Rin and InuYasha

Chapter one.

The air was filled with the laughter of one baby. A small demon child, 3/4th demon. Her little bit of hair she had was black with silver streaks through it. Her eyes an icy blue. She was the daughter of a great Lord, and she wasn't just wrapped in a cloth, until she was big enough to fit into her kimono- she already had one. It was just her size, for the little body of a 14 month old girl. It wasn't very a colorful get-up. Every time her mother tried to give her another color to wear, she would bawl until she was wearing this specific kimono. It was just like her mother's, black with red tread designing the boarders. The little girl's name was Myou, her father was Lord Sesshomaru, and her mother, Mistress Seina. Her two older brother were named after people in the family. Her eldest brother was named after their father, but everyone just called him Sesshou so the two of them would know which one was being talked to. Her other brother, the second oldest was named after his uncle, InuYasha.

Myou's giggling continued as her mother tickled her. Seina would kiss the her daughter's little feet and Myou would have laughing fit, and throw her limbs about. Seina smiled seeing her daughter laughed, it made her happy to see the smile on the young child's face. To Seina it was like seeing herself as a baby, for her and her daughter did look just alike, if they were the same age. The game ended when Myou had tears streaming down her face. Either she wanted to be changed, or she was hungry again. The Mistress pick the baby up off the bed and held her close.

"What's wrong lovey? You were just changed a little while again," As Seina spoke Myou began to pull on her shirt, knowing just where to get what she wanted, " Hey, hey. Clam down missy, you'll get what your after." Seina loosened her kimono, not wanting to show herself at all. She let her baby girl nurse, and she put a light blanket over her chest. Myou stopped moving in a little while, and Seina got a little worried and checked on her. Myou lay sleeping now, her tummy full and still in the nursing position. The Mistress just smiled and set her down on the bed, knowing she wouldn't move anywhere. A heavy sigh passed through her lips, and looked over to the balcony window. "Sesshomaru... when are you going to come home." she said tiredly as if he could hear her.

Sesshomaru had left 2 weeks before, saying he had something to take care of. Seina had made him promise it had nothing to do with fighting someone, fore she didn't want him to get hurt, or to have to raise their three kids on her own. He didn't trust anyone else to raise their kids, except for himself, Seina, and only when Seina made him, his half-brother InuYasha.

"MOM!" a voice shrieked from outside, "MOM!"

Gently but swiftly, Seina lift Myou from the bed, and ran to the balcony. Her eyes frantically searched the area for any sign of danger, and something caught her eye. Both her boys yelled as if they were in danger, but they both fell over laughing since they got Seina to run outside for a butterfly. She growled slightly, "You knuckle heads. I thought something bad happened."

"To be a fool, as you would think something horrid would happen here." A stern deep voice said from the side of the castle. Sesshomaru had come home from his trip.