She panicked without knowing that Marishka had found her, and was watching her all the while, until she lost her spidey senses and fell to the dirty floor.




Amber and marishka turned their heads around to see Jenna smiling at them. Amber angrily sighed as her stupid friend waved at the vampire. Marishka flew at Jenna, but something didn't feel right as she missed Jenna.

"You missed me! Dumb blonde."

Marishka collided into a wall and then realized there was a steak right through her heart. She tried to scream, but nothing came out as she slowly disintegrated into a pile of dust.

"Nice aim, Amber."

Amber ignored the comment and walked on, sneaking into the laboratory, and as she did, she saw Dracula with Aleera by his side. Dracula hadn't sensed anything yet, but she found it strange that he hadn't. Soon Aleera had disappeared and Dracula was left alone to look upon the work that he had for so long dreamed of happening for his children. It seemed he looked like he could feel again, that the emotion was coming back to him, until Verona came along to destroy that feeling, nagging about something.

"Master, something isn't right. maybe we should stop the process?"

"No," Dracula angrily replied, "We have waited too long for this."

Well, wait longer buddy. She crept into a small corner where no one was for the moment and waited for the right moment to attack.


Jacob helped Daniel up the stairs where Jenna was waiting for them. Little did the group know, was that Verona and Aleera were waiting for them. Verona knew she felt something and now that Marishka was dead, it was clear who it was. The problem was that Verona knew that those three couldn't kill Marishka, they were too weak and stupid. That left Amber somewhere in the castle.

"Aleera, go find Amber. Kill her."

Aleera had disappeared into the darkness to find Amber, while Verona scared Jenna. She screamed and yelled, "OH MY GOD IT'S THE ANOREXIC BRIDE! RUNAWAY!"

Verona grabbed Jenna by the neck while Jacob put Daniel down to try and help Jenna.

"I am sick of you and your stupidness! I am going to kill you slowly and painfully."

Jacob jumped Verona, pulling her hair as she tried to claw at his face. Daniel painfully got up and threw Jenna a steak as she drove it into Verona's chest. "Well that was easy."

"DUH! She was anorexic, what did you expect?" Jacob replied

"I don't know... wait a minute, I called her anorexic."

Everyone stared at Jenna then ran up the stairs, well Jacob had to carry Daniel as they went on.



Amber was close to the machines as the dwergi were everywhere going back and forth. She couldn't really get a good aim or anything, so she waited. As she did, a strange feeling consumed her, like the feeling that she was being watched. She narrowed her eyes to focus on the moving dwergi, to try and get to the weakness of the machines to destroy what was going to happen very soon.

Before she could even move forward to her objective, Aleera grabbed her by the arm and threw her into the stone wall. The vampiress smiled gleefully as she appeared above Amber, who was stunned by the blow. She laughed lightly as she pulled her face closer to the teenager.

"Well, well, well. How the tables have turned."

Amber remained silent as the bride smirked at her pain and silence. There has to be a way out of this.

"Oh, the little beauty has lost her voice. Don't worry, I'll make sure you lose more than that."

"Oh my God it's Dracula and he has his shirt off!"



Amber had leapt onto one of the main generators, and picked up the closest thing she could find : a rusted tool with a sharp end. This is going to be fun.

Aleera flew at Amber, but was only greeted by a sharp object scratching her face.

"MY BEAUTIFUL FACE! Look what you have done!"

"To be honest, your face was never beautiful to begin with, and besides you can never tell, you hardly look in a mirror."

She flew at her again, but Amber had grabbed her greasy red hair, and yanked it until there were a few strands in her hand.

"EWWWWW!" Amber said as she waved her hand around to get rid of the really gross hair.

Before they could start again, Dracula had appeared, grabbing Amber by her arm, as Aleera went flying into a wall.

Everyone has been favoring that arm lately. WHY MY ARM!?

"ENOUGH! Aleera go, now. I must speak to Amber alone."